You settled on Squarespace for your website, fab choice friend!

Now you only need to … you know, build the thing.

Hoping to see some example Squarespace websites for inspiration? Want to know what’s possible with each Squarespace template?

I’ve got you gal!

Enter: the top Squarespace website example & Squarespace template design inspiration series!

I’ve scoured the web for the best in Squarespace site design, and compiled them here.

Oh, and since Squarespace 7.1 is fairly new as of writing this, the examples in this post will have all been built on 7.0.

But not to worry!

When Squarespace released the new version of their platform, they did away with different template families.

Meaning each and every single template in the shop can achieve the exact same design, and has all the same features and functions available to them!

Giving you wayyyyy more freedom (and less stress over picking the right template)!

So regardless of which platform you are using, gather up as much inspiration from this post as you fancy, because chances are it can be done in 7.1 too!

Heads up!

This post was originally released a few years ago, and has been added to each year as I find new inspiring examples!

So some of the live sites may have since received a refresh from the original inspiring designs you see captured here! I’ll try to include a before and after where possible for even further inspiration!


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Live site: Pren Valley Builders
Template family: Brine family
Designed by: k studio design

Let me just start by saying…

This is not your mother’s home construction site.

There’s nothing wrong with keeping things tradish, but dang! This is one truly unique site among it’s competitors!

And because of that, it’s going to speak to a certain set of potential customers that the others just wouldn’t do it for!

This just screams mountains and adventures, the perfect fit for the Denver, Colorado area!

And just look at that creative use of background images!

Live site: Zoe Conroy Interior Design
Template: Brine
Designed by: We are Studio 77

This minimal design has nailed the monochromatic white aesthetic, while also managing to feel super cozy!

As I mentioned in 20 best example Squarespace websites • photographer edition, sometimes what you leave out is just as important was what you put in when it comes to decision decisions.

So the barely-there vertical lines were enough to add interest, while keeping the white space her ideal clients love and look for in design.

Live site: The Floral Studio
Template family: Brine family
Designed by: My wolfe design

It’s pretty hard to create anything but an absolutely beautiful website when these are the images your client gives you to work with!

(Just another example of how high-quality imagery can really make or break a design!)

But we can chalk up this brilliant design to more than just dreamy photos!

Tons of intentional white space, dainty gold navigation to make the logo, and clear categories and stand-out buttons make their products & services super shop-able, right there from the home page!

Live site: Cottonsmith
Template family: Brine family
Designed by: Peyton Campbell Studio

How cute is this cotton candy biz’s online home by Peyton Cambpell Studio!

I love the use of white to balance out all the brights, and the big cheeky tagline right there in the banner area, followed by a slightly longer and more in-depth description of what they do/offer just below it!

Also, how cute that the creative color-blocking under the logo in the site header background matches the cotton candy cart!

Live site: Riverdel Cheese
Template family: Marquee family
Designed by: The Paige Studio

Ya’ll want a little throwback to when I first started my design biz years ago?

Here ya go! A design straight from Paige Studio (before I changed my business name to Paige Brunton!)

Riverdel had pretty quality brand photography done, so we really wanted to choose a design that would show off it off in a big (mouth-watering) way, without too much else going on to distract from their delicious product!

So clear text, simple navigation, minimal color, and big hero/banner images were the way to go here!

Live site: Kase Styles
Template family: Brine family

This gorgeous event planning and rental boutique’s online home was designed by none other than Kasey herself!

She’s made use of the banner image Squarespace is known for, as well as a lovely little curated summary block to show posts recently on the blog.

The masonry-style layout of her blog post previews is like her very own little on-brand pinterest feed, where you just want to scroll and scroll and scroll!

She’s kept her navigation area super clear and simple, which is a sure way to make sure dreamy potential clients and customers can quickly and easily find what they came looking for!

Live site: Four Star Family Cyclery
Template family: Brine family
Designed by: Eléna Potter

Gah! I love when designers work colors from their brand imagery into the design!

(Or maybe it was the other way around! And the photos were styled to match their branding!)

Either way, the use of color and white space on this website was spot. on.

Oh, and Eléna nailed it with that “as seen in” section further down the page.

It’s totally ok to toot your own horn as a business owner! So don’t be shy about doing some serious name-dropping on your site to let potential customers and clients know your work/product is trusted by the brands they look up to!

Live site: Stone Rose Creative
Template family: Brine family
Designed by: The Launch Bosses

Ok, so long-scrolling screenshot tools tend to butcher Squarespace designs that use parallax scrolling backgrounds to break up their sections, so if you want to see this baby in all it’s glory, you’re just going to have to click that live site link!

Even though I couldn’t get the backgrounds captured just as they are on the live site, I really wanted to toss this lovely design into the inspiration mix!

Mostly because of those really cool offset borders around the images! Well done, Launch Bosses!

Template: Brine
DESIGNED BY: Fox Trot Branding

Another really cool, very “niche” looking Home Builder website! This one designed by the talented Fox Trot Branding!

Letting their high-end photography, and gorgeous custom work do all the talking, this site leads your eye straight to the business’s MVP of sales…

Their portfolio!

