Podcasts are one of my personal fav ways to learn from the experts and hear an in-depth discussion on a topic. They’re also super convenient to listen to while at work, shhhh, don’t tell your boss!

So if you’re in a 9-5 right now but are dreaming of going out on your own, building your own online business and enjoying all the lifestyle, location, and financial freedom an online business enables, then it’s time to get your podcast binging on!

I’ve hand-selected a few podcasts which will help you out with the different aspects of running an online business, quit that job, and get out into the world!

#1: The Online Business Besties Podcast

If you’re currently sitting in your cubicle, soul being sucked out slowly moment by moment while you sit in another pointless corporate meeting, then great!

Pop in those headphones and get tuning in to this show to learn from the most successful online business owners on all the topics that are important to online business success; website building, working with clients, copywriting, email marketing, FB ads, etc.!

On the show you’ll also hear from other online business owners who created businesses from really unusual and unexpected passions and interests, to prove that YES, just about anything can be turned into an online business these days!

#2: The Goal Digger Podcast

Jenna is the girlboss who is educating other young women just like you on how to build a job that you love! She covers marketing frequently on the show, so if you want to learn to use Instagram, Pinterest, or email marketing for your business well, this show has got you covered.

Jenna also shares a lot of personal life truths that most women and online business owners will not share, so if you want to feel a little less alone with the struggles of real life, Jenna’s your girl!

You’re going to love her positive you-can-do-it vibes!

#3: Brands That Book

Are you looking to build a service-based online business? Then this is the podcast for you!

You’ll learn all about working with clients and giving them a fabulous experience, creating services pages that sell, finding clients, and a little bit here and there on some fabulous marketing strategies for your service-based business (YouTube, FB ads, Pinterest, etc.)

A friend explained to me that she loved this show especially because the host, Davey, makes sure to get guests to break down the super simple beginner basics on their topic, so if you’re really truly just getting started in the online business world, don’t be afraid – this podcast won’t go right over your head like some others.

#4: The Mariah Coz show

If you have anyyy interest in blogging or building an online course in your new online business, then this is the podcast for you!

Mariah was my mentor as I built and launched 2 very successful online courses, and I totally binged this podcast before working with her. When you listen to her in the podcast, you quickly realize that she knows an unbelievable amount about content creation and online course launching.

She’s got all the answers to those really specific blog and course questions you’re currently wondering (Do I run FB ads right away? Should I launch a course during a holiday? What blog post types should be on my blog to promote my products/services?)

#5: The Graham Cochrane Show

Interested in having passive income as a part of your revenue model of your online business? Then this is the show for you!

Graham walks you through the pillars of generating passive income, free content creation as a marketing strategy, refund policies, and the nitty-gritty when it comes to running a passive-income generating business.

Graham will also share with you his thoughts on working smarter, not harder, exactly how much he works, and why he encourages you to work only 4 days a week (Fridays off!)

#6: Breakthrough Brand podcast

If you want to hear from a girl who is right here beside you, running an online business, selling both digital products and services, and sharing her lessons learned, this is the podcast for you.

Elizabeth shares mistakes she made in her business honestly, how she prepares for a brand photoshoot, her tech hacks to make her more productive, what her week at work actually looks like, money mindset, and more!

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6 best podcasts if you’re dreaming of ditching your job and building an online business