6 years ago I was fresh out of college and had hopped on a flight to Germany. But without speaking German, my job options were well… none.


Being a web designer seemed like a decent way to make a great living, all from my laptop.

I just had two problems:

  • I had never run a business before

  • I had NO professional web design experience

But I was determined to figure it out!

And after a LOT of trial and error I started landing projects worth up to $9,000! (And I’d do a couple of those in a month!)

Finally, I could live life the way I wanted to! I genuinely felt like I’d struck work-life gold.

But here’s the thing…I’m not a unicorn.

I don’t have any special super powers (unless you count being able to binge-watch an impressive amount of ‘The Crown’ in one sitting.)

There’s nothing I did that anyone else couldn’t do, if they were willing to put in the work.

Which is why I made it my goal to help every girl out there with a similar dream, and got to work creating my step-by-step course, Square Secrets Business™!

Square Secrets Business™️:

The ultimate behind-the-scenes overview

  • What is Square Secrets Business™️?

  • Who is Square Secrets Business™️ for?

  • Do I need to take Square Secrets™️ first?

  • I design on something other than Squarespace…can I still take the course?

  • How long does the course last?

  • What format is the content in?

  • What kind of support do you offer?

  • How soon after taking the course will I start making money?

  • Will I learn from other designers? Or just you?

  • Can I see a breakdown of all the modules?

  • Will this course teach me how to sell Squarespace templates?

  • What bonuses are included when I enroll?

  • Can I hear from past students?

What is Square Secrets Business™️?

Square Secrets Business™ is your complete web design business blueprint!

You bring the web design skills and I’ll bring you a complete business game plan that will have you ready to begin working with clients and turning that web designer dream into your full-time job!

Skip the years of expensive and disheartening trial and error that have most new designers wanting to throw in the towel, and learn how to build a profitable web design business that supports a life you love, right out the gate!

Who is square Secrets Business™️ For?

You’re a perfect fit for Square Secrets Business™ if . . .

  • You love designing Squarespace websites and have some serious website building skills! (Still need help with this? My Square Secrets™ course has got you covered!

  • You are dreaming of offering Squarespace web design services to clients

  • Action-taker is your middle name. Given an exact blueprint, you’re eager to implement, willing to move mountains when you hit a challenge, and make things happen!

  • You’re ready to say ‘yes’ to opportunities, push yourself outside your comfort zone and be brave enough to begin working with clients

Psssst…Already working with clients?

We’ve had students join us who had already been designing for clients for years, but were feeling frustrated and burnt out by their business. Square Secrets Business™ has helped them:

  • Create a client-winning portfolio that is actually a reflection of the clients they dream of serving

  • Change their prices, packages, and messaging to appeal to their exact ideal client, instead of feeling like they are always attracting people who aren’t a good fit or don’t have real budgets

  • Develop a solid marketing strategy, tailored to their own personality and life, for consistently bringing in clients in the short and long term

  • Design a totally unique, streamlined web design process that works for THEM, but that their clients also love and rave about to other potential clients

  • Set up better systems and processes so that all the little BTS tasks could start to run on autopilot

  • Get legit contracts and financial tracking systems in place, and know they have everything they need to protect their business, and keep the legal and tax folks happy

Do I need to take Square Secrets™️ First?

That depends!

Square Secrets Business™ was definitely created with past Square Secrets™️ students in mind, because in order to build a successful web design business, you kinda have to be good at the actual design part first!

Square Secrets™ is more than just teaching you how to build pretty (highly customized, nothing-like-the-template) designs in Squarespace.

It also teaches you the site-building best practices and online buyer psychology you need to understand in order to make sure that pretty website is also set up to sell.

If you want to be able to charge premium prices for your services, book out your business months in advance, and build a killer portfolio that sets you apart from the competition, you definitely need to know more than how to drag and drop your client’s content into a cookie cutter template.

