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65 must-read Squarespace tips + tutorials blog posts

If you're looking to find all the best articles written on Squarespace, I'm happy to report you need look no further.

I've rounded up 50 of the best posts discussing Squarespace, taking you all the way from choosing Squarespace, to how-to's on creating your website, to setting up a blog or e-commerce shop.

These articles come from some of the most knowledgable Squarespace bloggers - they know their stuff!

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Squarespace template comparison chart (updated for 2019)

When choosing a Squarespace template, it's massively handy to see all of their abilities side by side.

In an effort to help you pick the right Squarespace template for your project, my goal is to keep this Squarespace comparison chart the most up to date on the internet.

This table will always be updated within 7 days when new templates are released.

Pssst - below the table you'll find some of the best (free) resources on the web to help you get creating your Squarespace website!

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6 website navigation best practice do's & don'ts

Ensuring your website is easy to navigate is well ... critical. Confusing our visitors is the last thing we want to do! There is a lot of incorrect ideas out there on the best way to go about setting up your website navigation. With almost every website design client I have, this is generally an area I need to do some educating on. What seems to be common sense, doesn't always tend to be correct.

So below I have 10 best practices tips you should follow when setting up your site navigation.

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Squarespace tags + categories: A complete guide

Squarespace tags and categories may be used in many creative ways to display your website content in a variety of layouts and designs.

'How do I properly use tags and categories?' is a frequent question I hear, so I thought a complete guide was needed. You'll find in the video below I go deep into all the many ways to use them, to solve some common Squarespace struggles.

If you're looking for a specific answer, here's the video jump-to points.

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