So you may have heard of the hack out there about how to create a section of rotating testimonials with the Squarespace summary block. If you’re unfamiliar, I teach you how to do it in this post.

But there’s 3 major benefits to this new method which the old method just can’t compete with.

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Benefits of the gallery page rotating testimonials

1. The major pro to the new hack with the gallery page I find is that the arrows are positioned to the left and right of the content, not up to the right hand side. I find this just looks a lot nicer TBH. With this method, it’s also possible to edit the look of the rotating testimonials arrows in the Style Editor, as opposed to custom coding them as would be necessary with the summary block method.

2. You can make it auto-rotate, again, no custom code necessary, it’s simply an option within the Style Editor.

3. It’s easier to change the order of the quotes than it is with the summary block method. With the summary block method you’d need to go into the blog editor, and change the date of each post, strategizing the dates in order so the posts appeared in the order you wanted them to. With the new method, it’s just a matter of dragging and dropping the quotes into order. Much easier.

The one downside to this new method

1. For this method we use an index page and add a gallery section to it. You only get one layout of the gallery pages in your Style Editor, so if you say want to have your index gallery page sections be in a grid for some other area of your site, it wouldn’t be possible to do this too.

Which templates this works with

Okie, and one last thing I need to mention before we get into the ‘how-to’ of this hack, is that this hack is available on any template that has index pages and the ability to add galleries to that index. I can tell you right now off the top of my head that I know any Brine family template is able to do this. If you’re using something other than a Brine family template:

1. You should maybeeeee consider switching, all the Squarespace web designers swear by Brine these days, here’s why

2. You can check the template comparison chart to see if your template has index pages (if you’re using a Brine family template, you’re all good, no need to check)

Video tutorial – how to create rotating testimonials

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