And the minimal, high contrast design is a perfect match for the modern but homey style that Cedar & Oak seem to be specializing in.

Live site: Create & Cultivate
Template family: PAcific Family
Designed by: Go Live HQ

Need to get the word out about a save the date, a new freebie, or your latest and greatest products?

Stick them right at eye level where they are sure to be spotted the moment your visitor opens the page!

This clever design by Go Live HQ keeps visitors informed with a rotating carousel of upcoming events right in the banner area!

Live site: Shhhowercap
Template family: Pacific family

Man, I love a good niche! And I can’t think of anything more nice than designer showercaps!

This small business’s DIY site is just as clever as it’s product, with hilariously honest site copy (A.K.A website words) that just connect.

Oh, and P.S. this pretty little site has since seen a facelift, so I’ll be sure to include the before and after for double the inspiration!



Live site: Play Hard Give Back
Template family: Pacific family
Designed by: Crowder Creative

Talk about brand awareness, this small snack business has their very own hashtag featured above the fold on the home page.

What a clever way to get some solid free marketing exposure on “The ‘Gram” when explorers and adventurers are out there snapping selfies with your purpose-fueled product!

And there’s no missing that big “SHOP NOW” call-to-action right there in the banner area, as well as in the main navigation.

Visitors will not be left wondering what they should do next!

Live site: Natalie Jones Designs
Template: Brine
Designed by: MY WOLF DESIGN

Ok minimalists! Here’s the perfect Pin for your web design inspiration board!

I love the bold, editorial feel of the uppercase heading fonts, mixed with a more subdued fuss-free font for their navigation.

This design screams “high end interiors” and it’s overlapping images and background elements look like modern artwork hung on a crisp white wall!

Besides their portfolio in the main navigation, My Wolf Designs also built in a little featured work section that visitors can’t help but click on.

Live site: Freemans Restaurant
Template family: Pacific family

When you’re designing a website, it’s important to think about what your visitor will most likely be looking for on your site, and then find a way to include those things very clearly, either in main navigation, or on the homepage itself!

Take a restaurant for example…

If someone is visiting their site, they probably came in search of two things:

1. Their hours (Are you open RN??)

2. Their menu (Do you have the thing I’m craving?)

Unless they are calling to make a reservation, they don’t want to have to call to find that info out!

And Freemans restaurant’s DIY design lets me know they “get it.”

You’ll find both of those things, along with a phone number, and map button, smack dab in the center of their home page.

Live site: Loona
Template: Brine
Designed By: Wilson & ward

We’ve been seeing lots and lots of long-scrolling designs created using Brine family templates, but Wilson & Ward are here to show you that website design is not one-size fits all!

Someones a one-click, zero-scroll website creates a better user experience (and helps you stand out from your competition who are no doubt just plugging their content into the templates demo pages!)

So for a totally unique and refreshing design, check out this Lebanese restaurant’s website!

(And peep that cool main navigation and logo placement! So long as users don’t have to scroll to see it, I’m down!)

Home Page

Menu Page

Live site: Kimbritive
Template: Brine
Designed by: Revamp Design Studio

Ok, so you would not know that this website was designed using the same template as the one just above, right?

It just goes to show you that the myth that “every Squarespace website looks the same” is totes bologna!

You could not have two more completely different websites and yet each one is exactly perfect for what it is trying to achieve and the audience it trying to reach!

Ok, now that we’ve got that bit of myth-busting out of the way, can we please admire how gorgeous and just downright lovely this design by Revamp Design Studio is!!?

Live site: GLo Media
Template family: Brine
Designed By: Vanessa Bucceri Creative

How sweet is this site by Vanessa Bucceri Creative with it’s brush stroke textures!

I’m loving how the split navigation and the blue hues in her background work together to make that chic little logo pop!

A super warm and artsy vibe for this boutique Vancouver PR & Digital Marketing agency!

Live site: The Farm at Dover
Template family: Pacific family

This picturesque little venue in Wisconsin needed an online home to show off the space to hopeful brides-to-be.

So they got to work DIY-ing their own site!

Here’s what I love…

Every single question a couple might have about the space has been answered! From pricing, to availability, to a preferred vendor list (A.K.A who they’ve worked closely with in the past to make sure the big day goes off without a hitch!) right down to cute little hand-drawn floorplans and site maps to help you visualize where you’ll be saying your I do’s.

Oh, and they’ve made clever use of some jump-to anchor links to make a one-page website, but still have all the navigation links lead to the correct spot on the page!

More on how to create jump-to anchor links here if ya need!

Live site: t. Loft
Template family: Pacific family
Designed by: Hello Big Idea

This clean eats health cafe had help from Hello Big Idea for designing this awesome site!

Just like their ingredients, this design is super clean and fresh!

It’s been a while since I first took this snapshot of their site, but it looks like they’ve now incorporated a way to be ordering online making it super easy for people to give them their money!

They’ve even thrown in a little fitness/meal planner freebie CTA right there under their banner to get people to subscribe to their newsletter and grow their email list.



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