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10 Must-Read Articles For Squarespace Beginners

So you're new to Squarespace? Perfect. Let the initiation begin! .... Ahem, I mean, 'Welcome!'

I know you're going to love the simplistic and design-focused platform. But let's get you a little informed so you can begin to learn just how to use this amazing tool and uncover a few secret options as well as workarounds you didn't know existed.

These 10 articles written by some fellow Squarespace-loving entrepreneurs are the best on the web. They're perfect for those just beginning with their new Squarespace site.

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This 1 Doc Saves Countless Business Hours

To all the fellow service-based business owners, I have something for you today which I know will drastically change your client process for the better and free yourself from hours upon hours of busywork.

I'm going to walk you through how to create what I call my 'To Do After Booking PDF.' This PDF is the equivalent of an introductory or welcome doc.

After the initial investment of time creating this document, it's going to work for you forever, saving you hours of time in the long term. I estimate this document will save me a full weeks worth of work this year, that's 40+ hours of my time freed! 

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Understanding Squarespace Templates & Choosing Your Perfect Fit

Picking a template is the first order of business when creating your new Squarespace website. When you register for a Squarespace account and choose either the free trial period or purchase a plan, the next thing you’ll be prompted to do is to pick a template. 

While changing to a new template in the future is possible, know that picking a new template is basically the equivalent to re-creating your website. This means that changing once you’ve had your site up for a while is a time investment, as changing requires you to redesign and reset your style options. This is why it’s important to choose a template from the get-go that you will be satisfied with and will be able to grow with over time.

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How To Make An Editorial Calendar For Your Blog

When do you need to make an Editorial Calendar?

What takes a blogger from a casual blogger to a serious blogger with ambition and goals? I would say that when you're ready to get serious about blogging, you're ready to make an editorial calendar.

A characteristic of a casual blogger is that they start off by sitting down at their computer, typing up whatever comes to mind first, and publishes right away. (Guilty? Yeah, don't worry, many beginner bloggers did it too).

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10 Guaranteed No-Fuss Stock Photography Websites

At some point in time when conducting business online, you're going to want/need some copyright free stock images.

You might be announcing an upcoming project or trip and be in need of promotional images, but of course as the project/trip has not taken place yet, you don't have any images to show off.

Or, you simply need an image of a desk, and you would rather not waste time cleaning up your desk, spreading out your laptop, your most professional pens, stapler, and coffee cup, and then drag the desk around to windows in your home to find the perfect lighting?

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6 website tweaks for super-shareable blog posts

In life, 'getting around' is generally one of those things that is not looked so highly upon. BUT, when it comes to blog posts, the more promiscuous those little things are the better! 

So let's get that new blog post of yours shared alllllll around the internet, shall we?

Wether you're a big blogging fish with an impressive following or a new, smaller blogger, it's important to get others to share your content. 


That following you have there are truly a fantastic bunch. However we want you to continue to grow, spread your one-of-a-kind message and have as many people as possible benefit from your valuable ...

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