So if you aren’t totally confident with your design skills, I def recommend taking Square Secrets™️ first, since there is no overlap in content between the two courses.

Most students end up taking both courses, whether they snag the course bundle up front for a savings, or decide after taking Square Secrets Business™️ that they could benefit from taking Square Secrets™️ after all!

Do I have to be a Squarespace designer to take Square Secrets Business™️? OR Does it apply to other platforms?

Turns out that we’ve actually had many past students take this course and then go on to offer WordPress, Showit, or Shopify web design.

If you want to design on other platforms, 95% of the course content will still be totally applicable to you. The principles of landing clients, doing consultation calls, managing a project, collecting site content, and the legal and tax aspects of running a web design business are the same regardless of your chosen site platform.

The bits that won’t relate to you in the course will primarily be when I talk about transfering sites from your Squarespace account to your clients, the Squarespace Circle and the Squarespace Marketplace.

So if you want to be a web designer on another platform, know you’re still welcome inside the course and many past students have actually done the same!


Course enrollment opens just 1X a year, but once enrolled, you have access to all the materials right away (no having to wait for the modules to slowly drip out over several weeks)!

And how long it takes is completely up to you!

If you wanted to complete the course in 4 weeks, I’d suggest setting aside 3-4 hours a week to go through the content.

Of course you can totally change that up to fit your life and schedule.

You have access for life, so you do you!

What format is the course content in?

The lessons are all in pre-recorded video format, with the option to slow or speed up the playback to suit your learning style!

Teachable (our online learning platform) will keep track of your progress so when you take a break and come back, you can jump in exactly where you left off!

You’ll also get access to all the supporting student documents! If you don’t have an Adobe subscription for the editable templates, you can also request a PDF version so you can easily recreate the document using the softwares you already use and love!

What kind of support can I expect as a student?

You may be sitting by yourself on your couch while you take the course, but you’re never alone!

(I promise I meant that to sound encouraging, not creepy.)

Anyhoo, here are 2 ways you can expect to be supported as a student…

Option A: Post it in the Student Facebook Community

I’ve been offering Square Secrets Business™ for a few years now, so we’ve built up quite the solid group of peers for you to be leaning on!

It legit never ceases to amaze me just how generous group members are with sharing helpful resources, insights, advice and feedback when asked!

So get excited. Because there’s no such thing as a silly question inside the student Facebook community!

Option B: Get answers directly from me on those monthly live Q&A calls

Ever wished you could pick my brain about a specific aspect of business?

Now is your chance!

And the best part is, there will be other students in there asking questions you didn’t even think to ask, and those same questions often end up being serious light bulb moments in your business!

Can’t make the call times? I’ve got you, Fam!

Pre-submit as many questions as you like! I’ll answer them as thoroughly as if you were on the call, and then you can catch the replay at your leisure!

What to expect after taking Square Secrets Business™️

HOW SOON AFTER THE COURSE can I expect to find my first client & start making money?

This totally depends on your ability and determination to implement on what you’re learning!

But we are constantly getting little love notes from students sharing how they were able to land legit paying clients BEFORE even finishing the course!

Some students choose to focus on completing the course before really marketing their services, and then are quickly able to make back their investment with those first 1-2 clients!

Here are a few words from students who were wondering the very same thing before taking the course:

“I already have 3 clients booked and I haven’t even launched my new design business yet! And they’re my ideal clients that I want to work with!”

–Samara Bortz

“I have only been in business for 4 months and I have booked $22,550 in projects. I also just hit my first 9K month and I’m booked 4-5 months in advance.”

–Alyssia Constine

Can I still find support after I’ve finished the course?

Absolutely! It’s a journey, and I want to be here for yours!

You’ll have lifetime access to all the materials, including future updates and bonuses as they are added!

You’ll have an open invitation to attend those monthly live Q&A calls, even after finishing the course, and you won’t be booted from the student Facebook group just because you’re done the course.

We fully encourage you to stick around for the long haul!

