After hours/days/weeks of intense Googling, you’ve finally narrowed down your options for which platform to build your website on and you’re sticking with Squarespace!

Good choice!

But the decision making doesn’t quiteeee end there.

Now you have to:

A) Decide on a template

B) Build a site that matches your brand, reaches who you want to reach, and is actually set up to convert clicks into customers & clients.

No pressure, right?

Feeling a bit stuck for where to start?

Orrrr maybe you’re having a hard time unseeing the demo content your template came with and your site is winding up looking just like…well, the template!

Whether you’re DIY’ing your first site, or you’re a pro designer tackling yet another client project, sometimes we all just need a little inspiration to get those creative juices flowing!

Enter: the top Squarespace website example & Squarespace template design inspiration series!

I’ve scoured the web for the best in Squarespace service-based business site design, and compiled them here.

Oh, and you’ll probs start to notice a bit of a theme…and that is that pretty much every Squarespace 7.0 site featured here was built using a Brine family template.


Because it’s the best (and here’s why).

As you’ll see from the examples in this post, there is really no limit to how you can customize your Brine Family template.

It’s the most flexible, and gives you access to the most features and functionality of any template in the Squarespace 7.0 shop.

Here’s a little Squarespace Template Comparison Chart so you can see just what the heck I’m talking about when I talk flexibility and features, as well as a list of the templates that are included in the Brine family.

But what about if you’re designing on Squarespace 7.1?

Which template should you pick then?

Good news! The templates in version 7.1 of the platform are actually just prebuilt demos/ideas, not actually different types of templates. They are all built using the exact same “master template” or “template family” meaning it literally makes no difference which you pick.

The only reason to pick one over the other is really just because makes a more convenient starting point for your site goals. But in the end, you can acheive the exact same, look, features, and functionality on every last one of them, unlike in 7.0.

In my Square Secrets Course (which covers 7.0 AND 7.1) one the first things I recommend to students is actually to delete out all the template demo content and start from scratch to make something truly unicorn-level unique!

New to Squarespace?

You can sign up for a free trial of Squarespace here and I also got ya a little off the price, use code PAIGE10 for 10% off your first year. (Yes, that’s an affiliate link!)


Live site: Wonder Travel Studio
Template: Designed on Squarespace 7.1

Past Square Secrets & Square Secrets Business student Serena DIY’d this jaw dropping site to shout out about her luxury travel planning biz!

Seeing this gorgeous site come to life, with it’s stunning video banner, and super clear call-to-actions (that map section tho ) is definitely making for a very proud teacher moment!

Live site: Delina Medhin
Template: Brine family
Designed by: Golden Launch Creative

This next site is oh so glamorous! And do you know what I love about it most?

Delina’s photos are everywhere!

So many super talented business owners hide away in a tiny, grainy photo in a dark corner near the bottom of their about page! Orrr decide to skip including a photo of themselves at all!

I totally get it!

When you started your business, you may not have signed up to be in the front of the camera, but when you’re service-based and will be working closely with the client, they will be a lot more at ease about the decision to work with you if they can at least put a face to the name!

And since her site is all about Makeup Artistry, the photos clearly show potential clients that she knows what she’s doing!

For more on why brand photography matters, along with a few other tips for putting more of “YOU” into your website, check out: How to use your about page to win more clients.

(The tips I share there apply to more than just your about page, btw!)

Live site: Studio 1049
Template: Brine Family

This serene little design was DIY’d by past Square Secrets student Bethany to showcase her services in interior styling & design!

She’s done a beautiful job of making sure the colors and tones in her imagery are cohesive with her branding and color palette choices!

I love how the little rotating “services” carousel partway down the page makes for a more interactive experience for visitors!

Rather than scrolling past long blocks of text, her potential clients can really stop and consider each package she offers before clicking on to the next!

Live site: Authentic Audience
Template: Brine Family
Designed By: M Line Studio

This playful design by M Line Studio was designed for a creative digital marketing agency.

The design is overflowing with unique custom-branded elements, and the artsy brush stroke backgrounds set it apart from the clean lined designs that come with most Squarespace templates.

And how about that can’t-miss-it freebie opt-in gift just below the fold?

As well as a handful of other ways to opt in as you scroll…and that’s just the home page!

This is not just another pretty website.

It’s also a list-building, subscriber-winning machine!

Live site: The Traveling Bride
Template: Brine Family
Designed by: 23 & 9 Creative

This design by 23 & 9 Creative is actually making me second guess my wedding plans!

The beachy palette and polaroid photo mockups just scream memorable and adventurous destination wedding!

Besides being ridiculously pleasing visually this design for The Travelling Bride absolutely nails the tagline in the banner of the homepage!

What’s a tagline? It’s the quick little hook or blurb at the top of a page that lets visitors know exactly who you are, what you do, who you serve and what makes you different!

