I have a serious question for you RN… Who do you follow online?

Who are the business owners you follow on Instagram or watch on YouTube or go to their website consistently or are stoked to see when their email lands in your inbox?

Legit, take a moment to make a mental or physical note of those people.

If you can list like 5 that’s ideal.

Now… I bet you there’s one thing they all have in common.

… Have any ideas what it could be?

There’s a reason you follow these people!

There’s a reason you’re excited to hear from these people!

There’s a reason you know, like, trust and therefore buy from these people!

… Do you know what it is?

It’s because they post genuinely helpful, free content consistently.

Let’s be real, if I didn’t post free content on this blog, how the heck would you ever know about me? How would you have found me?

If I didn’t write on this blog, I’d just be a girl living in Europe who knows a lot about Squarespace and online business… But how would you meet me?

If you’re in the US right now like most of my audience, what are the chances we’re going to bump into each other while we’re on other sides of the Atlantic?

Take a moment to think about each one of the 5 business owners you thought about just a moment ago that you follow.

I’m guessing they’re doing one of the following, right?

  • Posting daily to Instagram or Insta stories

  • Sending emails maybe once a week

  • Publishing blog posts or YouTube videos or podcast episodes

All of these things count as content. It’s information they’re putting out into the world. They’re talking about a specific topic consistently.

And at some point, the rabbit hole of the internet brought you to them. They showed up in a search or your suggestions feed or a friend mentioned them to you.

But what if they didn’t post content?

Say you love interior design and are ready to give your apartment a makeover. There’s a company which sells cute city map prints. You’re looking for a city map, do a Google search, see a city map ad, head to the site you buy a map and you go on your way, never to head back to that website or brand again.

But what if they posted ideas on a blog of how to style them on your wall? Or how-to tutorials on how to frame them? Or home tours which used the city map prints in them?

THEN you might stick around, give them a follow on social or browse through their content, building your know-like-and-trust factor with that brand quite a bit.

You might get excited when you get an email from the company, because you know it’s going to be a fabulous home tour which gives you all the ideas for how to blend travel souvenirs and cute city maps into your home decor!

You get the idea.

Want to know the fact that really drove this point home for me?

I was at the Creative @ Heart conference and I took note of what seemed different to me about the ladies talking on stage and the women in the audience. I especially noticed this with Hope Taylor.

I’m not really into the photography world, but I learned quickly that Hope built a super successful photography business freaking crazy fast.

And what did I notice when I just went to her site? Brand new blog post followed by brand new blog post followed by a YouTube video, and more. The girl is a content machine.

And I found this consistently, when I went to the websites of all the other speakers, one thing stood out, frequent, quality content.

Yes, it’s possible to build a business without content.

But if you want to own an industry, take your business from meh-to-mammoth, grow a brand that’s truly taking over the world and become an expert, then great, consistent content is non-negotiable.

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