DO I get some sort of completion certificate?

Yep! After completing Square Secrets Business™ you will get a completion certificate, as well as a little certification badge to show off your fancy education to potential clients!

What’s covered in Square Secrets Business™️?

Who will I be learning from?

It’s not just me you’ll be hearing from inside the course!

You see, web designer success stories are kind of like snowflakes… ❄️❄️❄️

The foundations of how they are formed never changes (because, science…) but in the end, no two success stories look exactly alike!

Which is why it was important to me, when designing Square Secrets Business™️ that you heard from a whole bunch of other industry experts, to give you different strategies & perspectives, and all the inspiration you need to continue on a path to success that still feels like YOU!

Oh, and on top of those 8 uber-talented Squarespace designers, you’ll also hear from thee expert on creative law & client contracts, AND a certified accountant to help you get your and taxes in order!

Inside Square Secrets Business™️ you’ll hear from guest experts…


From Go Live HQ


From Drop Cap Design


From Learn With Nesha


From Big Cat Creative


From Paige Hulse Law & The Creative Law Shop


From Bucketlist Bombshells


From the Uncaged Life


From Delilah Creative


From Charlotte O’Hara


From Master Your Finances

Square Secrets Business™️ Module Breakdown

Module #1

Business foundations

Want to know what sets successful designers apart from the ones who find themselves small and struggling even after years of trying to make their business work?

The foundations!

And there’s two ways to learn these foundations. You can…

Spend the first 3-5 years of your business test driving a whole bunch of strategies just hoping one sticks and you can finally start profiting from this rather expensive hobby you have.


Grab your bevvy of choice, snuggle up on the sofa with module one of Square Secrets Business™, and start applying what you’ve learned right from DAY ONE.

Which foundations will you be learning that most struggling designers are missing?

  • What you really need to know about picking a niche and differentiating yourself in the Squarespace world

  • How to create a killer portfolio, even if you haven’t had any clients yet!

  • Strategic portfolio building that attracts the exact type of clients you want

  • How to design a completely customized web design process that serves both your clients and works around your life

  • How to create packages that fit both with your area of genius and your clients’ needs perfectly

  • The exact formula to price your services for both the value you provide and to support your life and business

Module #2

Finding Clients

Pretty hard to build a profitable design business without paying clients, right?

But it’s probably the #1 struggle I hear on repeat in my inbox…

“Paige, where are all these dreamy clients with real budgets everyone is always talking about!? I feel like I have to beg people to work with me, and even then I’m working for peanuts!”

If you don’t want to get stuck in a cycle of working for free and saying yes to projects you hate, just to pay the bills, then Module 2 is your jam!

All those guest experts I introduced earlier? They are spilling the beans on how they were able to quickly book out their businesses, all while charging legit designer rates, and only saying yes to clients they were actually passionate about serving!

And the best part? No two client-attracting strategies they share are the same.

So you can truly hand-pick the client-finding method that feels like you, and learn the best practices for using that specific strategy to start attracting the exact type of person you are hoping to work with.

Here’s what we will focus on in Module 2:

What you really need to know about short-term strategies to get clients now and long-term strategies for getting clients to come to you consistently over time

  • The pros and cons of common marketing strategies

  • How to pick the one strategy for landing clients that serves your unique life situation and talents

  • Guest expert interviews with the biggest names in Squarespace web design + online business on exactly what their marketing strategies that have them booked out are, and how you can replicate their success

Module #3

Locking Down Sales

Sales? Ew.

You run a web design business. Not some shady used-car lot.

But now that you’re a pro marketer (thanks to everything you just devoured in Module 2 ‍♀️), you’re going to need a way to seal the deal, and convince clients to hand their money over to you, a complete stranger on the internet.

The good news?

It doesn’t have to feel icky. And there’s no need to play email tag for weeks to get your dream clients to commit.

It’s possible to genuinely connect with your potential clients, AND give them the push they need to book your services that same day.

