So you wanna host a webinar!

Chances are, you’ve already done your research and gone down several google rabbit holes trying to decide which webinar host service might be right for you.

The info I share in this post can technically be applied to any webinar host, but since I love giving sneak peeks into the #BTS of my business, we’re gunna go with what I’ve been using…Crowdcast!

You may remember a post I wrote a while back called Hosting your first webinar? 7 steps to prepare where I take a minute to gush about how easy Crowdcast makes it for you to get started.

You literally just set up the event, share the link, and the people will come. No registration page needed.

Pretty handy in a pinch, and perfectly acceptable for the average webinar.

But I’m guessing the webinar you have planned is anything but average…

You’ve got something truly valuable you are getting ready to share with your audience, and Crowdcast’s cookie cutter way to join the call just ain’t going to cut it.

As much as possible, you want everything your audience comes across in your business to be on-brand, and written in your unique voice.

Yes. Even something as simple as a registration page.

This not only helps raise brand awareness and increase brand recognition, but also serves to build authority and trust. (The very same reasons you’d want to host a webinar in the first place!)

This becomes especially important when you are using Facebook Ads, or other sponsored posts to drive people to your webinar. If you’re going to shell out for paid advertising, you better make sure you have a legit looking place to send people!

Now that we know the why, let’s dive into the how…

How to register webinar participants through a squarespace page

1. Set up your event in Crowdcast

New to Crowdcast? They honestly do a pretty bang up job of keeping things simple, but if you’re still feeling stuck check out this super helpful vid straight from the source! Don’t worry, we will wait while you watch it…

Oh, you’re back? Great! Here are those next steps!

2. Build your custom registration page in squarespace

Wanna see where I sent people to sign up for webinars during my most recent launch of my course Square Secrets? Take a little peak below!

Your registration page in no way needs to be this long, but having a little more than the date, time, and a register button is certainly recommended.

This is your chance to let your brand (and hopefully your sick Squarespace design skills) shine, and to give potential participants further confirmation that they def are going to want to hear what you have to say!

Pro tip: Recycle! You don’t have to build the thing from scratch every single time you plan to go live on Crowdcast! Once you’ve built your first registration page, duplicate that bad boy and just tweak the details to match what you’ll be presenting!

Now what we’ve got the design all set, it’s time to get any registration buttons working as they should!

3. Prepare your form block in Squarespace

See that big black button right there? That’s actually what’s called a form block.

To insert your form block, simply pick an insert point, scroll down through your content block options, and select…you guessed it…“form.”

When you first insert your form block, it’s going to look nothing like my example. It’s going to look like an actual form with fields for name, email etc. (More on how to make a form block appear like a button in a minute.)

Open your form block editor, then:

  • Name your form (You’ll want to remember this name for a later step!)

  • Select which fields you want to include in your form.

Tip: To make a field required, open the edit button for each field and check the required box!

Next, we need to prepare our form to connect to the Zap we will be creating in Zapier.

Under the storage tab of your form editor, select “connect zapier” so it turns yellow and says “awaiting connection to zapier.”

In the advanced settings of the form editor, you will need to:

  • Label your form submit button

  • Chose your button alignment

  • Tell the form where to send people after they submit their form

  • Type a post-submit message so users know their seat is saved in the webinar!

If you wish for your form block to appear as a sleek little button instead, scroll to the bottom of your the advanced settings and enable lightbox mode.

Pssst! Don’t forget to fill in the open button label. This is what will actually appear in the button used to open the registration form!

4. Create your zap in zapier

If you’ve never heard of Zapier, it’s this super handy software that helps all your other softwares communicate with each other! (If you’re interested in learning more about the softwares I use to run my business, check out this post.)

Here are the steps to getting Squarespace to communicate to Crowdcast, so that users who click your link will be automatically registered!

First, you are going to create and name your new Zap.

Then, to begin setup, search and select “Squarespace.”

For the Trigger event, you will need to choose “New Form Submission.”

Select your Squarespace account.

(If you’ve never connected your account, don’t worry. Zapier makes it super easy. Just click “add new account” and they will take you through a few simple steps to get it set up!)

Use the drop down to select the name of the form you just finished creating in Squarespace.

Select “Find Form.”

You should receive a confirmation message, letting you know that Zapier was successfully connected to your form in Squarespace!

Next, we are going to set up the Crowdcast portion of our Zap, AKA our action.

Search for Crowdcast and select it as your app.

Then, set the action event to “Register Participant.”

Select your Crowdcast account.

Again, this may require a few additional steps, if you haven’t already connected your account. Should take but a minute!

Still with me? Good!

Now it’s time to add in the information that Zapier will be sending from your Squarespace form to your Crowdcast in order to register the participant.

You will also need to hop on over to Crowdast at this point to find your event code.

Not sure where to find that code?

Click “edit” on your event in Crowdcast, then head into your advanced settings.

Copy the slug of your event URL.

This will be the event code you enter into Zapier.

Now ahead and send that test to make sure your apps are speaking to each other nicely…

Annnd you did it!

Your Crowdcast webinar participants can now be automatically registered through your fancy, on-brand registration page!

So sit back, relax, and watch as the crowds roll in!

Ps. Looking to tag webinar registrants in Convertkit for future emails? Zapier can do that too! (and all in the same zap!)

Simply click the plus sign in your zap to create a third step and set up Convertkit like you did the above apps! Just don’t forget to create your webinar registration tag in Convertkit, first!

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How to register Crowdcast webinar participants through a Squarespace page