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6 website navigation best practice do's & don'ts

Ensuring your website is easy to navigate is well ... critical. Confusing our visitors is the last thing we want to do! There is a lot of incorrect ideas out there on the best way to go about setting up your website navigation. With almost every website design client I have, this is generally an area I need to do some educating on. What seems to be common sense, doesn't always tend to be correct.

So below I have 10 best practices tips you should follow when setting up your site navigation.

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Squarespace tags + categories: A complete guide

Squarespace tags and categories may be used in many creative ways to display your website content in a variety of layouts and designs.

'How do I properly use tags and categories?' is a frequent question I hear, so I thought a complete guide was needed. You'll find in the video below I go deep into all the many ways to use them, to solve some common Squarespace struggles.

If you're looking for a specific answer, here's the video jump-to points.

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