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On the fence about whether or not to raise your prices as a web designer?

Whether it’s:

A lack of confidence..

‍♀️A client-scarcity mindset…

Constant comparison to other designers

Or even a straight-up lack of actual design experience… (yup… a baby.)

…in this video, I’m sharing 4 reasons to get off the fence and start charging more for your services TODAY.


Before we dive into how what you charge affects your business, if your biggest struggle so far with raising your rates has been the fear that the few client inquiries you do get will suddenly dry up, then I invite you to check out a free training I recently recorded called “Finding clients as a new designer.”

Finding clients shouldn’t feel like pulling teeth.

And you shouldn’t have to trade your time and expertise for peanuts.

Which is why in this free training I’m sharing the 7 most common client-finding mistakes I see over and over again that I want to help you avoid so you can start attracting the right clients with ease.

4 ways raising your prices will instantly transform your web design business

1. You’ll naturally attract higher-quality web design clients

Ok, so here’s what I’m not saying…

I’m not saying that people who have more money are somehow better (or deserve better service.)

Simply put…

The more you charge, the more likely you are to attract someone who is as invested in the process as you are.

This client has had to save up much longer, or they’ve had to wait and get a few more years of business under their belt to be at a place where they can now afford your premium services.

So they are not taking your time or your expertise for granted.

They are not just choosing someone who can physically build them a website.

(Because let’s be honest, their 11 year old nephew could probably do it for them for free in one weekend thanks to the user friendliness of web design platforms these days.) ‍♀️

When you increase your prices, suddenly your offerings no longer appeal to the people for whom price is the only deciding factor.

So you can say ‘goodbye’ to the price hagglers, the nit-picky non-stop edit requests, and the sneaky gas-lighting of clients who demand more than what they paid for (A.K.A. scope creep).

Instead you are attracting the type of clients who prioritize things like:

  • Aesthetic style

  • Actual knowledge of design theory

  • Strategy (like understanding of user experience and online buyer psychology)

  • Specialization and working someone who is super familiar with the trends and pain points of their specific industry

  • Trust and working with someone who they actually vibe with because now they have choices

  • Convenience, or working with someone who is experienced enough to totally take the lead on a project

These clients understand the impact a killer website will have on their business, and they are happy to pay the right person whatever they are asking to make that magic happen.

In fact, they’ll probably think something smells fishy if you are claiming to offer a premium service but are charging well below industry averages.

They have already moved on from the beginner-level, bargain-basement & bootstrapping stage of starting a business, and if you want to attract them, you should too!

Yeah, there are some super cool clients out there just getting started with their business that need help but are unfortunately stuck with tiny baby budgets to work with…

And if this that is who you feel called to serve, I’ve seen designers come up with some really creative alternative solutions for genuinely helping these people in a much less-time consuming way

(ie. pre-built templates, semi-custom starter kits, or diy website audits and consulting).

But if you are currently offering clients the moon and asking very little in exchange, it’s time to up those prices!

2. Your motivation to improve as a web designer will be through the roof

Just like upping your prices will attract clients who are more invested in the process, you will naturally be more invested and valuable to your clients when you feel like you are being paid your worth.

And if you are struggling with self-confidence and are secretly worried you’re already charging more than you’re worth, great!

Raising your rates will have you hella-motivated to become the designer you need to be in order to feel comfortable demanding those prices!

Nothing kills creativity and those happy customer-service vibes like feeling like you’re constantly being taken advantage of.

Yes, you have to start somewhere, but keeping your prices in discounted designer land for the long-term will only lead to:

  • feeling incredibly annoyed by every client communication

  • totally dreading marketing your business

  • and being tempted to do a half-ass job to match your half-ass pay

When you raise your prices, suddenly the stakes are higher and everything you touch has to turn to gold.

You’ll instantly put off better vibes in your consult calls, you’ll start noticing all these little opportunities to surprise and delight your clients, and you’ll feel more like stepping up to the plate when it comes to investing the time and energy to grow your design skills.

Which equals happier customers, and better testimonials and word-of-mouth referrals for you.

And the first time someone says ‘yes’ to booking you at your new rates, your confidence (which maybe was previously at like a 5 or 6) will instantly shoot up to a 10.

So if for no other reason, raising your prices is a fabulous way to show those fraudy feelings of imposter syndrome who really wears the pants in this relationship.

3. You can stop saying ‘yes’ to seriously non-ideal projects

When you charge more, you need fewer clients in order to pay the bills, which means you can start to be a lot more picky about who it is you’re working with.

Instead of pretending not to notice the red flags so you don’t have to miss out on another paying project , you’ll have the confidence to walk away when things are clearly not a good fit, leaving room for you to partner with people who are a good fit.

And aligned partnerships = happier clients AND happier designers.

When you learn to say ‘no’, your portfolio will also naturally level up, because it will only be filled with the types of projects you actually want to be attracting more of.

(Instead of handfuls of rando, all-over-the-place projects your future dream clients could care less about).

You can start to get super specific about who your business messaging speaks to, because you won’t be trying to keep the client-finding net wide.

4. You’ll have more time & resources to invest back into your own business

When you raise your rates, you have more cashflow to invest back into your business.

This means not having to think twice about taking that course, or subscribing to that software you know would totally streamline your business and pretty much change your life but you haven’t been able to afford up to this point.

You also have to take on fewer clients to meet your monthly revenue goals, meaning more time available to pour yourself into your next season of growth, instead of hustling 24/7 to support someone else’s goals.

You’ll have more time to dream up new products or services, finally get consistent with content creation, come up with a solid marketing strategy, or even just take that much needed vacation.

So no matter what’s keeping you from raising your prices, if the rate you are charging does not match the actual level of service and deliverables you are providing, then I double-dog-dare you to increase your prices NOW!

Not 6 months from now, or 10 clients from now!

Then, watch as your business is completely transformed, and you become more and more like the designer you aspired to be when you first started your business!

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