I just polished up my annual survey and received one specific response that I found really interesting.

They mentioned when I did a YouTube channel they hoped that I would also WRITE OUT in full all the content of the video.

They mentioned how often they’d be interested in the topic of a video or podcast a business owner would post about, but how often they were frustrated by seeing a 1-2 line description of the content and then a call to action to watch/listen.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve totally been in this situation myself.

And, let me just get on my SEO web designer stump for a moment, writing out a full-length post or at an absolute minimum a summary of the main points in written format is SO important for SEO!

So friend, if you’re creating a podcast or a video, don’t let all that work go to waste.

To make that content truly work for your business and ensure it gets ranked by Google, do full posts alongside the audio/video.

And to that survey respondent, don’t you worry, I definitely intend to have a full written blog post to go along with every video!

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