In module 3 you’ll get access to:

  • My exact rinse and repeat process for holding free consult calls that book clients and the questions you need to ask right away to save yourself serious headaches down the road

  • The red flags to look out for on a consult call to save yourself from working with the cray cray clients

  • You landed a client, YAY! … Now what?! Exactly the steps to take once your potential client says ‘yes!’

  • The tech of collecting payments and signing contracts lightening fast, so you never lose a sale because of a clunky system

  • The one magical file you need to send to make your client think ‘darn, I made a great decision!’ and keep your project on track

  • A behind-the-scenes look at how to use a CRM (Client Relationship Management) tool to automate this entire sales process

Module #4

Designing sites for clients

Oh, you know how to build a website?

Cool. So do 3.79 million other Squarespace users!

So what sets you apart from the sea of competition, and has past clients excitedly sending word-of-mouth referrals your way?

Your customer service. (A.K.A The client process!)

Yep, if you’re going to charge premium prices for your packages, your process must be S-E-A-M-L-E-S-S.

And the only way to pull this off consistently is to stop winging it, and to create a highly customized, rock-solid repeatable process that you use in the same way with each and every client!

Ready to build your own signature process?

In module 4, I’ll walk you through…

  • Exactly how to collect content and onboard your client, including the steps and tech to make it all happen as simply and quickly as possible

  • How to tweak the web design process when designing for clients as opposed to yourself

  • The practical tech considerations you need to make when creating sites for others (accounts, logins and passwords, picking plans, etc.)

  • How to set boundaries and collect client feedback in a way that doesn’t make you crazy

  • A behind-the-scenes look at an off-boarding process which makes your client feel cared for, eliminates back and forth emails and gets you an on-time final payment

  • The vital key steps you need to take to keep your project on schedule and complete it on time, every time.

Module #5

Long-term business success

When you start your own web design business, you might be surprised to learn just how little time you’ll spend on actual designing.

There are roughly 1,000,001 other tasks that need to happen in order to keep the lights on in business, all of which fall on you (at least until you make your first hire which, surprise! I also cover in the course!)

If you are going to balance it all, you:

A) need to know what those BTS tasks even are…

B) need to know how to balance them in a way that doesn’t lead to burnout and just straight-up hating your business

So, besides teaching you the strategies that will get your business up and running like yesterday, I’ll also be sharing everything you need to know to sustain and enjoy it for the long haul!

How will module 5 help you avoid burnout (and bankruptcy) in your business?

By giving you exclusive access to:

  • Done-for-you templates and repeatable processes so you can do less busy work and more design work!

  • A plug and play finance tracking system so you always know your numbers and don’t have a panic attack come tax time

  • Exactly how to pay yourself a consistent salary even when your business income is all over the place

  • Designing your week to balance design work, marketing tasks, internal projects and business tasks, while still leaving room for a life you love!

Module #6

Legal & taxes

Possibly the most overwhelming part of starting your new business, and really just adulting in general, is figuring out the fine print.

Now, fingers crossed nothing ever goes amiss in your business…

But I’ve seen some pretty crazy go down in online business, so I wouldn’t feel right sending you off into the world without knowing the full story.

So think of module 6 as the best way to bubble wrap and protect your new business from head-to-toe!

In module 6, My guest experts and I cover:

  • The two vital things you really need to do from day 1 of starting your business

  • The bits you definitely want to cover in your client contract

  • Business insurance. What it is and why it’s a good idea

  • Everything you need to know about and prepare for tax-time

  • How to get help from the legal and tax experts who understand creative, online businesses – for free!

I want to sell Squarespace Templates…will Square Secrets Business™️ teach me how?

After taking the courses and fully booking out their services, a lot of students have made it their goal to add an additional revenue stream to their business.

(Something that didn’t require taking on more clients, or magically coming up with 30 extra hours in a week!)

My solution?

