If you’ve been following along in my business these past few weeks, you’ve probably heard a lot of buzz surrounding the recent launch of my Square Secrets Course. You may even have received an email or two.

Missed it? Dang! Enrollment is officially closed, but you can always hop on that waitlist here to be notified next time it goes live!

Launch emails are nothing like your once weekly newsletter. Chances are, you are sending multiple emails over the course of just a few days or weeks to get the word out about your course or product.

They can be used to educate, overcome fears or objections, and even create a little scarcity by reminding recipients of any upcoming enrollment deadlines or special promo dates! (More on creating scarcity and other important things to know before you launch here)

Today I want to share with you a handy-dandy little hack you’re going to need to know if you ever plan to launch an online course or digital product.

But first, a little launch email etiquette, if you will.

Why should you let subscribers opt-out of your launch emails?

1. It’s required by law.

Pretty solid reason, wouldn’t you say?

And this isn’t just launch emails, btw. As of 2003, every email you send subscribers needs to contain a link in the footer for opting out of future emails. Yes, even that harmless weekly newsletter that they just knowingly signed up for. (More on staying compliant with anti-spam laws here).

2. You want to keep them on your email list.

So you gotta give subscribers an out. But does it have to be all or nothing?

What if someone truly looks forward to receiving your newsletters? (Someone other than your mom.)

What if they’ve waited all week long, knowing that today’s the day your life-transforming tips get delivered straight to their inbox?

It’s like Christmas!

They are die-hard fans through and through, but it could be that this particular product or course simply isn’t for them. No need to take it personally!

So how do you give those faithful followers a chance to stick around?

The key to avoid annoying subscribers right off your email list, is to use what ConvertKit (that’s an affiliate link, btw!) calls a custom unsubscribe link. This allows them to opt out of this particular series of product or course promo emails, without unsubscribing from your main list.

How to create a custom unsubscribe link for your launch emails.

1. Create AN Opt-out confirmation page

As an example, here is the page people would be directed to if they were to click the custom unsubscribe link in my most recent course launch emails. As you can see, it does not need to be anything super detailed or fancy.

Note: You will need to create a different landing page with a unique URL link for each type of email series or sequences you plan to allow them to opt out of.

2. CREATE a new Rule in Convertkit

Nobody likes rules…except when it comes to ConvertKit! These rules are what lets ConvertKit know who to tag, when to tag ‘em, and what to tag them with!

Ps. New to ConvertKit or in need of a little refresher? Here’s a post just for you!

To get started, from main navigation go to:

Automations > Rules > Add Rule

(Big red button. Can’t miss it.)

For the trigger, you’re going to want to select “Clicks a link”

For the action, select “Add tag”

For the trigger: Enter the unique URL for your opt-out confirmation page into your destination URL.

For the Action: Select “Create a new tag.” Or, if you’ve already set up your tag, use the dropdown to search and select it.

3. Link to Trigger URL in your Convertkit Broadcast

You’ve just finished drafting the first of your fabulous launch emails, and now it’s time to put your custom unsubscribe link for that launch to use!

To insert a link, highlight the word(s) you wish to link, then select the link icon in the ConvertKit editor toolbar.

To set up the link trigger, you will:

  • Enter the URL of your unique opt-out confirmation page

  • Check the box that says “Tag subscribers who click this link”

  • Enter the name of tag you created when setting up your new rule in ConvertKit.

  • Press “Insert”

You’re almost done! Anyone who clicks that link will be tagged with your opt-out tag for that specific launch!

Now comes the important part, which is actually remembering to exclude the people with that tag from future emails!

How to exclude subscribers with an opt-out tag from future emails

Create a new broadcast draft, and under the Recipients Tab:

  • Add a filter group

  • Select Matching: “All”

  • Add filter

  • Add “All subscribers”

  • Add a filter group

  • Select Matching: “None”

  • Add filter

  • Then from the drop downs, select:

    Subscribed To > Tags > Your Opt Out Tag

All that is left is to press send on your fabulous launch email annnd you’re done!

Remember to do this last step with each and every single launch email you send so those who chose to opt out (AKA miss out) will be not be bothered by future broadcasts!

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