So you and I both know that an online business is your down-the-road dream, but for whatever reason, you haven’t really gotten started yet.

Maybe you’re unsure if your business idea will actually work, or you’re taking the time right now to educate yourself on building an online business, or you’re stuck choosing between a few business ideas and haven’t quite nailed down one yet. Maybe you want to complete a certification or training program first, or maybe you haven’t quite nailed down either your ideal client or are still trying to fine-tune the details on the product or service you’ll eventually provide.

Regardless of why you haven’t started, there’s one thing you can and absolutely should start doing right now!

Yes, even before your perfect business idea is nailed down and before the business plan is written. (Do people even still write those? Either way …)

I’ll go into exactly what the thing is you need to starting doing right now in a moment, but before I do, I want to walk through what you can expect if you actually take action and get started on this.

You can expect to get feedback directly from your ideal customers to help you develop your product/service idea, so it actually fits what they will want, and sell better.

You can quickly make informed choices, because you have ideal customer’s feedback, so you spend less time, money and effort working on unimportant tasks or building something no one wants to buy.

You can build a following online, so that when your product/service does launch, you’re not launching to an empty room. But instead, when you launch, you can start serving others and making sales right away! You can actually have a successful launch, instead of hearing crickets.

Which of course also leads to confidence! When you successfully launch your product/service to the world and it gets sales right away, you’ll be encouraged you’re on the right path.

On the other hand, if you don’t have an audience built up to sell to really, then ‘launch’ to an empty room, expect to be pretty discouraged. It’s heart-breaking to be working on perfecting your product or service just to see if flop when you launch it.

Okay, so hopefully I’ve convinced you that this one step is veryyy worth taking.

Now it’s time to spill the beans on what it is.


Dreaming of starting an online business? Start creating content right now!

I’ve mentioned building up an audience a couple times here. An audience is the people you can speak with to learn more about their struggles and desires (which your business can then fulfill!)

(Yes, you really can speak with the audience you build up online, I’ve called up and chatted on the phone with many people who follow me online to do market research!)

Once you’ve chatted with your audience and perfectly tailored your product/service to them, that’s when you can then offer the opportunity to buy your thing.

But how do you get this magical audience?

Add some hashtags onto your Instagram posts? Comment in forums? Be helpful in Facebook groups? Have convos via Twitter? Meet up with people with similar interests IRL?

All of those are methods that could be used to build an audience, but to be honest, I don’t think any of them are really worth your time at the beginning.

(Yeah, seriously, I’m telling you that you don’t need to be posting to Insta like a madwoman right now! I hope that comes as a real relief to you!)

The best way to build an audience online?

You start creating useful content for your future ideal clients/customers!

In case your new to the business world, let me share a lesson I’ve learned while building a multi-six figure online brand over the past 3 years . . .

Content is the Queen B of the internet. (Which is obv better than any king .)

Content genuinely helps people. It helps your audience learn something new, be inspired, help them get over a specific hurdle or issue they were facing. It provides encouragement, and a path to achieve a goal.

Content is also the crack of the internet. People love that sh*t.

And let me ask you something else, what is everyone around you doing right now? Whether they should be working, or studying or having a conversation with the ones around them right now, regardless, they’re on their phones or laptops consuming content.

How many times in the past week have you consumed content?

Read an article about a topic that interests you.

Googled and found a solution to your query in a blog post or article.

Listened to a podcast while at the gym or watched a YouTube video when you should have been sleeping.

We’re online all the time, and what we’re all doing is consuming content on the topics that interest us.

And when you go to start an online business you also need to make the pivot from content consumer to content creator.


Because content is what people want.

They don’t care to follow your Instagram account because you beg them to, but they do care about finding an answer to their weight loss problem or the perfect way to clean their dogs teeth.

Think about what you’re doing RIGHT NOW as you read this article.

You’re interested in building an online business, and my business is focused on helping girls do just that. So what am I doing? I’m creating content that would be helpful to you, and you’re consuming it.

And if you think what I’ve put in this article is halfway interesting, you’re going to join the tribe and begin following along too.

And that is how you build an audience!

That is how you quit wasting time, making guesses at what people will want in your product/service and instead make one which fits them perfectly.

That is how you go from launching to an empty room to your inbox filling with ‘new sale’ notification emails the very day you launch.

Creating content is hands down the BEST way to build an audience online, and building an audience online that’s interested in your topic gives you the absolute best shot at your business being successful!

Now before I leave you, a quick word to the critical ones in the room…

Yes, even if you don’t have your exact ideal client determined or business idea figured out, it’s time to start creating content.

Do you know what helps you find the answers to these questions about ideal clients and business ideas? ACTION!

Sitting in paralysis, mulling over the same challenges and questions over and over again will only lead you to frustration, not revelations. You need to test your ideas and speak to your people. Not sit there debating on website colors for the 3rd day in a row.

So many would-be business owners make the mistake of keeping themselves stuck and waiting until it’s all 100% figured out before getting started.

Instead, get started. Once you post a few blogs or podcasts or videos, you might realize something you thought you had an interest in doing or offering really doesn’t suit you. Or that one of your pieces of content is the most popular, so you should double down on that topic, and maybe even offer a product/service related to it in the future.

None of these revelations will come to you however if you don’t get started making forward progress.

So, your first step in the online business building process?

Start creating that content (and therefore, attracting your people online) right away!

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