A new bonus course teaching them how to take their current Squarespace designs and turn them into a passive income product to sell on autopilot!


  • Exactly how Squarespace templates are built & delivered to customers automatically (it’s completely different from any other web design platform!)

  • How to prepare your template to be sold on your shop

  • How to enable potential customers to view your template (demo site, screenshots & mockups)

  • How to list your template for sale in your shop & the tech of delivering it to your customers

  • What to include on your template shop page listing

  • Q+A with attorney Paige Hulse about legally using photos in your template demo

Currently, this course is only available inside Square Secrets Business™.

Does Square Secrets Business™️ come with any other bonuses?

Glad you asked! Here’s everything you didn’t even know you needed to totally kill it with your design business!

The Student Facebook Community

Back by popular demand, the student Facebook community is industry GOLD.

Need help, feedback or maybe a second-opinion on your work? Trying to craft the best response to a tricky client email? Lean on your fellow students in the Facebook group!

Inside our student community you’ll be supported by others who get it and are there working right along side you.

Ongoing Monthly live Q&A Coaching Calls

Want my thoughts directly? Submit a question and I’ll answer it on our upcoming live Q+A call!

You can join live and chat along with me in the comments or catch the replay when it’s works for you!

Plus, thanks to it being a group setting, you’ll be hearing answers to important questions that you never would have thought to ask!

Join us in our monthly coaching calls, and you’ll never feel lost and alone again.

Editable & customizable templates

No sense re-inventing the wheel for every single document you reach for on repeat in your business!

Get access to all my proven templates, as well as my best tips for customizing them to fit your unique brand and business!

  • InDesign Client Welcome Package

  • InDesign Client Post-Launch Package

  • 10 essential email & CRM scripts

  • Asana 2-Week-Website start-finish client process

P.S. Not an Adobe InDesign user? Request a PDF version of my templates and recreate them using your fav software instead!

Essential web design business Guides

Every wonder how some designers easily book clients at 5k or even 8k?

I’m sharing the simple changes I made that enabled me to completely elevate my brand, and start landing premium-priced projects on the regular!

  • Building A Brand That Attracts Premium Clients Guide

  • The Ultimate Photoshoot Guide

How to make your first hire mini course

Hiring and outsourcing can be a total game changer, but when you’re used to being a one-woman show, making that first hire can be pretty overwhelming.

“How do I know when I’m financially ready to outsource? How do I find help? How do I conduct interviews? What if I hire the wrong person? Which tasks can even pass off? And I like things done a certain way…how do I train someone to be ready for that without feeling like I have to constantly babysit them, or do their work over, creating even MORE work for myself?”

Fun fact: I hired earlier on in my business than most designers do, before I even really felt ready…

But because of that, I was able to ditch the time-consuming, day-to-day tasks and focus on the things that actually move the needle, allowing me to quickly scale my business!

And I’m sharing exactly how I did it in this mini course I share exclusively with students of my Square Secret Business™️ course!

Can I hear from past students?

Square Secrets Business™️ reviews, stories, & testimonials

Wondering if Square Secrets Business™ is really the best path for you based on where you’re currently at?

Hopefully these recent student love notes will help you get your answer!

For the total newbie…

“I desperately wanted to create a business designing websites but coming in with no experience in the field I felt totally overwhelmed!

The number of steps there are to get from that first interaction with a customer to handing over their website was a lot!

I honestly don’t think I would’ve gone through with actually launching my business without this course. I’ve taken many other courses and they are not even in the same playing field as Square Secrets Business™.

Even with a full course on Squarespace web design, there are still so many factors around client communication, marketing, launching a business and expectations of Squarespace designers that would’ve been overwhelming for me to search for on my own.

The Facebook group and monthly live calls with Paige are seriously worth their weight in gold.

Being able to jump in the group any time of day and ask the silliest of questions and almost immediately have my peers reply with their experiences and how-to’s has been amazing!

This course has paid itself back 10-fold already!

