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Finance, banking & payment processing tips for a completely remote, international online business

For all my fellow digital nomads, I'm writing this post for you, because my gosh I wish it existed when I was trying to figure things out!

Figuring out the finances of your business can be tough enough when you're new to the whole business thing, let alone adding multiple countries and currencies into the mix, it's a nightmare. So if you're dealing with this, let me just say that gal you have my sympathy, I know it's not easy.

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Asana HQ Course Review

So you're on the fence, toying with the idea of joining up to the Asana HQ course from Megan Minns?

Well perfect! I'm a paying past student and I'm going to share exactly what the course is like on the inside, as well as what my business looked like before and after taking the course, and I'll answer a few basic questions for y'all.

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December 2017 recap: investments and holidays

I'm back with another edition of monthly recaps, the posts where I take you behind the scenes of the studio, and show you what I've been scheming up, as well as the successes and the failures (*ahem - lessons learned*).

It feels kinda odd to write another one of these as I just finished up my business recap of the entire year, so I feel like I'e done a lot of reflecting and recapping lately, but I don't want to skip a month, and some really interesting things did happen in December, so let's get into it!

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