So you’ve got product all ready to sell to the world, wahoo! In this post I’m going to walk you through the tech step-by-step so you’re able to quickly and easily get that product up in your online shop.

For this example, I’m going to pretend you’re selling a digital product (something that will be automatically delivered by email) as opposed to a physical product that requires actual shipping.

I’ll also cover which Squarespace plan is best to use, as that’s a common question which pops up when people start selling products through their site.

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Which squarespace plan should I use when selling products?

At the time of writing in Feb. 2019 the Squarespace pricing is:

  • $12/month for a personal website

  • $18/month for a business website

  • $26/month for a basic online store

  • $40/month for an advanced online store

Now, there’s different features each plan has, and I encourage you to look over all the different features here. If there’s a feature that’s important to you that’s only available in a certain plan, that gives you your answer pretty easily.

In terms of $$, there’s one other important thing to look out for, and that’s transaction fees.

The Business Website plan currently tacks on a 3% transaction fee to all the purchases made by customers through your website.

Once you move up to the Basic Online Store plan, the fee is eliminated.

So in order to choose the right plan, you’ve got to do some math to determine which will be cheaper for you to pay, 3% of all transactions, or $8 more a month.

Step-by-step tech of selling a product via squarespace

Step 1: The very first thing we need to do is to add a page to Squarespace that will hold all of our products. To do so, click the + button and then from the menu of pages, select the products page type.

Step 2: Then click the + button in the products page to create a new product.

Step 3: Select the type of product you want to be selling. The four options are physical, digital, service and gift card.

Physical means it’s an actual item which you will need to mail to your customer.

Digital means the thing being purchased is downloadable, like a PDF. The customer will be sent an email with a link where they can download their purchased digital product.

Service means you complete a service for the customer, and therefore no mailing address is needed because no product (physical or digital) is really being sent to them.

Gift card is well, a gift card.

For this example, we’re going to sell a digital product, so that’s what I’ve selected.

Step 4: Under the ‘Item’ tab, complete the details needed for the product. So that includes uploading images to show off your product, adding a name to the product, pricing it, giving a description and adding tags and categories.

If you’re not super clear on what tags and categories are, how they’re different from each other and how you can use them to sort your products into different areas of your site, be sure to watch this video:

Step 5: Switch over from the ‘Item’ tab to the ‘Pricing & Upload’ tab in the top of the product editor. The next thing you need to do is upload the digital product itself. Upload your digital product to the ‘Add A File’ area and then if you want to set a price of the product for when it’s on sale, complete the ‘sale price’ field. You can turn the product on or off sale by ticking the ‘on sale’ circle.

(Optional) Step 6: If you want to give your product a bit more info, you can head into the rest of the tabs. Under Additional Info you can use the space to add more info about the product, like more images, videos, text, or really use any Squarespace block to help you give all the details about the product that you want to.

Under the ‘Form’ tab, you can make it mandatory for a customer to complete a form before they purchase your product. (This would honestly be more useful in a situation where say you’re creating a custom product for someone, like a monogrammed pillow and you need to know their monogram.)

Under the ‘Options’ tab you can give your product a specific URL as opposed to the automatically generated one, and decide on which image will be the thumbnail. A thumbnail image is the one which appears on your ‘Shop’ or ‘Products’ page for a preview of the item.

Step 7: Hit the ‘Save and Publish’ button, and your product will be live!

One last thing for you to know, in order to allow customers to actually purchase products through your site, we’ve got to set up your payment options. There’s 2 payment options within Squarespace, one is PayPal and the other is Stripe. When you set this up, it means that once your customer makes a purchase, Squarespace knows what your account details are to send you the money (rather important!).

Step 8: Head to the Commerce tab in your Squarespace site and then Payments. Click on each of the payment options and follow the steps to connect them to your relevant accounts.

There you go, once you have all of that taken care of, you’re ready to start selling to the world!

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How to set up the tech to sell your first product in Squarespace