This post comes highly requested from my most recent survey, so I’m happy to deliver an answer to y’all!

A lot of you seem to be prepping to blog on Squarespace as well, but you’re getting hung up on exactly what things you need to do before hitting publish and sharing your content with the world.

So I’m here to answer that for ya!

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Here’s your Squarespace blog pre-publish checklist!

1. Write your post

A few tips on writing:

When you’re writing, avoid massive paragraphs. Instead, write shorter lines and vary things up with headings throughout when you move onto a new point or topic. This makes your post easier to skim, and makes blog readers happy campers, which is what you really want, right?!

I personally am not a huge fan of the blog post editor which looks like this:

But instead prefer the blog post editor that looks like this: (As you can see the content more as your reader will see it.)

The automatic post editor that will open up for you will be like in the first image. To get to the editor that looks more like the second image, do this:

  1. Click the + button to write a new post.

  2. Type in the title of the post

  3. Click save

  4. Click on the name of another post and the editor of it (like the 2nd image) will appear.

  5. Click back onto the name of the post you actually want to write. The 2nd editor option will appear. (What you want to avoid is clicking the ‘edit’ button on the post, cause that opens the 1st post editor.)

Here’s where you want to click:

Okay, so now you’ve written your fabulous content, let’s move right along to all the settings and other bits you want to take care of.

2. Add an image & thumbnail image

If you want your post to be seen on Pinterest, you’ll want to create a blog post image which goes along with your post. In your image you’ll want the name of the post, maybe the category it falls under in your blog and a wee bit of branding (your logo or name of your site.)

Create your image in your favorite image editor (eg. Illustrator or Canva), save it, rename and resize it to these guidelines, and then add it to both the content of your post (using an image block) and also to your thumbnail image area.

To get to the right spot to upload your thumbnail image you’ll need to open the post editor (the 1st one) which has the options of ‘Content’ ‘Options’ ‘Location’ and ‘Social’ at the top. Click over to ‘Options’ and then click ‘upload’ in the ‘Thumbnail image’ area.

3. optimize the post url link

You’ll see in the same photo above there’s an area for ‘Post URL’. The post URL will auto-generate to be whatever the title of your blog post is, with hyphens between each word. It’s best practice however to just have the keywords of your post in the URL area, and not a bunch of fluff words. So cut this down from whatever your blog post title is, to the most important keywords.

For example for this post my post name is ‘Squarespace blog post pre-publish checklist’ and my URL is ‘squarespace-blog-post-checklist’.

4. Add a blog post excerpt

The purpose of the excerpt is so that on your main blog page, just the a little preview of your posts appear, not the entire thing. I generally take about the first 2-3 lines of my post and pop them in here.

5. Add relevant categories and tags

To help Google and humans know what your post is all about, and to assist in sprinkling relevant blog posts through different areas of your site (eg. popular posts, post about a certain topic, posts about a thing specific to your blog {eg. a country for travel bloggers, an ingredient for food bloggers, a software for business bloggers}, use the tags and categories feature.)

If you’re not fully sure exactly what tags and categories are and how they’re different from each other, I made ya a video which explains it!

So now you understand tags and categories, to add them to your post head into the ‘Content’ area of your post editor, and towards the bottom click on the + button beside tags and categories.

Type in any relevant names of tags and categories and hit enter to add them to your post.

6. Publish or schedule your post

If you want your post to go out right away, just hit the ‘Save and Publish’ button. If you want to schedule your post for some point and time in the future, so you’re regularly posting content consistently (pro tip: you want to do this!) click ‘Draft’ and then select ‘Schedule’ from the drop-down menu. You’ll then get a little calendar that pops up so you can select the day and time it should go live to the world.

Voila! Your post is ready to go! Now pat yourself on the back for a job well done

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