This course covers so many topics that I hadn’t even dreamt of. Paige is so incredibly knowledgeable and has no problem sharing everything she knows both in the course and via the live group chats. I feel so supported and like she genuinely cares about each of her students and their businesses.

Working in the Travel Industry meant that when Covid happened, I was almost instantly put on furlough. It was a total shock to my system and for a hot-minute, the world was pretty doom and gloom in my outlook. Fortunately, I’d already signed up for Square Secrets™ and Square Secrets Business™ and this gave me a chance to dive right into the content.

I’m SO thankful that I did!

I now feel like being laid off was a blessing in disguise as I’m hustling hard to get my business launched and begin my dream of working totally for myself on my terms! Without Paige’s course – this wouldn’t have been a possibility.

I plan to launch my business in September offering both custom Squarespace websites alongside a variety of DIY templates for customers to choose from.

My early business plan predictions are to earn AUD80,000 this financial year which will then surpass my day job earnings in the 2021/2022 FY. – Michaela Pound

For the Work-from-home mom…

“I know that with the knowledge from this course I will be able to replace my 9-5 income, all while staying at home and being more present for my kids.

SSB literally laid out EVERY single step I needed to take, in order to move into a full time web design business! Every question that was on my mind previously that made me feel overwhelmed was answered in this course. 

Even more so, Paige provided every spreadsheet, Google Doc and online tool that she uses to make her business work/grow, saving me LOADS of time. I’m so glad I didn’t have to create all of that from scratch and reinvent the wheel when it’s already been done.

I have a dream of making this work-from-home, laptop-life work so I can provide for my family while also staying home with my 3 kids.

After Square Secrets Business™, I have pivoted from being a “jack of all trades” Virtual Assistant with a low hourly rate, to offering a specific service, Squarespace Website Design, that comes with a higher price point!

And thanks to this course I already have 2 web design clients already lined up to start in the next couple weeks!

Compared to other courses, this course is gold! I have taken a lot of other online courses about working from home and having a profitable online business but they didn’t include much substance. I am so grateful that I found Paige and this course.

The investment in the course for the bonuses and free templates (emails, planning, welcome guide, etc) alone, is absolutely worth it!

The video content and resources provided are an exact roadmap that can be easily implemented. It would have taken me a long time to gather up all this information and create templates like this from scratch.

Not only that, but being able to have ongoing support from Paige with Live Q&A’s and getting feedback from other students in the Facebook group is really helpful. – Lindsey Tyler

“I’m able to work half the amount I was previously. This means more time being a mum and less time stressing over client demands.

When it came to building my business I felt overwhelmed! I had built a business before that I didn’t love and after the arrival of my son, I decided that something had to change and I needed my business to fit in with my life as a new parent.

I’ve been a serial online course collector over the years with many courses half complete because I found the balance of learning vs implementing what I was learning a little tricky. Square Secrets Business™, though, has a great flow to the content and just the right amount of content that you don’t end up feeling overwhelmed and lose momentum.

Now, I’ve taken a sharp right turn with my business. Saying a gracious farewell to my monthly retainer clients and niching down purely to websites. This new focus has enabled me to systemise the backend of my business, laser focus my marketing and establish a business that fits in with my life as a new parent.

If you’re on the fence, then I say to you “invest in yourself!” If you know that something has to change in your business or if you are wanting to skyrocket the launch of a new business, Square Secrets Business™ will give you the tools to make it happen.” – Kelly Doe

For the maxxed-out income earner…

“Since enrolling I have already been able to hire a team of designers and multiply my monthly revenue x10 from $3,000 to $30,000.

The price was a big hangup for me, this was a huge investment that I wasn’t sure I was ready for. But after enrolling, I was able to see the value right away and realized I should have made this investment way sooner!

The payoff of having a roadmap and instructions for success was so immense I can’t recommend this course enough to my friends.

