Wanna know what the most searched thing in my blogs search bar is? SEO.

I know y’all want me to talk about Squarespace SEO on this blog and I’ve honestly tried bringing myself to do so on manyyyy occasions, but I admit, writing about SEO bores me to tears, so I just never write the posts.

So instead, to satisfy your Squarespace SEO info craving, I decided to round up the best posts around the interwebs on Squarespace SEO from people I know to be experts on the topic.

So, if you really want to up-level your Squarespace SEO game, here’s the best info available on the topic.

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10 must-read Squarespace SEO posts from the experts

1. What Squarespace does for SEO

By: Squarespace

First, take a read of this post by Squarespace themselves, Squarespace does a LOT of stuff ‘right out of the (digital) box’ which needs to be manually done in WordPress. A lot of people feel like they need to be going through some crazy long checklist or adding a plugin and playing around with some plugin settings to up their SEO. To be honest, Squarespace takes care of a lot of it for you. So again, start with this post on what’s done for you.

2. The Truth About Squarespace SEO

By: Elle and Company Design

3. 3 silly myths about Squarespace SEO

By: Nesha Woolery

Then, I’d just like to help quash some SEO common misconceptions, so these posts are fabulous for sorting out what’s actually a fact about Squarespace SEO. There is a ton of completely nonsense info out there on the topic, so these two posts will help you learn what’s really up.


By: Charlotte O’Hara

Want the step by step checklist for alllllll the Squarespace SEO settings you can optimize on your site? This post kills it, it’s super thorough and highly worth a read.

5. The Ultimate Guide To Easy Squarespace SEO

By: It’s The Now

This post also gets into a few more Squarespace settings things (specifically, submitting your site to Google for indexing.) Supa important.

6. How to optimize your Squarespace blog posts for SEO

By: Big Cat Creative Co

7. How to Create SEO-Rich Content

By: Elle and Company Design

A lot of people still think that blogging is about putting useless journal-like info online such as what you fed your cat for breakfast or 32 gorgeous photos from your vacation to Thailand. Not so friends, not so.

Blogging is going to make a freaking massive difference to your ability to rank for your chosen keywords, so if you’re serious about improving your SEO, I suggest you get on the blogging train ASAP. If you’re going to be blogging, these posts are must-reads for all the things you need to know to optimize your posts for SEO.

8. How to Name Photos for Increased SEO in Squarespace

By: Charlotte O’Hara

Photo naming is sooooo often forgotten about and is another one of those quick and easy and very efficient methods of telling Google what your content and therefore your website is all about. This video tutorial will walk you through how to name those photos correctly. And yep – you’ll want to name every photo on your site.

9. Do These 7 Things to Instantly Improve Squarespace SEO

By: Charlotte O’Hara

This post is less about tweaking settings (which will only get you so far) and instead dives deep into really practical info on how to modify your content and site focus as a whole to improve your SEO. This is not a quick-fix strategy, but more high-level stuff that will make a big difference.

10. Benefits of Backlinks for Squarespace SEO

By: Charlotte O’Hara

Don’t take the fact that this is the last post in the list to mean that the posts topic, backlinks, are unimportant. Backlinks are the lifeblood of SEO and are absolutely vital to getting your site on page 1.

Getting backlinks to your site is a much more long-term game. It’s the very opposite of quick and easy, but it’s also going to make a much more significant dent in your ability to rank well, as opposed to just tweaking your URL structure or compressing an image file size.

Backlinks are SEO gold. You want backlinks.

and for General SEO Knowledge…

Okay, and I have two other resources I also want to share cause I think they’ll really help you get a legitimate grasp on the whole SEO thing.

Moz is one of the most legit and trusted companies when it comes to all things SEO. It doesn’t give Squarespace-specific info, but it does give really quality content. So the posts above will definitely help you with the Squarespace-specific stuff, but the content from Moz is the best of the best for general SEO knowledge. Once you go through the Moz content, you’ll really have a super comprehensive overview of SEO.

I suggest either going through this Beginners Guide To SEO post series, or this free Skillshare class Introduction to SEO: Tactics and Strategy for Entrepreneurs.

I hope that helped satisfy your Squarespace SEO cravings!

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10 must-read Squarespace SEO posts from the experts