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January 2018 recap: moving to Bali & creating my first course!

I'm back with another edition of monthly recaps, the posts where I take you behind the scenes of the studio, and show you what I've been scheming up, as well as the successes and the failures (*ahem - lessons learned*).

Let me just say holy guacamole y'all, January has been a freaking month! I can't wait to share what I've been up to! I've been hopping time zones and countries like crazy and trying to fit work in wherever I can. I admit, it hasn't been my most productive month ever, but it's been a ride to say the least.

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8 things I'm NOT doing in 2018 (#2 is unheard of for an online business)

Everyone has made their list of the zillion things they want to do and accomplish in 2018 by now. I have also set goals and decided on some major projects I plan to take on.

But there's also a few things I've made a very conscious decision to just skip all together. Some of these may surprise you as normally they're major parts of other online businesses.

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