I just finished up one longggg drive back from Iowa where I was attending the Camp Climb conference!

Something super unique about this conference is that the attendees are split up into their stage of business.

There’s ‘base’ campers who are either just getting started or are in the very beginning phases of building a business. Then there’s the ‘tent’ campers who definitely have a business started but are really looking for more growth. Then there’s the ‘peak’ campers who have well established businesses.

As I was hanging out with the Peak campers, we held a little impromptu mastermind in the cabin one night, and I noticed a very, very consistent theme.

When talking about their past or present work, they all said one very specific thing.

‘I have/had absolutely no clue what I was doing’

And I think that really means something.

All successful business owners didn’t let a lack of experience, knowledge or skill stop them from doing something necessary in their business.

They found a way.

They educated themselves.

They talked to those more knowledgable in a field than themselves.

They Googled, and when page 1 didn’t give them they info they needed, they took the (extremely unusual) route of wandering onto page 2, 3 or 4.

They Pinterested.

They listened to podcasts.

They scoured YouTube.

They didn’t give up until they found a solution.

They moved mountains to make their dream happen.

If you’re one of those determined, go-getters who won’t take no for an answer, then I have good news, you friend will be successful.

Persistence is key to success.

When the going gets tough, the successful business owners dig deeper and push harder.

They get uncomfortable in a field completely new to them. They think outside the box.

So the next time you come up against a new task or challenge in your business where you’re completely outside your wheelhouse of genius, keep going and your business will thrive!

Know that all the successful entrepreneurs that you look up to don’t let a lack of knowledge or experience stop them from bringing their wild dreams to life.

Yeah, you might feel like a fraud. Many of the successful business owners preached ‘fake it till you make it’.

And that’s the encouragement I want to leave you with today.

You don’t need to know how to do everything, where the end of the road will lead or how the heck you’re going to get from step 7 – 8. Just focus on working through step 1 where you’re at right now and keep going.

Move mountains friend!

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