Great news! Gift cards aren’t just for gifting anymore!

They are also a fabulous way for your customers to be able to support you if they aren’t able to visit you in-person ATM.

This is especially useful for businesses with repeat or returning customers. Those people already know they are going to be frequenting your business, so by offering a small savings on gift card purchases, you are making it super easy for them to remain loyal to your biz (and also quickly generate some cashflow in your business if needed).

And then there’s the slightly more obvious use of gift cards: birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays!

Whatever they are celebrating, you want to make it stupid-simple for people to give the gift of whatever it is you do.

So, if you aren’t already offering gift cards in your business, now is the perfect time to start!


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In order to sell gift cards, you will need to be on the advanced commerce plan (here’s a list of all Squarespace plans and their features,)

*UPDATE* Squarespace has generously decided to offer their gift card feature to all those with business and basic e-commerce plans until September 2020. Way to go, Squarespace!

Oh, and don’t worry, if down the road you end up having to downgrade your plan for some reason, you may lose access to the ability to sell gift cards, but customers will still be able to apply their gift cards to purchases as long as your site is still live on the ol’ interwebs!


If you don’t already use your site for e-commerce, you’re going to first need to add an online shop to your site!

To do this, you are going to add a store collection page. A store collection page is where you will create, edit, and store all of your individual product or gift card listings. (Need a little refresher on page types? Check out my post Squarespace basics: pages & navigation options.)

Once your store is added, it’s time to set what currency your store will be in.

Heads up! This has to be done prior to adding your first gift card listing, as you will not be able to change it after!

To set your store currency go to commerce > payments > currency and select from the dropdown menu (there’s quiteee a few, so make sure you click the right one!)

The last step for prepping your shop to sell gift cards is to connect a payment processor (aka the thing that takes money from your customer’s payment method and sticks it in your bank account!)

You can find those steps in my post Squarespace basics: e-commerce online shop under “Connecting a payment processor to your online shop.”


To add your first gift card to your online shop, head under the pages panel, and look for the store page you just finished adding. Click on your store page to open it.

Once on your store page, find and click the plus sign to add inventory, then select gift card as your product type.

Now, before you go to town adding a new product for every single gift card amount you want to list in your store, you’ll want to take a peek under the values tab of your product settings window.

This is where you will go to add your different gift card values. So go ahead and stick your preferred amounts in there, adding as many different value variants as your heart desires!

Rather than 50 different gift cards appearing in your shop, shoppers will be shown just one gift card listing, with the ability to select their preferred amount from a dropdown menu on that page.

This makes it wayyyy easier for them to find what they are looking for (and therefore way easier to get you paid!)

Btw, the images you upload under this tab beside each variant will be what the customer sees when they select that amount in the drop down menu. So if you want to upload a different image for each amount, go for it!

Next you’ll want to head to that item tab to finish entering your item’s description, title, and thumbnail image (the image that will appear when they are browsing all the listings your main shop page).

If you opt for having only one image for all amount options, you can upload that single image here under the item tab.

How to create a custom gift card mockup image to display in your shop listing

Wondering what type of image to upload?

Your gift card will be delivered electronically, so your customer won’t get a physical card in the mail. Still, you want your customers to be able to quickly spot what they are looking for in your shop, so it wouldn’t hurt to create some sort of gift card mock-up to use in your listing.

You can create yourself a custom gift card mock-up image by doing the following:

Step 1: create a simple rectangular graphic in something like with whatever you want appearing on your gift card (ie. background image with text)

Step 2: using an online mock-up generator like, you can easily drag-and-drop your new graphic onto an actual gift card or gift certificate!

Here’s an example of a gift card mock-up I quickly whipped up using the above steps (you do not need to be super tech-savvy to make it happen, promise!)


Gift card URL:

You’ll want to head under the options tab of your product settings window and create a short, easy-to-remember link to your gift card for ease of sharing (ie. rather than using the default link Squarespace automatically generates when you add a listing.

Publish settings:

In order for your gift card to appear live on your shop page, you will need to press publish under the item tab. This is also where you would go to change the settings to hidden if you want to hide your listing from displaying in the shop (rather than deleting it, which can’t be undone).

Now that your listing is live, you may want to spend a little time sprucing up your shop page as well as your gift card product page!

For info on customizing your shop & product pages, check out my post Squarespace basics: e-commerce online shop.

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