As you know, a few weeks back I completed my first studio reader survey and I’m oh-so-glad I did. I can’t tell you how helpful your responses have been to me determining where to steer this business next!

I had a rather head-smacking and hilarious revelation from tallying up the results of this survey, which I’m going to tell you all about in August’s business recap (you can see July’s business recap here).

The results you’ll find here are a mix of the responses from my time-bound reader survey, and my set-it-and-forget-it survey.

(More on those 2 types of surveys, why I had 2 types in the first place, and which I’m favouring for future use is in this post.)

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Let’s get straight into the results, shall we?

Do you Use Squarespace?

I must say, this one surprised me, I assumed it was mostly Squarespace user reading this blog, but now I realize it’s a real mix, it does make a lot of sense that people who are considering using Squarespace, and are doing some research on it before they make the leap are also reading.

Which best describes you?

This answer to this question is one that no amount of Google Analytics info will tell you, so this question came from a very personal curious place. More than half of you are either running a business full-time or side-hustling. How lovely, I’m so glad to be in the company of so many fellow business owners!

What’s the field of your blog or business?

This one had such a variety of responses, I basically learned that there’s no one big field reading this blog, your businesses and blogs really run a full range of fields.

I heard photography, florals, interior design, oil and gas consulting, psychotherapy, author, pet portraits, travel and language services, blogging, copywriting, fine art, virtual assistance, graphic design and marketing.

What is your biggest website struggle?

For this next bit, the part I was really most interested in, I asked you to write out an answer, instead of ticking a box.

I then divided responses into hyper responsive answers (those of you who gave me a good paragraph of info and thorough insight into your issue), medium responsiveness (you wrote a few lines detailing your issue), and minimum responsiveness (for the one-liner answers).

I learned from Ryan Levesque in his book Ask (one of my recommended reads for online business owners) to sort survey responses accordingly.

Why? When it comes to developing and selling products and services, the people who are really struggling and who are therefore the most likely to pay for your product or service to help them with a solution will go into intense detail about what they need help with in a survey.

The people who just write a one word answer or a one-liner likely aren’t at the point where their problem is significant enough that they’ll go out and buy something to fix it.

I basically just summarized a large part of that book in a couple sentences, so to really understand that thoroughly, I absolutely suggest reading the book.

So, while I still did tally up the minimum responsiveness answers, when it comes to developing new products and services, I’m really going to focus on producing something that helps my hyper-responsive folks.

All y’all minimum responsiveness people, no worries, I appreciate you completing the survey and I’ll keep the minimum responsiveness bits in mind for when I’m creating free blog and video content.

My hyper-responsive folks struggled most with (in order): Making their site look the way they want it to, picking a template, organizing and laying out their content, and integrating their business into their site.

My medium responsive people struggled most with (in order): Making their site look the way they want it to, picking a template, picking a platform (eg. Squarespace vs. WordPress), time to build site, and setting up 3rd party integrations.

My minimum responsive folks struggled most with (in order): Making their site look the way they want it to, figuring out where to start, time to build site, picking a template and organizing and laying out their content.

Interestingly, the hyper-responsive people don’t have issues with time, which makes sense as it of course took some time for them to write lengthly responses to the survey.

I also asked, if a magical website solution appeared, what format would you want it to come in? There was an opportunity to select all that you would prefer. Here were the responses.

Magical website solution appears. What’s your preferred format?

I have to say, I absolutely did not expect worksheets and checklists to kill it as they did. I had a feeling the go-at-your-own-pace course option would be a popular option however.

I did expect some of the less popular items to fare better, and that really changes some of the tentative plans I had in the works. I’m just glad I did the survey so I didn’t end up launching a bunch of stuff you don’t care for!

Why do you visit The Paige Studio? What keeps you coming back?

Here’s a few examples of your responses. They brought such a smile to my day!

You have an amazing blog and consistent message and focus. Your communications are relevant and interesting.”

I visit for business tips + squarespace hacks. Love your tone of voice/ writing style. Tips are easy to implement and digestible.”

I like that it looks clean, feminine, pleasant, and professional. I do like the homepage the most because I know already who you are and how you help your clients. Even if I do not click the other pages, I am sure that I would contact you if only I can afford you.”

I love your worksheets and checklists. I like your hacks and explanations on square space. Especially the design considerations that really an owner needs to think about first anyway.”

I love your Squarespace posts. I learn so much from them and it has been a huge help in getting me to a place with my site where I can at least use it as a starting point. Then I can hire you later when I have some income from my new biz.”

All of my current problems have some type of solution on this site. I like the freebies and all the useful information the site provides and shows a hint of what we could get in paying services.”

What can I do to make this site better for you? What don’t you like?

This one didn’t get all too many responses, but the few things I did hear was that it might be nice to see before and after photos of the sites I create (good idea!), more specific how to info on building a Squarespace site and Squarespace hacks. Then there was this one, my personal favorite:

“Your posts are already hugely helpful. The only thing I would want is if you can perform a miracle and make me able to design!”

Note taken. I’ll see what I can do about that!

I now know so much more about what you’re struggling with most, and the formats you most like to have your magical website solutions appear in, which really helps direct my decision making in what to create for you next!

Safe to say, I’d call Reader Survey 2017 a success!


You spoke, I listened. Audience Survey 2017 results