Riverdel Cheese wanted to get online with a website for their Vegan Cheese shop based in Brooklyn, NY. The shop was new to Brooklyn wanted an online space to be inviting to future customers.

Shop owner Michaela had a few great inspiration websites and styles in mind. Parallel scrolling images, one right after the next, making for an impressive home page, with bold text over top to give information on exactly what the shop was all about. Michaela also liked the idea of having her gallery display in a modern and unusual way, and lots of icons on the contact page, instead of lots of text.

3 words to describe what Michaela was looking for? Gourmet, Vegan, Sophisticated

After our first call to discuss the look and style of the site, and also direct all of the inspiration websites, I settled into creating the mood board + color palette. The mood board + color palette is the perfect opportunity to ensure that both the client and I are on the same page stylistically before the website design is started.

Fonts, colours, button and social icon styles, as well as images to represent the brand are included in the mood board + color palette. In the Riverdel Cheese board, I arranged the photos in the unique layout requested, and went a little more minimalistic than most. Charcoal grey was used throughout, and the amazing photos Riverdel had taken were at the centre of attention. I think we nailed a ‘Brooklyn’ feel, don’t you? Lucky, as I’ve only ever been to NYC, not Brooklyn itself, so I unfortunately don’t have first hand experience.

After the mood board + color palette was approved, we moved on to the site design itself. All projects completed by The Paige Studio are polished up and launched in 2 weeks, including this one! In the first week I focused on settling up the styles and arranging content according to Michaelas preferences. Week two was spent making edits (luckily, this one required very few!), adding in functionality, completing SEO, and preparing for launch.

In the final call Michaela and I got into a bit higher-level of a Squarespace lesson than I normally give, as she already had a fair amount of past Squarespace experience.

To learn more about the 2-week website design process I used to complete this website, and all others, visit the My Quick & Uncomplicated Website Design Process post.

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Update: I no longer offer custom 1:1 design services! Instead, I now teach 1000’s of students through my online courses, how to DIY their own completely custom, professional-looking website at a fraction of what it costs to hire a designer!

Riverdel Cheese Website Design