For more on creating a killer tagline, check out: How to make sure your Squarespace website is set up to convert.

Live site: Dakota Design Company
Template: Designed in Squarespace 7.1

This next site (DIY’d design by past Square Secrets student, Katie) is nothing short of light & airy goals!

But what I really wanted you to see is actually her blog page!


Because she’s killing it with content marketing.

(A.K.A consistently creating valuable content on her niche topic that both serves her ideal audience and helps her rank higher in a Google search for her industry keywords!)

So by answering all the questions someone might be Googling about her industry, she’s establishing herself as an authority and and expert on the topic!

Also it doesn’t hurt that her sight is super dreamy design-wise. ‍♀️

Worried about giving away your expertise and sharing industry secrets for free?

Check out:

Not sure what to blog, vlog, podcast, or post about?

Give this a read! 100 blog post & content ideas to increase organic traffic to your site

Live site: Northpoint Eye Studio
Template: Brine Family
Designed by: Meg Summerfield

If you’ve followed along in the Squarespace site example & Template Inspiration series, you’ll know that I’m a big fan of Squarespacer Meg Summerfield’s work!

And this funky little design for Northpoint Eye Studio is no exception!

Why this site works:

  • Crisp, professional imagery

  • An invite to shop happening right below the fold

  • Bold, custom-branded icons to draw attention to where they want you to click next

  • Bright, stand-out client testimonial section

  • Using fun textures to add interest where a photo background might feel too busy or corporate looking

Live site: Alice Writes Copy
Template: Brine Family

Past Square Secrets & Square Secrets Business student Alice is making waves with this DIY’d site design for her copywriting and web design business!

I love her creative use of backgrounds to make it feel like one section is flowing right into the next, leaving the perfect amount of “white space” or blank space around her content so the eye never gets overwhelmed!

If you were every worried that all Squarespace sites come out looking the same, I think this site is proof enough that that’s not the case!

(Yup! Even though this uses exactly the same template as pretty much every other site in this post.)

Live site: JK Interiors
Template: Designed on Squarespace 7.1
Designed by: Unknown

And now we are bringing it back to a slightly more classic website feel with this custom online home built for JK interiors!

Super clear, minimal main navigation makes this website a breeze for visitors to quickly find what they came in search of.

And the design sketches paired with the finished portfolio pieces are a nice touch that encourages potential clients to dream of their own space’s transformation if they were to work with you!

And you’ll never hear me complain about high contrast buttons for directing visitors exactly where you want them to go next on your site!

Live site: Charuk Studios
Template: Brine Family
Designed by: STINA FAYE

This dreamy little design is the perfect match for this upbeat yet chic branding studio!

From it’s custom-branded floral elements, to the super girly color palette, there’s no having to wonder and guess at who this site is set up to attract!

Wondering how to match up your site’s vibe to the types of clients & projects you’re just dying to work with?

Check out this post: Do this one thing to ensure your website will appeal to your ideal clients.

Live site: Auto Medics LLC
Template: Brine Family
Designed by: TAP HOUSE MEDIA

Speaking of attracting ideal customers, check out this masculine design by Tap House Media for the Auto+Medics!

Again, same exact template family as the super girly site above, yet the two sites could not be any more different!

Just goes to show you how important things like color choices, font choices, and imagery are to setting the tone for your online home!

But the real reason this site made the Squarespace inspiration cut is that services section!

Yes, they have a link to their services in their main navigation, but they’ve used their custom icons to make their most popular services known right there on their home page!

This is a fabulous idea for any industry, and there’s no end to the style and type of icons you could use to keep things on brand for your own site/industry and make your services easier to spot or book!

Need a little help getting started?

Check out my video tutorial here: How I create custom, branded icons in under 1 min.

Live site: Jennifer Kizzee
Template: Brine Family
Designed by: SquareCode HQ

Squarespace knows how important it is for you to have a site that is as unique as your biz, and so there are endless creative ways to use the platform’s built-in design features to make your custom website design dreams come true.

(My Square Secrets Course teaches that very thing!)

But just like any platform, it does have it’s limitations!

Well, Squarecode HQ has lived up to their name here by using a little custom CSS and to make magic happen!

They’ve coded in some super stylish vertical social links, as well as added thin borders to a few of their blocks to create the appearance of horizontal lines!

If you’re looking for a few free copy-and-paste snippets to use on your own site, as well as a beginner’s guide to getting started with CSS, check out my recent Squarespace CSS series!

Live site: Coccola Beauty
Template: Brine family
Designed by: My Wolf Design

I love all the overlapping elements of this design using both background images and image blocks in a section. to create the illusion of multiple layers!

Color blocking is a great way to work in your brand’s colors without making things feel too busy, or distracting from the more important things on your site like your “Book Now!” buttons!

