When starting out in your own entrepreneur venture there is a LOT to figure out.

Website, payment processing system, email marketing platform, project management system, design processes, payment terms, policies, contracts…and more!

It’s a bit of an under taking to launch a business (but oh so worth it. Promise!)

I remember back to when I got started I loved seeing the processes and systems of others in a similar line of work.

It greatly helped me learn how others ran the backend of things, and that influenced how I designed my own processes and systems.

I spent yearssss honing in my web design process, and I’m happy to report that I have it pretty well down to a science now. ‍

If you’ve been following along on the blog for a while now, you’ll probably have heard me mention the 2 week web design process I used back when I was offering 1:1 custom design, and why both myself and my clients loved it!

Now that I’ve moved to offering online courses teaching students to master Squarespace and then turning those skills into a successful business designing for clients, there’s a few FAQ I get from students on the reg…

A) What exactly the backend of the process looks like

B) How I’m able to turn things around so quickly (just two weeks!)

C) How I’m able to keep clients on time and projects on schedule.

Ready for a little insider peek at my start > finish web design client process checklist?

First a pro-tip: When a client inquires, I create them their own checklist, to ensure I hit every bit of the process and don’t forget any vital pieces.

I have two demo checklists, one for each of my packages. I have both a web design process & a web design and branding process.

When a new client inquiries, I copy & paste them their own checklist, and begin working my way through it, checking boxes complete as I go. ✅

From inquiry > booking

  • Client inquiries

  • Initial call

  • Create contract & invoice

  • Send contract & invoice

  • Client signs contract and pays invoice

  • Change availability on website

  • Make Google Drive folder & Google Doc

  • Send Welcome PDF & Google Drive/Doc links

  • Build a BoxFox & send

From booking > project start

  • Follow up 1 week prior to start date to remind of Pinterest board & design questionnaire due

  • Follow up 2 days prior to start to remind of content due

  • Email to set up a call time on first day of design period

Consultation Call

  • Get domain details

  • Ask for SEO terms want to rank for

  • Go over inspiration websites

  • Discuss content and images provided

  • Ask questions related to brand, style & vision

Web design Client Project Week 1

  • Begin domain transfer if necessary

  • Make mood board + color palette

  • Send mood board + color palette

  • Client okay’s mood board + color palette

  • Design full website

  • Send website live link for feedback

Web design Client Project Week 2

  • Client sends edits

  • Implement client feedback (repeat as needed)

  • Link up external services/programs

  • Add functionality

  • Check SEO

  • Do site finishing checklist

  • Set up 1.5 hr lesson call time

  • Send over lesson plan

1.5 hr lesson

  • Complete lesson plan

  • Get to pay remainder 50%

  • Launch website

  • Congratulate (woo!)

  • Thank & tell will follow up with Farewell PDF

  • Send PDF

Monday after design period

  • Follow up with items used in design (backgrounds, optimized images, logo files, etc.)

1 week after design period

  • Follow up to ask if have any site questions

That’s it!

That exactly the checklist behind my 2 week website process.

I hope that this checklist can help guide you in the creation of your own.

Of course you’ll need to tailor your checklist to your specific projects & processes, but the starting foundation is right here for you!

Oh, and if you’re wondering where I store this handy dandy checklist so that I never miss a reminder, and can quickly peep that things are on schedule from any of my devices?

Check out: How I use Asana to organize the tasks and calendar in my online business



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