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Riverdel Cheese Website Design

Riverdel Cheese wanted to get online with a website for their Vegan Cheese shop based in Brooklyn, NY. The shop was new to Brooklyn wanted an online space to be inviting to future customers. 

Shop owner Michaela had a few great inspiration websites and styles in mind. Parallel scrolling images, one right after the next, making for an impressive home page, with bold text over top to give information on exactly what the shop was all about. Michaela also liked the idea of having her gallery display in a modern and unusual way, and lots of icons on the contact page, instead of lots of text.

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Kayleigh Ross Photography Website Design

Kayleigh Ross had been making do with a DIY'ed website on Blogger for her photography business. Over the past few years she amassed a great deal of followers and her photography business was doing extremely well. She needed a website that showed off her amazing photography talents and reflect the quality business she was running.

After a chance meeting online, we prepared to get Kayleigh set up on Squarespace. Kayleigh completed her brand + style questionnaire and showed me some of her inspiration websites. She really wanted her photos to shine through and be the centre of attention on the site. We settled on the Wells template, with the navigation stuck to the left hand side of the page to make it easy to click through the pages of the site at all times.

3 words to describe what Kayleigh was looking for? Elegant, professional & easy to navigate!

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10 best example Squarespace websites • Feminine edition

After choosing Squarespace, and before actually beginning to design a website, people often look at the Squarespace templates page with a blank stare.

'Uhhh ... which template do I choose? How do I decide? Can I see more examples?'

This is generally followed by intense Googling.

Whether you're DIYing or getting a designer to create your new Squarespace website, it's good to have some inspiration to get the creative juices flowing and see what's possible with Squarespace.

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4 email hacks to spend less time in your inbox

“I have SO much work to do,” Victoria said helplessly as I walked into the office. 

Then in a slight panic, “I spent 3 HOURS between classes this morning in my email booking appointments! I have a test tomorrow I haven’t studied for, 2 classes I need to prepare to teach later today and a midterm due that I’ve only finished half of the calculations for. I’m going to be up all night doing it and I need to be back in the office tomorrow at 6 AM!” 

You could see the overwhelm in her face and tone of voice as she continued. This was the daily report I’d hear from my desk neighbour at work. 

We were both instructing classes for our university, and completing our Master’s degrees. She had 

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