Welcome back to another edition of business recaps! September has been a mind-boggling month, and I have so much I’m looking forward to for the rest of the year which I’ll share here!

I’m sick today, so this post is coming to yeh from the cozyness of my bed, but even on a sick day, I’m stoked to write this post because my business recap posts are always my fav to share with y’all!

Business in Numbers: 

Site stats: 
Monthly page views: 23,956
Pages/session: 2.03
Average session duration: 2:45

I justttt surpassed last months page views, and session duration and pages/session are almost identical to last month. I’m happy with these numbers, but of course, there’s always room for improvement right?

Business news: 

Cutting a service:

Back in B-School days there was an exercise we did which had us write out all of our services and the income they were bringing in. Then we look at all of our business income as a pie, with different services producing different percents of the pie.

Lastly we had to ask ourselves, how much time, energy and emotion does it take for us to run these revenue streams? Most importantly, is each revenue stream worth it?

While I know my Site Tweaks service was immensely valuable to my clients, one even left me a review saying “This was the best money I ever spent!”  I know that it was making up a tiny sliver of the money I made this month, and the time and effort that had to be put into it just wasn’t worth it.

Fortunately, there’s a good alternative to this service for y’all. There’s many Squarespace experts on Use Sixty which provides on-demand help with any site issues you have. So if you need just a little bit of site help, quickly, Use Sixty is the perfect alternative to my old Site Tweaks!

A new highest earning month:

This month I put it out there into the universe a specific amount I wanted to make which was slightly more than double what I normally do in a month. Just part of the way into the month I had already hit my goal, and then some.

It’s safe to say I was walking on Cloud 9 all month, amazed that in just my 9th month of full time business, my business is providing for me wayyyyy more than I would have earned had I left my Masters and taken up a full time job in the field in which I studied.

I’ve been counting my blessings all month, amazed and grateful that there is no limit on the amount I can make in a month.

It’s truly an unbelievable feeling and just yesterday my boyfriend and I were talking about how fortunate I am that I wake up every day not to just a profitable business, but also to one that I’m madly in love with. It’s pretty rare for you to find someone who is as crazily passionate about their job as I am in mine.

Story time:

I remember meeting with the professor who I was a Graduate Assistant for during my Masters, and talking about the tweaks that needed to be done to the departments website. He was giving me instructions to go meet with the website guy of the university to learn our (nightmare) WordPress system so I could update the site, and somewhere in our conversation he mentioned that web developers make at least $50 an hour.

The words literally came out of my mouth, ‘Then what the hell am I doing in recreation?’ 

(I have a Masters in Recreation. Yep, real thing.)

Rethinking web design availability: 

My first year in business my goal was to be ‘booked solid’.

It took a few back to back to back 2 week web designs to realize that being booked solid is freaking exhausting. I wouldn’t say that I hit a period of burnout, but I definitely was pretty tired after a few projects this year and when I had web design work to do, I wasn’t always massively thrilled by it.

I came to the decision that I’m going to be cutting back on the number of 2 week websites I do in 2018, and I’m going to take the rest of the year to work on business building tasks, which up until now I was just doing whenever I found free time.

I seriously considered setting myself as unavailable for the entire rest of 2017 for 2 week websites, and just working on business building tasks to reach more people. I thought about just spending the next 3 months guest blogging, hosting webinars, building a YouTube channel, growing my email list, etc.

Hello, World!

I didn’t get so dramatic as to block off my entire rest of the year, but I did give myself more scheduled time than normal to work on business stuff. That leads me to my next point.

Upcoming webinar series:

I have planned a killer webinar series coming up that I just know will knock your socks off with how many knowledge bombs I’ll be dropping in it!

If you’re at the point where you’re looking to build a website, but honestly just don’t even know where to start, this webinar series was designed specifically for you!

Here’s the webinar lessons I’ll be working through with you:

  1. Website building quick start gameplan

  2. Site organization & content layout strategy

  3. How to pick a Squarespace template

  4. Beginners Squarespace lesson

While planning the content I definitely had the thought ‘is this too much to give away for free?’ but I decided to go with offering it for free anyways.

So just know that if you attend, you’re going to walk away with an amazing amount of value and actionable take-aways.

I’m really looking forward to getting to teach a large group of y’all so I can get all of this knowledge out to a greater number of people! I often go over this content with clients and previously on my Site Tweaks calls, but I’m looking to make a bigger impact than just teaching 1:1.

To get notified when registration is open for the webinar series, be sure to subscribe.

Oh, and do me a favour will you? If you know anyone who’s also in the trenches building their site right now that would benefit from this webinar series too, share this post with them so they can subscribe to be notified too? 

Thank you, much appreciated!

I tested out Showit:

Also this month I took a hot minute to cheat on Squarespace and test out Showit.

I wrote a post telling you about the pro’s & con’s of Showit, and in it I described Showit as ‘literally dump your creative brain onto a blank canvas and creating a site without limits to design.’

It’s safe to say that Showit is a designers dream come true, and I’m soooo in love with all the design options there are.

I do think that Squarespace is an easier all-in-one option for a great deal of business owners, but also that Showit has a place in the website building platform space and needs to be given some serious recognition for all of it’s amazing abilities.

In the future I definitely want to build a full Showit site for a client to get my feet wet before determining if this is another option I want to offer in my 2 week website service.

I plan to give my email list first dibs at this opportunity, so again, if you’re not subscribed to my email list, first – do an assessment of your life, and second – subscribe already!

My email list gets first access to everything the studio does, and some insider perks that aren’t ever on the blog. Just sayin’.

Progress on septembers goals:

My goals from last month were:

  • Reach out to other business owners in complimentary fields (copywriting, business coaching, brand design, etc.) to build up partnerships and increase my number of new clients gained through referrals.

    • I’ve successfully solidified a couple partnerships, though I was originally planning to build a few more partnerships than I have so far. However, as I determined that next year I’m opening less design spaces, less partnerships are needed, so I’m calling this one complete.

  • Finish my auto-responder Welcome series

    • Done! And so happy to have finally finished this one as it was on my mind or forever.

  • Guest blog. Why? I’m looking to build site traffic via search, therefore, I need to up my SEO game, therefore, I need to increase links back to my site, therefore, I need to get guest blogging!

    • I submitted 3 guest posts, but I’ll have to wait to see how many of them get published. I also developed a game plan of where where I want to guest post (based on both where my audience hangs out, and domain authority) and have mapped out a bunch of potential post ideas for the different publications I intend to pitch.

October goals

  • Have a freaking fabulous time at TBEX Ireland, soak up every bit of learning available, and network my buns off to build relationships with people doing similar work to what I am! Also, successfully get from the airport to the conference while driving on the other side of the road… Should be fun.

  • Complete prep for my 4 part webinar series, and break the ice in webinar-world.

  • Submit 3 more guest posts to the next outlets on my guest post game plan list.

Books I’m reading:

Unshakeable by Tony Robbins

As you might remember from last month’s recap, I had an ‘ah-ha’ moment from something Tony Robbins said, so I moseyed on down to Amazon to pick up one of his books. He knocked it out of the park, as could be expected. Definitely worth a read. Your future self will thank you.

10% Happier by Dan Harris

The 7 habits of highly effective people by Stephen Covey

Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone by JK Rowling

I’m reading this classic in German to improve my language skills. I read 12 pages in an hour… Clearly I have some work to do in the German department, and this book might take me a year or so.

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A personal fav past client site design, for the amazing brand strategist Amy Demas, was selected as a Site Showcase by Square Design Guild!

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