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Thinking of working with The Paige Studio? This is what you need to know

Getting your website deigned is both an exciting move forward for your business, and a big undertaking. 

Every web designer you meet will have a different process, turnaround timeline, prices, payment terms, design style, etc. The list goes on and on. Understandably, it can be a long process to find a designer who is the perfect fit.

When I chat with potential clients, there’s a common list of questions that come up. 

With every aspect of my design studio, I try to make the process as simple, and headache-free for clients as possible. 

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How I structure my week as an online entrepreneur

Want the back stage pass to my business organization and scheduling? Well here it is gal!

I've shared bits and pieces of my processes and what my week/day looks like before, but never gave the full run down and reasoning behind it all.

My current schedule and structure was one that took a while to nail down. In fact, I think it's safe to say that in my first two weeks full time, my business was a bit of a hot mess.

Not anymore! 

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Website content strategy, simplified

Ever been working on your website and thought to yourself ... 'hmm, wonder what the best way to arrange all of this content is?' 'What pages should be in my navigation, and which shouldn't?' 'Where should I place my opt-in gift so it's most effective?'

Website content strategy helps us with all of these questions. 

It helps give you a strategy for where everything on your website should go, and how to get visitors to navigate through your site in the way you want them to!

(*Ahem* That means getting those fine folks onto the pages which make you the dolla dolla bills!)

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4 pro blogger tactics to implement now

This year for the first time ConvertKit conducted a survey of bloggers, compiled the results and released a State of the Blogging Industry report. The report compiled the information of over 850 bloggers who fall into the professional bloggers category and the not-yet-professional bloggers category.

With the intention of learning from the very best in an industry, when reading the report I kept my sights on where the professional bloggers habits differed from the not-yet-pro bloggers. There were 5 major takeaways I found which I could directly apply to my blog, and apply them I have! (To ever-increasing success with my blog and business I might add!)

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What's the difference between WordPress & Squarespace?

Ah yes, the Squarespace vs. WordPress debate. Which is right for you?

In this post we're going to get into specifics of whats different between the two platforms so you decide exactly which fits you best. If you want the spark notes version, which you ultimately choose mostly boils down to 2 things:

Your tolerance level for technology problems, and how much of a stickler you are for control & customization.

Oh and budget, budget comes into play a little too.

So, in this post I'm going to walk you through where Squarespace and WordPress are different, so you can get a clear picture of what using each will be like. I know, you're currently (naively) assuming; "they both build websites, how different can they be?"

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How to minimize time spent on email, even when you're an online entrepreneur


Basically the running-your-own-business equivalent of a mosquito in your bedroom in the middle of summer. It's always present, but never welcome.

In fact, it's an ongoing nightmare at times.

If you find your email is sucking the life and time out of your day, then this post was written just for you.

Implement a few of these suggestions and I can guarantee you'll cut your time spent in your inbox, dramatically.

So, let's reclaim your freedom from your inbox already, shall we?

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4 things you must do before hiring a website designer

You’re looking into the possibility of working with a designer to bring your fab new site to life, congratulations! That’s a big step into the legit business world, I’m so happy for you!

The vast majority of my clients describe figuring out getting a new website as ‘overwhelming’. I know you have enough things on your Thanksgiving-sized plate already, so we’re going to break this down really easily.

I’m going to lay out a clear set of to do’s and questions to answer in order for you to get the site that’s right for your business.

Imma give you some tips, straight from the mouth of a web designer, on how to tackle this mountain, properly. There’s just 4 steps, that’s not too rough, right?

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3 ways to validate your ideal client avatar

Running your own business can be a roller coaster of emotions, and my recent highs and lows trying to define my ideal client avatar (a.k.a. ICA), (sometimes called an ideal client profile) is a prime example.

I joined Marie Forleo's B-School where we went deep with ICA's. (Full B-School review to come, keep an eye on the blog for that). I had already created an ICA previously so I felt 100% ready to roll with 'Victoria' (my old ICA) and fly through that part of the course.

Oh-hell-no was I wrong!

After a Mastermind call with fellow B-Schoolers I realized they knew significantly more about their ICA's than I did mine. They had dove more deeply into their ICA's feelings and thoughts on the world, which of course, affects buying preferences and decisions a whole lot more than their hair color does. (Unless you're selling hair dye of course, which unfortunately, I'm not). 

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