Now that I’ve been running my online business for some time, word has gotten out to those who know me and the questions about starting a business have started rolling in.

Who knew that so many of my family and friends were also harboring dreams of starting up their own online business one day too? I cannot tell you just how all for it I am of others chasing their dreams, starting up their passion project and turning it into a legit business too!

I’ve built a life I’m rather pleased with, and my business is exactly the thing which enables this lifestyle. There is absolutely no way that any other job would enable me the level of freedom and income that my business does.

Not to mention, I chat with girls from the university about their corporate offices, and my lord . . . I would soooo not be down for that amount of daily nonsense.

I want my friends and family to be able to create their own business that they love in the way I have, and I want that for you too.

So, here’s what I tell them and I’m going to share it with you too.

Specifically, I’ll tell you about the situation and conversation I had with my boyfriend’s cousin, Karo.

Karo decided that she was going to make her dream of creating a product in the health and wellness area, specifically related to gut health, come to life. She was bursting at the seams with excitement telling me about her idea and was massively relieved that I didn’t tell her she was insane like most of her other family and friends did.

(Bonus tip: Straight up ignore those Negative Nancy’s. If someone rains on your parade, don’t continue sharing your idea with them, they’ll just make you question everything and ruin your drive.)

A few days later Karo was at a health and wellness conference and made a point to go chat with a few people who had similarly created their own product in the nutrition area.

She learned from them that when it came to selling their products, they had either built a following on social media or a blog, or they were personal trainers and therefore had a large number personal connections to sell their products to, or they had a hefty marketing budget.

Karo realized she had none of those 3 things; a following, personal connections to sell to, or a large marketing budget.

Working years at a real job to build a marketing budget or finding investors didn’t appeal to her. She also didn’t work in the industry and have direct access to consumers in which she wanted to launch her product.

She was left with the third option – build a following in her niche.

If something just clicked in your head and you just realized that you also don’t have any of those 3 things, then I’m going to give you the same advice I gave to her.

Start creating content yesterday.

The format you choose to create that content really doesn’t matter – it could be a blog, videos, podcast, etc.

The most important thing is that you consistently produce valuable content only in the niche you plan to launch your business in.

Basically, in order to gain a following you’ve got to give people a reason to follow you. Why should they follow you?

We all know that your Mom will follow you because she’s your Mom, but other than that you’ve got to give people a reason to give a damn. And people give a damn about themselves, not you.

When you provide valuable, helpful information which assists them in solving a problem, they’ll follow you.

And then, when you (and Karo) are finally ready to launch your products or services, you’ll have an audience built that trusts your advice and knows you well. Then, you can easily make sales and have a successful business right from the very start.

So if you’re sitting there dreaming of building a business one day in the near or distant future . . .  my suggestion is that today – yes today –

you start by creating valuable content around your topic of expertise!

Beginning to create content will help you make the first step to getting started, instead of pushing off the idea for ‘next month’ or ‘next year,’ which suddenly we turn around and 3 years later, our idea is still just that, an idea.

You’ll get your toes wet in the online business world and start gaining momentum.

Now, depending on the type of business or your niche, what format of content you choose to produce may vary. But, if any part of your new content creation strategy involves building a website – it’s your lucky day – because you just landed on a blog full of content that helps you build and launch your site.

Below I’ve compiled a few other posts to get you started with website-building. Hope that helps! And best of luck with the new endeavor – I can’t wait to see what you create!

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