I’m backkk with another course review! Y’all are always asking me what courses I’ve taken and how I learned certain skills, therefore I’m bringing you these course reviews!

Today I’m stoked to be sharing a review of a course I literally just polished off, Power-Up Podcasting from Smart Passive Income’s Pat Flynn.

If you’re a religious blog reader (muchas gracias!) then you know I’ve mentioned Pat a few times around here.

Wayyy before I had an online business or even a blog I stumbled upon Pat’s Smart Passive Income podcast and it was the first online business podcast I ever listened to.

I listened to the episodes with 0 business game plan or blog idea and with time Pat’s episodes helped me as I went through the process of starting a blog, creating a little baby service-based business, turning it into a product-based one and then eventually scaling it to multiple 6 figures.

Through listening Pat’s podcast I gathered a couple things:

  1. He’s a genuinely nice, down-to-earth guy who appreciates his listeners and wants them to succeed

  2. He’s a reliable podcaster – he’s been consistently coming out with episodes for YEARS

  3. He seriously knows what he’s doing in the online business world

When I wanted to start a podcast, I knew the person I wanted to learn from was Pat.

Whenever it comes to online education and taking a course, the first thing I do is go and find the absolute expert in the field to learn from.

I want to learn from the expert, and in my mind when it comes to podcasting, Pat’s it.

Sometimes I need to search around to find who’s the expert on a certain topic I’m really unfamiliar with, but because I had listened to Pat’s podcast for so many years, it wasn’t even a question for me.

What’s inside the course:

(The course isn’t organized into traditional numbered modules, but instead into steps for pre-launch, launch week & post launch!)

Pre-Launch Step 1: This step dives into what equipment you need and links to exactly where to buy the recommended items, defining what your show is about and creating your podcast artwork.

Pre-Launch Step 2: How to create a pro show intro (with music and a voice over, if you so choose!), planning your episode content, preparing to work with guests, and strategically using Calls To Action in your podcast to ensure your podcast is working for the betterment of your business.

Pre-Launch Step 3: This step is all about actually recording! Pat goes through setting up all your equipment, setting up and using a recording software, creating a system to help organize and efficiently edit new shows together and recording tips for solo shows and interview shows.

Pre-Launch Step 4: Here Pat explains how to actually prepare your audio file for the world, how to optimize it, make it all SEO and iTunes friendly, picking a hosting company and uploading the first episode file, getting prepared in iTunes and getting a transcription of the show.

Pre-Launch Step 5: Making a launch plan, so you show starts with a bang (and maybe a mention on iTunes’s New & Noteworthy section!)

Launch Week: How to actually get your episode into iTunes (and other directories) and a complete launch-week marketing strategy

Post-Launch: How to stay consistent with publishing future episodes and understanding what podcast stats actually mean.

What is power-up podcasting like on the inside?

I hopped inside the course knowing nothing and I mean NOTHING about podcasting.

Yeah, I’ve got down a lot of things related to online business (blogging, email marketing, copywriting, course creation, sales, etc.) but I really didn’t have a clue when it came to podcasting.

Listening to podcasts is one of my personal favorite ways to consume content, but that obviously didn’t mean I knew much about producing one.

I got a few ideas on how I wanted to run my show from other podcasts, but when I thought about actually creating one myself, it’s safe to say I had no clue where to even start.

When I hopped in Pat’s course I was genuinely relieved that he thought through everything for students! Power-Up Podcasting is the most clearly organized course I’ve ever been through.

He starts the course talking about your podcasting equipment, gives specific recommendations, links to where to buy the stuff and then gives you homework to purchase your equipment right away.

He clearly intentionally started the course with the equipment needed so that you could purchase it and in the time that it would take to be delivered, you could get into the future course modules and then get straight to recording when your equipment gets to your door!

The rest of the course is laid out in a similarly well-organized fashion, so you never need to question what’s to be done next. Pat presents information in exactly the order you need to learn it in.

Pat answered every question I had related to podcasting in the course! For example:

“Should I get transcripts?”

“Where can I get them at an affordable price?”

“How do you get one of those announcer people to record my intro?”

“What’s up with the legalities of intro music on a podcast?”

“What’s the going rate of podcast sponsorship?”

“How many downloads do you need to start getting sponsors?”

It’s all in there!

The course really is a complete one-stop-shop.

Thanks to Pat’s course, my first few podcast episodes are recorded and I’ve got my launch game-plan ready! You’ll see the podcast coming out in almost exactly a month!

If you’re on the fence about taking this course, I’d def personally recommend it. I can’t imagine how many hours I saved myself in Googling. I honestly didn’t know what I didn’t know, but Pat really made launching a podcast super simple from start to finish with this course!

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