So you’ve just finished up with your 5th WordPress technical meltdown and headache this month and are so over crying into your keyboard when trying to create the vision you have in your mind on a site?

You’ve probably heard about Squarespace before, that it’s easier to use, an all-in-one platform (no searching and updating plugins ever again ), and that the template designs are knockouts.

Those things are all indeed true!

But, there’s also a lot of misinformation out there and today I’m on a mission to set the record straight.

You can sign up for a free trial of Squarespace here and I also got ya a little off the price, use code PAIGE10 for 10% off your first year. (Yes, that’s an affiliate link!)

The 3 most common Squarespace myths?

(Yes, these are indeed myths – they are not at all true!)

1. Squarespace sucks for SEO

2. You don’t own your content & website when you use Squarespace

3. You can’t customize the templates, so your site will look just like everyone elses

I recorded a video a while back on my Facebook page explaining what’s actually fact and fiction relating to these three points, and when people email me with Squarespace questions, I often send them to it.

Since this is a video I share frequently with those who are conflicted with if they should go Squarespace or not, I wanted to share it here on the blog too.

So, without any delay, let’s help you learn what’s actually up with Squarespace. Watch the video below!

Soooo … yeah. Now might be a good time to stop pulling out your hair over WordPress and start building that site on Squarespace.

Need some help with that?

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