Wanna come hang with the girls?!

My business bestie Charlotte O’Hara and I met up the other night, and we took a quick break from catching up to do a little business “work.” “Work” meaning we went live on IG to answer some questions y’all had for us!

(As you can tell from the video, recording this felt like the farthest thing from work.)

Charlotte and I are both from Toronto, but coincidentally met half way around the world while we were both in Bali over a year ago. We do weekly ‘masterminds’ together now which involve equal parts chatting about life, travels and boys as they do talking about business TBH. Charlotte and I also always head home to Canada for some part of the summer, so we tend to meet up while we’re both there.

Charlotte oh so kindly invited myself and my fiancé over for dinner and drinks the other night.

We figured since we were together, we would take a pause on chatting about life as well as ohhing and ahhing over the view of the city to hop on Insta and answer some questions.

In the video we answer:

  • How did you start your web design business? How long did it take to get clients?

  • How long did it take to get consistent clients?

  • Best tips for overcoming objections to your Squarespace web design services?

  • How did we know when to launch our online courses?

  • Do we have any upcoming discounts on our digital products/online courses?

Join the fun and hear our answers by watching the video below!

(Intros start at 1:49 and actual content at 3:34.)


As promised, Charlotte is giving a crazyyy 40% off her Guide to Pitching Your Services as a Web Designer/Developer using the code ‘PAIGE’.

Want a discount on our courses?!

Reminder, our courses are:

  • Charlotte’s Top Squarespace SEO. (The course to get you killing the rankings game with your Squarespace site in Google, and seriously up that traffic!)

  • My Square Secrets. (The course to help you build a fabulous, nothing-like-the-template Squarespace site that converts site visitors into clients!)

  • My Square Secrets Business. (The course to help you turn those web design skills into $$$. Basically, the blueprint on how to set up a successful Squarespace website designer business!)

If you want a discount on any of the 3 of our courses, we both do Early Bird special pricing for them!

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Thanks for coming to hang out with us friend!

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