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About this episode

If you are just getting started in your business, chances are you don’t have a lot of extra bank to be throwing around for lawyers fees, all in the name of legally protecting your business.

I’ve totally been there! I remember spending a crazyyyy amount of time trying to track down a solid client contract that wasn’t going to cost me and my newbie web design business a million dollars.

Things have changed quiet a bit around here since then, and as my business grows, so do my legal needs.

That’s where today’s guest comes in.

Paige Hulse is an attorney at law and the creator behind one of the most game-changing resources I’ve ever used in my business – The Creative Law Shop (use code PAIGE10 to get 10% off…that’s an affiliate link!)

The Creative Law shop is my absolute go-to resource for all of my legal needs and I’m superrr stoked to have Paige join me on the show.

Today we are chatting all things legal contracts, and so if you work with clients, sell anything online or even just have a website (which I hope you do) then this episode is for you!

A Few Highlights

  • When & why to use contracts (even if you love your clients) (08:32)

  • How a contract drastically improves your client experience (10:31)

  • How to use contracts to set yourself apart in your industry (and make your business seem legit) (11:54)

  • The #1 reason your D.I.Y contract will never hold up in court (12:45)

  • 30 things you must include in every. single. contract. (14:35)

  • The one provision most likely to protect your business from becoming another legal horror story. (16:59)

  • Creative copyright law: who owns my portfolio? Me, or my client? Plus, how to deal with copycats! (17:29)

  • Help! The post office lost my parcel! (Risk Of Loss, and other hard lessons learned along the way)

  • Helping your client understand your contract (and how it benefits and protects them, too) (24:58)

  • The hand off: Paige’s best tips for delivering your contract (27:02)

  • How to deal with client push back (and is it wise to negotiate?) (29:01)

  • CRMs & Electronic Contracts: the new frontier in contract law. Plus, who signs first? (31:18)

  • Website legal text 101 (aka the contracts you have with every person who visits your site) (33:45)

  • Bloggers, Coaches & Influencers beware: the disclaimers you didn’t know you needed (41:03)

  • Contract overwhelm? The documents you need based on the type of business you run. (46:20)

  • Your LLC and the ever changing tax laws (47:38)

Ready to protect your biz and get legally legit? Tune into today’s episode on iTunes or Spotify to see how to get all your contract ducks in a row!

Oh, and grab a legal pad, because you’re going to want to take some notes!

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