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Masterclass 1: How to create your site building game plan

Y'all I'm stoked to share this with you today! The other day I hosted part 1 of 4 masterclasses that I'm hosting fo' freezies helping y'all who are saying;

"I want to build a website, but I have literally no clue where to start"

I put together 4 classes that all build on each other to help you go from website dreaming to website launching, no overwhelm or confusion included!

This post contains the replay of the 1st masterclass, where we get clear on the foundation of your site! 

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What type of business is Squarespace good for? Answered.

As a Squarespace website designer and blogger I'm often asked to give input on if Squarespace is right for my potential clients and blog readers.

I've answered this so many times now, I figured I'd just blog about it, so the answer is available to anyone.

Oh, and no, even though I am a huge fan of Squarespace, I don't recommend it to everyone.

There are different web building platforms that are suited to different circumstances, so I'm going to break my opinion down honestly as to which platform makes the most sense for your business.

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5 simple ways to come up with blog post ideas

I will be the first one to say that blogging for my business has been the key to growing my business and ultimately the success I've had so far.

I publish a new blog every single Tuesday & Thursday, and have for months now.

In fact, I'm quickly coming up to 1 year of consistently blogging twice a week.

(For anyone who's attempted consistent blogging, you can imagine what a challenge that has been!) When I do indeed hit my 1 year of consistent blogging, I'll be sure to publish a post on it to let you in on the strategies I use to ensure I'm publishing consistently.

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Batching client projects for more freedom in your creative business

Let me guess, when you started your business your days were filled with juggling writing blog posts, working on client projects, sending invoices, and then 3 PM hit and you remembered, ