You spoke, I listened. Audience Survey 2018 results

you spoke i listened. 2018 audience survey results.png

Y'all, surveying is legit one of my fav things to do, it's so super intersting to me to learn about all these mysterious humans who are visiting my site and hanging out on my email list.

I've said it before and I'll say it again, I love creating content for y'all on the blog, but sometimes it feels like a one-sided conversation, so I'm always so happy to hear from you.

You all provided me such interesting and valuable insights in this survey, and I love getting to share back with you exactly what this community is like!

So I hope you enjoy browsing over these survey results as much as I do.

Oh and of course, a massive thank you to the few hundred of you who completed the survey. I really super appreciate your time and I'm very grateful you helped a gal out.

There are some definite changes I'll be making going forward based on these results, which I'll share with you at the end, so I if you completed the survey know that your voice was heard and I am absolutely listening!


Do you run a business?


How long have you been in business?


Do you prefer learning by ...


Are you a blogger?


Which types of my blog posts do you like best?


I'll be taking on 1 more content creation platform in 2018. Which would you like best?


How would you like to learn from me in 2018?


I run this business while traveling the world as a Digital Nomad (DN). Is learning about the DN lifestyle of interest to you?


How did you find the blog?


How often do you visit the site?


Which social platforms do you hang out on most?


"This year in my business my goal is to ..."

You gave many responses to this, but the top 5 were (in this order):

  • Increase sales/get new clients

  • Get started

  • Go full-time/quit 9-5 job

  • Book yourself out consistently

  • Launch a new website


"Any posts I'm not writing that you'd like to see in the future?"

Top 5 in order were ...

  • Keep doing what you're doing (thanks!)

  • How I get/find clients

  • More Squarespace

  • SEO

  • Personal updates


"Why do you follow the blog? What keeps you coming back?"

Top 5 in order were ...

  • Long blog posts/solid content

  • Squarespace posts

  • I’m personable, relatable, approachable (shucks, thanks!)

  • Easy to understand and actionable content

  • Plus a 3-way tie in 5th place for: the writing tone/voice, authenticity/honesty, me/my personality


"What would you like to see changed in the future?"

These suggestions were normally one-offs (only one person mentioned each). 

That's with the exception however of a decent number of you giving the same suggestion to better organize blog posts so it's easier to find old content. It's super helpful when I see a suggestion come in more than once because then I know it's something to really give serious consideration to. I think that's a fab suggestion and will absolutely take action on that!

Other suggestions were conflicting, one person asked for more emails, another asked for less.

Y'all mentioned wanting to see more of me and my location/life abroad. Someone else said to write less 'be like me' posts. 🙈 Awkward.

A couple of you asked for me to offer smaller packages, to offer a mastermind, and one guy asked me to stop saying 'gal' in emails.

I personally liked these two responses best:

"Seems like you’re kicking ass and takin’ names as it is"
"Get bigger. Make more money."

Workin' on it! 😂


What field/industry are you in?

Top 5 included

  • Web design

  • Graphic design/branding

  • Coaching/consulting

  • Photography

  • Social media/digital marketing

Many of you are in completely unrelated fields such as falconry in Scotland (soooo cool!) oil and gas, welding, money wellness, education, accounting, travel, agriculture, crafts, medicine, retail, painting, fine art, copywriting, fashion, videography, construction, furniture, virtual assistance, and legal, to name a few.


How I'll be implementing your feedback

I'm well into the process of cooking up ideas on how to implement your suggestions.

After reading your responses, I'm planning on redoing the site and completely overhauling the organization of the blog. My main focus at the moment is completing and launching my Square Secrets course, but after that, I'll definitely be putting time into rebuilding the site and the organization of the blog.

I'm also committed to starting on a new content creation platform after my course launches! I have a fun merger of your top suggestions I'm going to implement. So you'll see that in the coming months.

And of course in general I have so, so much of a better direction now on blog posts so I can be creating content that can help you achieve your goals based on your suggestions!

I admit, it's been tough to know what examples to give and what to focus on without knowing more about you all, so I'm super happy to know the important details like the industries you're in, how new/old you are to business and what your goals are for this coming year!

I decided that there isn't a great enough interest in the digital nomad aspect of my business, so I won't make that a primary focus, I'll just keep quick updates in my monthly recaps but likely won't go any further with that theme.

I'm also planning to launch an online shop with the goodies you mentioned you want, mini-classes and workbooks, checklists and content planners!

Lastly, I can't tell y'all just how happy I am that some of the primary reasons you keep coming back to the blog is because I feel personable, relatable and approachable as well as authentic and honest. Talk about the best compliment you could have given me! Thanks all!

Getting real online isn't actually the easiest thing in the world, but it's something I'm always striving for.

I can totally see why a blogger feeling authentic and honest is appealing, because let's be real, who likes people who have their nose stuck in the air talking about how great their life is all the time? And unfortunately, that seems to be the new normal online. Talk about depressing! It seems both you and I aren't into that, so I'm glad we have that in common.

So I promise to continue to ensure I keep it real, even though the norm online is to just make your life look Insta-perfect.


To polish off, as you've just heard, there are lots of exciting things happening around this business in 2018 and I'm so, so glad you're joining me for it!

Thank you again to all of you who took a few minutes to complete the survey, I'm excited to deliver on your suggestions in the coming months!