So you’ve got something to sell, and would like to give your customers both the option to purchase it one time, or recurring subscription style on your Squaresapce site?

Can do friend!

I’m going to walk you through exactly how this is set up.

The Squarespace e-commerce system doesn’t have the ability to make subscription-style recurring sales, but MoonClerk, a 3rd party integration that works with Squaresapce does, so that’s what I’ll be showing you how to use.

When selling a product this way, you’ll sell your product for one time purchases through Squarespace, and your subscription-style purchases through MoonClerk.

While these are being sold through two different back end systems, I’ll show you how to fake a shop page that sells them both in the same ‘storefront’.

A recent client, Enlightening Souls, sold her Soul Power Nutrient Boost For Women product this way, so that’s the example I’ll be showing you throughout.

Here’s how it works!

Step 1.

Set up your product listing in Squarespace, as normal. Here’s an article walking you through this if you’re unfamiliar.

Step 2.

Set up your product in MoonClerk, and set all the details for subscription sales. Here’s an article walking you through this if you’re unfamiliar.

Step 3.

Next we need to fake our shop page. In the normal Squarespace Products page, you wouldn’t be able to add a product to the page not sold through Squarespace.

Since our subscription is being sold through MoonClerk, we can’t use the regular Squarespace Product page.

Create a new Page page in Squarespace. For the Enlightening Souls page, I called it ‘Shop’.

Step 4.

Add 2 image blocks of your products. I would suggest for your subscription option that you have an image of multiple of your product, to visually reinforce that it’s more than a one-time purchase.

Use text blocks above/below your image blocks, and write in the title of your products, indicating which is a one-time purchase and which is a subscription purchase. Write in the price in your text block as well.

Add in button blocks with a call to action along the lines of ‘Buy Now’ or ‘Buy Subscription.’

Step 5.

Grab the links of your products.

To find the link to your Squarespace product visit Commerce > Inventory > Your desired product > Options. Copy the link.

To find the link in MoonClerk visit Forms > Your desired form > Use > Send Link. Copy the link.

Step 6.

Link the blocks (image, text & button) to the respective purchase link.

Now, on the front end, on your faked shop page, it looks like both of your items are within the same shop, but really you’re selling them through two different back end systems.

Not too hard, right?

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