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I’m currently in the process of setting up the sales funnels for a few digital products I plan to put into our online shop, and since I’m a lover of sharing all things BTS in my business, I thought I’d use today’s episode to share that process with you!

So if you’re dreaming of selling a digital product, or you already have a product, but it’s not selling as well as you’d hoped, then this episode is for you.


  • The one thing most people are doing wrong when it comes to selling their digital product. Plus, what the heck is a sales funnel, and do I really need one? (1:22)

  • The importance of urgency (and how procrastination is killing your sales). (1:45)

4 things you need to do before you set up your sales funnel

1. Create your digital product

Pretty important step, wouldn’t you say? In order to create a sales funnel and sell your product, you will first need to consider which tools you’ll need to use to create the thing!

If you’re creating an online course, I do recommend that you put it in an actual course hosting platform, like Teachable, as opposed to hosting it on Squarespace (and here’s why).

But for all other types of digital products, I say go ahead and make use of Squarespace’s awesome e-commerce features! (That’s an affiliate link!)

2. Create Mock-ups of your product

It’s pretty difficult to show your audience what they can expect to receive when they buy your digital product. If you’re selling a PDF or online course, it’s not like you can just snap a photo as you would with a physical product.

This is where mock-ups come in handy! Mock-ups can be created by taking screenshots of your digital product, and placing them in images of laptops, desktops, iPhones, magazines, etc.

Here’s an example of a mock-up we recently created to showcase the 6 brand new content add-ons added to our Square Secrets Business Course.

3. Create a Sales Page

Sure, you can throw your digital product up on your online store with a simple product listing and description and call it a day…but I’m assuming you’d like to sell more than just the occasional copy of this thing you’ve spent a lot of time creating!

Think of your sales page as your virtual store-front. A beautifully designed sales page with well-written copy is key to turning window-shoppers into actual customers!

What else do you need on your sales page?

4. Terms and Conditions

Someone has just purchased your digital product online! (Pop the bubbly!)

But what happens if they want a refund? Is that even possible? And if so, what are the terms of that refund?

Can they turn around and resell your product? Can they share their log-in info for your online course with 50 of their closest friends? Is that okay?

It’s not okay? Put it in your terms and conditions!

Unless you’re some sort of crazy-smart lawyer, when it comes to covering your butt in online biz, it may be best to leave this one to the professionals!

I purchased my terms and conditions (and just about every other contract I use in my business) from Shop Creative Law. You can use code PAIGE10 for 10% off any contract. (Yup. That’s an affiliate link!)

Now that your digital product is ready, it’s time to get busy setting up your funnel!

Setting up your Sales Funnel for your digital product

1. Create a freebie

In order to attract the type of people who might benefit from and be interested in purchasing your paid product, it may be a good idea to offer a free opt-in gift. But not just any ol’ freebie will do here! It has to be something that would interest the exact type of people you plan to sell this specific paid product to.

For example, one of the paid products I plan to make available in our online shop is a mini-course on creating Squarespace templates, which is a really fabulous passive income stream for website designers. (Update: How to Build Squarespace Templates now available within our Square Secrets Business course!)

So what sort of freebie should I create in order to attract people who would be interested in this course? Perhaps a guide on the 5 pieces of tech that you need in order to create Squarespace templates!

2. Introduce your Paid Product

Once someone has opted in and received your freebie, you can automatically redirect them to a sales page for your paid product where you say something like:

“Hey, I see you snagged a copy of XX freebie, so we can tell you’re super interested in XX topic! Want to learn the step-by-step process for XX? My course/workbook/pdf teaches you just that!”

(Not my most creative sales copy, but you get the picture!)

3. Create urgency surrounding your offer

Unlike physical products where there is a limited quantity available, there is no real urgency built-in to digital products. You can literally sell unlimited copies.

In order to create urgency, you can choose to offer an incentive (ie. a discount or added bonus) which is only available for a limited time. You’re going to want to have some sort of countdown timer appearing on your sales page, to drive home the fact that your offer isn’t forever.

I recommend Deadline Funnel. Here’s an example of a deadline funnel countdown timer appearing on one of the sales pages for our Square Secrets Course.

Deadline funnel makes it easy to set a fixed expiry date (ie. a sale that ends Oct. 2nd at 6:00pm), or to have a timer that is unique to each person visiting, based on when entered your sales funnel (ie. they have 48 hrs from when they first visit the sales page).

You can customize the appearance to match your brand, and include a call-to-action button that will take visitors directly to checkout!

4. Send emails to remind them of your offer

People are busy, and no matter how fabulous and useful your product, it’s incredibly easy for people to become distracted (or procrastinate) and miss out on your offer.

Don’t be afraid to pop in their inbox, to once again bring your product front-of-mind!

Let’s say you have a 48-hour offer. You might send three to four emails during that 48 hrs:

  • One email later that same day

  • One email the next day

  • Two emails the last day. One in the morning, and the other one 4 hours before the offer expires.

Pro Tip: Stick your deadline funnel countdown timer in these emails too!

5. Create ALLLLL The Free CONtent

Want to know the easiest way to get people into your sales funnel?

Blogging about that topic! (Or You-tubing, Podcasting, IGTVing, etc).

Whatever type of free content you love to offer, create a bunch of it around the topic your course or digital product covers. Oh, and be sure to include a way for your audience to opt-in to your related freebie in every single bit of free content that you share.

You could link directly to your sales page, but in doing this, you’ve lost out on the chance to get them into your sales funnel. You’ll have missed capturing their email, so there will be no way to remind them of your fabulous offer if they don’t purchase it the first time, and the chance that they will do the work to track down that sales page again is slim.

Want to see my sales funnel in action?

In this episode, I promise listeners a graphic showing a real example of how sales tend to go down in my business. So here ya go!

Not quite sure what you are looking at? Let me break it down for you real quick!

  • Open cart: Right when I opened the cart, there were a few buyers. People had been waiting for my course, knew it would help them and were excited to get started ASAP.

  • Early bird: Then, during the early bird period when there was a discount, people were buying pretty consistently. The urgency was “if I decide to enroll now, I’ll get a discount. If I decide to enroll later, I won’t.”

  • Early bird cart closing: Then justttt before the early bird, discounted cart closed (and the regular priced cart opened), there were a flurry of sales. “This is my last chance to get the course at this price!” people think.

  • Webinars with fast-action bonuses: Then, the next bunch of sales tend to happen during one of my webinars when I give a fast-action bonus. I give some additional something to students who enroll within a certain number of hours of the webinar. Again, it’s time-bound to a few hours. Students enroll because they get an added something for making a decision then. Same thing for the second webinar.

  • Final cart closing: And then the final bunch of sales happen just before the cart closes for good. Those people think “if I don’t get in now, I’ll have to wait months or a year to get in!”

So there you have it! All the steps you need set up a sales funnel for your digital product. There’s definitely some work involved, but once you’ve created the thing once, it truly runs on auto-pilot, and pretty soon your digital products begin to sell themselves!

A sales funnel is key to making sure you are serving your customers effectively and efficiently (even while you sleep!) and could mean the difference between making a sale once a week, and consistently selling every. single. day.

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