I now know how to successfully and confidently run a business that doesn’t take over my life! I know how to land the perfect clients and how to deliver beautiful designs to them in an efficient manner that I wouldn’t have ever been able to come up with without spending years of trial and error. I have now implemented systems in my business that will allow me to grow at an exponential rate.

Before taking this course, I was charging $3,000 for a site, which was taking me about a month to build. I was all on my own, designing solo, finding clients by word of mouth, and doing all of the client communication and booking processes by hand. Now I have systems that allow me to automate my marketing strategy, booking and paying processes, and my client communication.

I have hired several Squarespace designers who work for me so I can focus on brand design and my marketing strategy for my business. We are now bringing in over $30,000 a month consistently, all since I enrolled in this course at the beginning of the year.

In less than one year we have grown our monthly revenue 10x. I was truly blown away by the things I learned in this course.

Before I enrolled, I knew Paige was a good designer who had designed a good sales page to market her course. I thought she was a good marketer who knew how to hook me, but I didn’t know if the content would be as good as she made it seem. I hadn’t taken a course of hers before, but found myself constantly reading her blog for tips and tricks and started to realize how valuable her free resources were. After spending over a year utilizing her blog and other free resources, while constantly considering this course, I finally had the capital to invest in my business to enroll. I dove into it right away and was so amazed.

I was so blown away, I now know she actually under markets this course and doesn’t even come close to capturing the true value you will receive. I learned so much more than I thought I would, and have been able to build highly functioning systems that automate my business.

I had to hire a team to help me fulfill the demand I have been able to create for my websites through the marketing strategies laid out in this course.

This course is the exact roadmap you need to build a Squarespace design company – bite the bullet and invest as soon as you can.

You won’t believe the return on your investment that you will start to see immediately upon implementing Paige’s beautifully thought out strategies. She has done the work, she has done the research, her expertise is conveyed so clearly, you will be on your way to reaching for goals you never thought possible.

Before taking this online course, I had taught myself everything I know through a combination of trial and error and Youtube videos, looking things up when I came to specific roadblocks. This course was everything I ever could have looked up and some, laid out beautifully and clearly. It was so easy to follow and to implement. I will definitely be taking more courses in the future, and can only hope the courses I enroll in have even half of the value of Paige’s course. – Sydney Williams

For the budget conscious…

“I was hesitant to make the investment in Square Secrets Business™. I started my events business 2.5 years ago, lost a ton of business due to COVID, moved in with my parents and turned 30.

I lived off of Pandemic Unemployment to pay off debt and buy groceries, trying to regenerate my business and pivot during COVID. I was afraid to spend any more money before making money!

But, I STILL made the investment to do the one thing I knew would give me a leg up! I loved the combo of how the course information was presented AND the step-by-step tutorials. The templates for emails and setting up workflow automation are PRICELESS!

Before taking Square Secrets Business™, I felt like there was a secret society of insider information that designers knew about that I wasn’t finding, or allowed to know.

Now I feel like I’m on the inside and I have the tools, systems & processes to succeed! I’m SO THANKFUL! – Kelly Mazanti

For the designer who’s scared TO LAUNCH…

“This is the exact time to be launching because every entrepreneur needs a website, so there is plenty of work out there.

I was so daunted by the idea of thinking of myself as a “designer”. Like, who the heck am I to think I could do that??

(I had) imposter syndrome for sure. I was scared that I wouldn’t make my business profitable and would have to move onto yet another career path.

I decided that I was never going to feel satisfied until I gave my dreams a real serious go. Paige’s course was released literally a week after I made that decision and I had binged most of her blog, so it was honestly a no-brainer to join.

If you truly love design, this career is 100% possible. “This is the exact time to be launching an online business because every entrepreneur needs a website, so there is plenty of work out there.

Paige’s course will propel you toward owning a business that is profitable and incredibly fun. If you are truly passionate about website design, it is worth the investment. I left my 9-5 about 6 months after the course and I made back the money I spent on the course very quickly. Can’t recommend the course enough!

