I have two tricks to share with you today which are quick & super easy to implement that will help out in the SEO department!

You heard that right; quick, easy & helps SEO! Not bad, eh?

I’ll take some extra Google juice for something I can do in under a minute! You too? Okay great. Here’s my two tricks.

The internet world released two updates which will help you out in Google rankings. First I’ll explain what they are, and then how you can set them up (in under a minute).

The first update is ‘Accelerated Mobile Pages’ (or AMP).

Accelerated Mobile Pages, creates lightweight versions of web pages to help them load faster on a mobile device. While AMP is not officially a ‘ranking signal,’ the speed at which your website loads on a mobile phone does matter in mobile search results.

So if you enable AMP, your website loads quicker, and therefore because of your website loading quicker, you rank higher.

So in a roundabout sort of way, AMP does affect your Google rank. (Keep in mind, on Squarespace AMP only applies to blog posts, not to all pages on your website).

The second thing Google is taking into account is HTTPS (source).

Know how every website you visit has a http://www.websitename.com? The new version is https://www.websitename.com. That added ‘s’ after the http indicates a secure website.

Google likes secure, so they’re giving a bump to all sites that switch their website over to the new secure https.

Alright, so now we know what AMP & HTTPS are, let’s look at updating our sites with them.

Good news for Squarespace users, changing over to Accelerated Mobile Pages and HTTPS is dead easy.

First, login to your Squarespace website.

  • To set up AMP visit settings > blogging & click ‘AMP enabled’

  • To set up HTTPS visit settings > website > security & SSL & under ‘security preferences’ select ‘secure (preferred).’

1 minute to a better working and ranking website! Easy, right?

While there are definitely other aspects of Search Engine Optimization which make a larger impact on your Google rank, these are super quick & easy to enable on Squarespace, so my thoughts are you may as well really.

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2 Squarespace SEO tricks you can complete in under 1 min