Live site: Elana Designs
Template: Brine Family
Designed by: jg digital

Once again we have a site that is intentionally designed to impress one person and one person only.

Elena’s exact ideal client!

She’s even matched her section backgrounds to the interior finishes her dream client is most likely to be requesting in their home!

Her page layout mimics the design planning mood boards you just know her target audience has been busy pinning on Pinterest, and she’s kept things just as light and open feeling as the homes she’s styling.

Live site: A Perfect Plate
Template: Brine Family
Designed by: Knapsack Creative

This adorable site by Knapsack Creative reads just like a sales page. (In a good way!)

Right out the gate, you have the option to choose a meal service plan, but if you should happen to scroll by it, there’s another CTA right below that plays on the pain points and problems your potential customers are most likely to be facing.

That “sound familiar?” section does two things:

1) It lets potential customers know you get them.

2) It tells them who the service is for (and who the service is not for).

Oh, and since their service differs greatly from the meal delivery kits many homes are turning to, they’ve cleverly included a “How it works” (A.K.A an FAQ) page on their site, so that potential clients can make a decision without having to go digging for answers…

…and so that the team at Perfect Plate doesn’t have to spend hours a week in their inbox answering the same 5 questions on repeat!

Live site: Springs Realty
Template: Designed on Squarespace 7.1

Wondering how to turn your Squarespace website into a real-estate search engine like past Square Secrets Student Tyler of Springs Realty?

Or maybe you need some other functionality that isn’t natively offered on the platform.

Good news! Squarespace is compatible with thousands of apps and third party integrations across all industries that can be embedded into your site simply by copy-and-pasting a little snippet of code!

And there are new ones being designed and released on the daily!

Heads up!

In order to embed custom code on your site, you must be on the Squarespace Business Plan or higher!

Wondering which plan is right for you?

Check out: A guide to Squarespace plans & premium features.

Oh, and awesome use of social proof by including those ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ reviews straight from Google!

Live site: Urban Organyze
Template: Brine Family
Designed by: Delilah Creative

This design by Delilah Creative for New York Based Home Organization company is the perfect mix of clean lines, and playful styling.

Everything is neatly organized into clear sections, which would appeal to the potential client looking for a little less chaos.

The color choices and abundance of white space mimics the style of homes her dreamiest of clients would be living in, or would aspire to live in.

I love the super tidy thumbnail photo collage partway down the page in her “how can we work together?” section, and each one leads to super satisfying portfolio photos of spaces where everything is perfectly in it’s place.

Her copy makes great use of both emotional (ie. “feel proud of your home,” or “your stuff is stressing you out”) and SEO rich keywords (ie. “systematic, efficient”,” etc.)

Live site: Village Power
Template: Brine Family
Designed by: Hatch Labs

Need something a tad more corporate but still super styling?

This simple, clean, professional looking design was created by Hatch Labs for Village Power, a volunteer-based business that connects clean-energy producing home-owners with other home-owners in need of clean power!

Here’s why this design caught my eye: rather than a giant wall of text on their home page explaining “how it works,” they answer’s visitor’s most common questions with a simple little chart with illustrations!

People are superrrr visual, so the more you can show, rather than tell the more likely your message will actually reach your ideal clients & customers.

Live site: Lark Interiors
Template: Brine Family
Designed by: Delilah Creative

Delilah Creative has done it again!

This time with a super rich and bold design that is nothing like the ultra minimal sites we are used to seeing for interior design companies.

You can tell by the wallpaper and colors in the imagery that this company does not do bare white walls.

So neither should their website!

Live site: Effective People Group
Template: Brine Family
Designed by: Hatch Labs

Who said corporate has to be boring?

This site by Hatch labs for The Effective People group is the perfect balance of bright and clean-cut professional.

Besides the overall cohesive and clear design, the thing I really wanted to draw your attention to is that “What makes us different?” section.

Online business is no longer the wild frontier it once was. Anyone can slap together a website and get their business up and running online, so it’s getting harder and harder to stand out as industries become more and more saturated!

So it’s important to consider what makes you different and find a way to work it into everywhere you show up online!

Live site: A. Wooten Interiors
Template: Brine Family
Designed by: M Modern Web Design

Did I include this site just because it’s super easy on the eyes?


But it’s also got a lot more going for it than that!

Like that clutter free main navigation for example!

One of the biggest design no-no’s I see as I go about my day-to-day is a header full of not-super relevant or important links.

It’s hard, because when you’re the business owner, you think everything on your site is the most important! But if everything is important, nothing is right?

So you may very well have 100’s of pages live on your website, but only the most important (read: the ones that clearly support your top 1-2 goals for your site) should live in your main navigation.

The rest can be linked to from a button or pop-up, etc as they scroll down the page.

Oh, and in case you’re wondering, there’s a bit of CSS happening on this site to achieve that sleek banner image overlay look for the header!



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