If you’re currently stuck trying to decide on which Squarespace plan is best for you, here’s a video showing you the exact differences between each plan.

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Oh, I get asked a lot about which Squarespace plan you should choose. Which one makes the most sense depending what you need? And so I want to go through the different plans with you today and show you exactly which one makes the most sense for you based off a few things.

So I’m also going to show you in the back end of my Squarespace website what some of these specific things are. If you’re just going through the list, you might not know. For example, what is a mobile information bar? What’s an announcement bar? All these types of things.

I’m going to show you as much of this as I can and which I use my own website to show you what the differences between the different plans and help you choose the right one for you.

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Let’s get started and go through the plans. So the personal plan includes all these bits that we see down here. So basically all you need for a beautiful, simple website.

Now I’m sure you’re wondering, how do I know if I need basic or if I need the business plan? So let me go through that…the differences between the two plans. So the first thing that’s different is with the personal plan you’re limited to two contributors. That means two people who have accounts can log into the website do updates and edits. If you have a business plan then you have unlimited contributors. So if there are many people within your organization that would be working on this website, this one has unlimited contributors.

You also get a special email from Google for the first year for free with the business plan if you pay annually. So it would be like example@yourwebsitename.com. So one, it looks super professional and two, I actually use GSuite myself and I love it. Oh, and I have my email through this and I also have Google Drive, Google Hangouts Google Voice…all those things so very, very useful.

Promotional pop-ups… I’m sure you know what that is but I’ll show you what actually looks like in the back end. So marketing and promotional pop-ups…So this is the pop up that I have my website right now. So I have a full screen pop up you can choose. However, you don’t need a full-screen and you can change the layout here and then choose whichever type of pop up that you want. So that is available on the business plan, but not on the personal plan.

Integrated e-commerce basically means you can sell things through your website… that could be physical things, digital goods, services, and accept donations. So there’s no limit on the number of products that you can sell. But the one thing to know is that Squarespace will take a three percent transaction fee. See, so automatically anytime you take online payments, you’re going to be charged 2.9% from the payment processing system, like PayPal or Stripe. When it comes to the business website plan you’ll also going to be charged on top of that, 3% from Squarespace. So I did a little bit of math. And so the difference between the business plan and the online store basic plan is $8 a month. And with the basic online store plan, you do not have the 3% transaction fee. So the break even point of which makes sense to go up to the basic plan for online stores is if you sell more than $267 worth of things through your site every month. That’s a point at which it would cost you more to be on this one than it would cost you to be on the online store basic plan. So that’s one thing to note. The online store basic Plan does have some other features, which we’ll go through in a second, but that’s the definite cut-off if you’re selling more than $267 a month through your website.

You can change between these plans at any time, by the way, which makes it really easy. So if you start with this one because you’re only selling fifty dollars per month and all of the sudden start doing really well, then you can always change.

Mobile information bar… to show you that on my website. So that is available on the business website plan. It’s in settings and then mobile information bar. I’m gonna turn it on and then you can put in whatever you prefer. And then this little bar pops up in the bottom of your website. You can see on the bottom here we have the most important details which people on a mobile phone might want to get to really quick. If they’re coming in to see you, they might want to know your hours or give you a phone call, know your location, something like that, so you can put these important items right at the bottom for anyone who was visiting your site on mobile. So that is what a mobile information part is.

Now as we go down, so complete customization through CSS and JavaScript. So in Squarespace you have the sight styles options, which is a ton of options to customize everything on the look of your website. So you could do a lot through the site styles. Truly, there are so many options… change the colors, the fonts the spacing…everything.

But sometimes you might find that there was something that you want to customize more than what Squarespace allows you to. For example, I’ll show you on my website. So I have my footer of my website which is this here, this here, and my Instagram block is down here. In the site styles you have the option of making it like whatever color you want. But I actually wanted the top section to be a different color than the bottom section because I really wanted this to stand out. So, I used custom CSS to change the colors to sort of split the colors within the footer. That is an example of situation where you might want to use custom CSS. I do have a blog post, which I give the code for doing that if you want it. But anyway, so that is what custom CSS and Javascript is. So, if anything like that is important to you then the business plan makes sense.

Premium blocks, integrations…I used some of these on my website, so I can show you some of them. So things like Open Table, that is, if you’re a restaurant and you want people to be able to go on your website and the book reservations. ChowNow, apparently is, something that you order food through. You can also showcase your menu.

Then there’s a few other ones. Another one is the client scheduling tool called Acuity. I use this a lot in my business, and I really like it.. Acuity is an app, which allows people to schedule stuff into your calendar automatically. So here’s an example of the acuity block on my website. So when I invite podcast guest on, I basically go into Acuity and put in my availability. And then I just send this page to my podcast guest, and then they go and schedule in a time to be on the podcast. And sothis integrates with my calendar. So if I have a dentist appointment in the middle of these times or something like that in my calendar, it won’t show that as an option to people. And so it’s super convenient.

If you want to book consultation calls, schedule podcast, you’re some sort of like a venue, like a wedding venue and you want couples to come and tour your venue…these are all really good uses of the Acuity block. And when you use Squarespace, you get the first level plan of Acuity for free.

And then Mailchimp is email marketing service. So basically, if you want to collect email addresses and then send marketing materials that is what Mailchimp is.

And then Amazon, you know, Amazon. I’m sure you could basically take Amazon products and then put them on your website.

The announcement Bar is the black bit up here. If you have something, I don’t know if you have a sale or you’re doing free shipping for the weekend or you just want to bring notice to a new product or service or some sort of opt-in gift that you have, then the announcement bar is a really good way to do it. It appears on every page your website. So it’s really great for announcing sales and important things like that.

So that is the difference between the business and personal plan. If any of these things in this list to the right here seem important to you, then you’ll want to go with the business plan.

And then when it comes to online stores, if you’re selling things then we want to go over here to the basic and advanced e commerce online stores options. So let me see differences here. No transaction fees as opposed to the 3%fee on the business plan. Then we get into commerce metrics. With any Squarespace plan, you get metrics, but this will give you more specific metrics related to your e-commerce online store, like, inventory orders, tax and coupons.

Label printing via ship station. You can print all your labels from it. I’ve actually never used to be honest. Accounting via Xero. Checkout on your domain. So on the regular plans, the checkout page isn’t in Squarespace—it’s hosted somewhere else. So if you would like the checkout page to still be on Squarespace, you need the commerce plans.

Customer accounts… So if you want people to be able toe log in, save their details have their credit card, etc…this is an option.

And if you want to link your products on Instagram. So if you go on Instagram and you post your beautiful new slippers or something, you can link that back to your website to that specific product page, which is useful as well.

So those are all options that are available for you on the online store basic plan and then the difference between the online for Basic Plan and Advanced plan is… Let’s see subscriptions. So if you want to do those monthly box or quarterly boxes or whatever you want or any other type of subscription, maybe some sort of like clever membership or a book club, that is what subscriptions are. So it’s automatically charging the customer repeatedly.

Abandoned car recovery is generally very useful. So this is something that happens frequently with online stores is people put something in the cart but don’t end up buying it. This feature allows you to automatically send an e mail being like, Hey, you left this thing in your cart, here’s a discount”. Very useful.

Advanced shipping. What this does is it will calculate the shipping rates automatically for you. So instead of you having, you know, guess what the average shipping cost is, this will automatically calculate it based on zip code. So that’s very useful.

More flexible discount options. People can also purchase gift cards on your website and then use them on your website.

So that is the difference between all of the plans. Again, you can get 10% off your Squarespace plan by using the code “PAIGE10” at checkout.

I hope that video was helpful for you!

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