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Profitable & Productive Web Designer bootcamp

Starting a web design business can be incredibly difficult to do solo. I know because I did it!

When I started, I had what I felt like a constant parade of self defeating thoughts running through my head. I felt alone trying to figure out how to crack the code on finding clients and even more clueless when it came to what to do when a client did say yes and I needed to suddenly actually deliver the project on time. I knew not a single person that ran a business. I did not come from some magical, mystical long line of entrepreneurs.

So I know what it’s like to have a crazy dream, to fantasize about being a website designer, even without a lick of actual professional experience or coding skills. And that is why I’m so excited to share this video with you today.

Let me explain. At the very beginning of this year, I hosted an incredible week of education up levels and excitement for those interested to get into the fantastically work life balance friendly and lucrative freelance web design business. I hosted my Profitable & Productive Web Designer bootcamp experience live, and the feedback was so, so lovely and incredible. Participants were landing clients, overcoming mindset blocks, and getting out of their own way and tightening up their client processes, so never again would they have a project drag on.

Our first session was all about the starter guide of those who want to become website designers and how exactly to get started. We had a session on skyrocketing productivity and processes, and another session on the practical strategies for landing clients. I also brought in a bunch of my super successful past students to discuss what they’ve achieved and what’s working right now.

Sydney shared how she went from $3,000 months to $30,000 months after taking my Square Secrets Business™ course. Charlotte shared how she launched her design business with a bang and within six months actually booked herself out for the entire next year and then had to slow down on her marketing strategy because she was getting too many inquiries. Freya Rose shared how she started booking projects for $9,000. And let me clarify, that’s not a website plus brand or website plus copywriting project. That’s just a website project on Squarespace for $9,000.

I’m also bringing in some equally incredible students for this year’s bootcamp to share their latest successes with you, how they did it and how you can do it too. I only get to host this bootcamp once or twice a year. And it is your lucky day because the next round of the live bootcamp is just around the corner.

Register for bootcamp here, but do not procrastinate on registering. This is a live bootcamp, so once it’s over, it’s over. When you join, you’ll also have the opportunity to enter in our Ultimate Web Designer Starter Kit giveaway.

What would someone who wants to start becoming a website designer need?

What softwares and resources would allow someone to kickstart their website business at lightning speed? And this is what I came up.

Web design contract

One lucky bootcamper will walk away as the winner of a layer drafted web designer client contract between you and your clients. This is the thing that you need to sign with your clients to stop projects completely going off the rails and dragging on and going way outside of scope.


Plus, I’m also gonna give away one year of Canva pro – my favorite software for designing graphics, which you and your future clients are going to absolutely love.


Plus one year of your choice of a CRM system (either Dubsado or Honeybook). This CRM system is the thing that you take payments through, sign client contracts through, ask for feedback through, and it automatically remind clients of deadlines and all those sorts of things.

Now, if you wanted to buy all these items in the giveaway, it would set you back at $995, but I’m giving that all the way to one lucky bootcamper completely for free.

So how do you win the ultimate Web designer Starter Kit?

Step one

Register for the bootcamp.

Step two

Watch the three training sessions and do the related homework. The homework isn’t overly long or complicated, but it will be massively powerful in helping you whip that design business in shape so it could be the profitable dream business that you intended to create.

After the three days of trainings, I’ll announce the giveaway winner inside of our Facebook group. Last year, Shannon Borg won it and this year I hope to give it to you.

The last round, our bootcampers set some seriously exciting income goals. They set up an actual web design process with the help of an example which I provided them. So they were ready to head out of the bootcamp and land a client and lead them through a project seamlessly right away. There was also amazing conversations and collaboration between bootcampers talking about practical stuff, like how much should actually cost to set up a web design business and how to overcome imposter syndrome with or without a related degree.

What do you need to be successful in bootcamp this year?


First, tell your fear to shut up and go away and be quiet because you wanna use the opportunity here to ask questions. So my past students will be live with me and they’ve had incredible success. So if you ever wanted a chance to basically sit down and chat with someone who very recently set up their web design business, found clients, raised their prices, booked at months in advance, this is literally your opportunity to do it.

This kind of thing doesn’t come around often. So start brainstorming your questions for them now. And then when you join us inside the group, you can basically unload everything your little heart has ever desired asking someone who’s been killing it in the web designer game recently.


It is very useful to go into bootcamp with a desire to make friends and not seeing everyone in the group as competition. This is something I tell all my students when they join us in my Facebook group. Yes, you are in a group full of competitors, if you choose to see it that way, but you’re also in a group full of people with the same desires, aspirations, experience and passion, meaning you can make some incredible business friends in these groups.

It’s easy to look at everyone else as competition, but I truly don’t think that way in my business.

I look at my “competitors” as friends, sources of information, idea generators, and honestly, my community.

As a solo business owner, it’s much more helpful to look at your competitors as community because honestly they’re out there doing it alone too, and they definitely want some business besties as well. So feel free to share the real questions and fears. And I bet you you’ll find a whole group of support of people who get it.


Third thing you’ll need to bring to bootcamp is time. The homework I’m going to give can transform your business if you do it. This isn’t hours of homework here… It’s actually pretty quick to do it, maybe like 20 minutes per day. The key here is just to do the homework. And if you want to enter the giveaway, you need to do the homework within 24 hours.

So I do encourage you to come live to the sessions. If one session is happening when you already have some plans, that’s fine! You can watch the replay as quickly as you can after the session to then get your homework in on time. And your homework also acts as your entry into the giveaway.

If you’re thinking … How did you land clients at the beginning? Can I pick your brain on your business? What do all of your most successful students have in common and what are their secrets to building out website businesses that book out so quickly?

The answer to all those questions is the Profitable & Productive web designer bootcamp. See you there!


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