There’s something I’ve been seeing small business owners getting tripped up on lately, and I hope that this post can help!

Here’s the thing about sales emails…

Your sales emails & weekly emails should be ENTIRELY different!

Let me explain.

Your goal in your weekly email (also called a ‘newsletter’) is to genuinely help your subscribers with free, relevant content.

It’s when you share your business behind the scenes, or a tip you recently learned, or a how to tutorial to help them style their home or wash their cat. (Or whatever is relevant to your niche.)

It’s when your only goal is to serve. (Anddd by extension, build the know-like-trust factor.)

Your goal in your sales emails on the other hand is to sell.

That’s it.

Every sales email should be ONLY focused on the sale.

Let’s take a really silly example which I think everyone will get.

Pretend you’re an online garden supply store having a sale on grass seed.

So you send an email “The 3 steps to take now for beautiful grass by spring.”

Step 1 is you explain home owners need to understand what type of soil they have in order to pick the right grass seed. You link to a blog post which helps people figure that out.

Step 2 is to determine which sprinkler system is best for their yard size. You link to another blog post.

Step 3 is to buy your most popular grass seed. You link to it and give a discount code

… Did you catch the mistake?

The email linked to 3 different places.

It involved 2 pieces of work (the customer determining which soil hey have and the sprinkler system they need.) Figuring out those two things could take your customer hours of more research and careful planning.

By which time, they’ve left your email, never even got around to clicking on your link to grass seed and never bought from you.

1 sales email needs 1 call to action to do 1 thing.

Your weekly emails are where you educate your customer and help them figure out what soil they have and what sprinkler system they need.

The sales email is where you make the sale.

Don’t confused them, they each have their own purpose!

By all means go to town helping your customers with free information in your regular weekly emails. (In fact, doing so will help with sales greatly down the road.)

But keep sales emails focused just on the sale.

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