My life is different in so many ways now. I am so in love with my job that I am pretty happy all the time. I am financially stable for the first time in a while, which is a huge relief. I love the flexibility of being able to work when and wherever I want.

Now I work as much or as little as I want but I seriously love my job so dang much I struggle to force myself to take off a whole day of work! – Sinead Easdon

For the designer who dreams of more freedom…

“I take 4 months off a year, and I’m working on making it 6 months, while still meeting my financial goals!

I’ve reached my first 9k month and I am now booked 4 months ahead.

Paige has got a proven track record and is extremely generous with her teachings. Besides her own marketing genius, Paige also features in-depth discussions with experts on marketing, so getting your first client is not going to be an issue. At all. If you’re smart about your pricing, you can make your investment back (and then some) with just one project, like I did!

The level of satisfaction I have with what I’m able to accomplish and how I’m able to serve my clients is through the roof. I’ve built Desk & Design from the ground up to support MY lifestyle and MY big-picture dreams. Square Secrets™ and Square Secrets Business™ were instrumental in making that happen! I’ve reached my first 9k month and I am now booked 4 months ahead.

I show up to work feeling fully supported and completely confident that I can serve my artist clients from a place that feels more like self-care and less like hustle.

If you know that a life of flexibility, creativity, and big earning potential is for you, and you have drive, you can do it! Paige will teach you how. All you have to do is trust her process, and be open to learning all the goodness she’s got to share!

Having a location-independent future is completely possible, and Paige shows you the roadmap to get there… even if today it seems so out of reach.” – Mariana Durst

For the healthy skeptic…

“I read a review myself before enrolling saying someone had made back the cost of the course with their first website, just half way through the course…

I thought – “Oh not me, they must have already known so much” but I have just done the same!!

I’ve already signed up my second dream client and am only 80% through the course!

With so many online courses it’s scary to sign up and pay, when you’re not sure if you’ll learn that much or if you could have gotten the knowledge from free blogs etc.

But this was amazing! PACKED with content, so many things I didn’t even know I needed to know!

I can’t wait to be more picky with the kind of client and business I want to work with, take more time off when I want to and not having to take a million tiny jobs to make up my income!” – Lucy Caddey

For the die hard DIY’er…

“I wish I had invested in my business with Square Secrets Business™ sooner.

I thought that if I googled enough, I could just figure it out myself. This was the hard way and I spent a year doing this (actually).

I was afraid of anyone contacting me for a consult because I had zero process in place! Subconsciously I think I’ve been pushing clients away for that very reason- low confidence in myself.

This course has given me major confidence in knowing what I’m doing…from setting packages, to pricing, to nailing my consult calls. I feel so much more confident in my services that I truly believe that I will attract the right people.

It is BY FAR the best money that you will spend on your business!” – Jennifer Falkingham


“The live calls each month are priceless!

If you’ve been wanting to design websites for a living but had little knowledge about the details and nuances of the business and fears were holding you back, this course is worth it!

The course helps you smooth over the rough edges of your doubts! The lessons are some of the best designed and most thorough that I’ve seen, and I’ve seen many 🙂

Apart from that, the live calls with Paige each month are priceless! You can submit questions ahead of time or live during the call and she answers every single one with her friendly smile and energy completely intact.

Also, it’s a great opportunity to be around other designers for networking (send projects to each other), inspiration, and mentoring. Some of them mentor you and you mentor them in return. It’s a wonderful community! – Sarah Guilliot

FOR the designer ready to leave the corporate world…

“I worked professionally as a web designer for a global company, but I learned more about client processes and business systems with Paige’s course than I did in my corporate job!

Paige literally spells EVERYTHING out for you and even offers content for some of the questions you might not have thought about.

One of my best investments this year thus far!

If you’re thinking about buying the course, DO IT! If you’ve never run a web design business before I highly recommend this course!” – Liane Membis


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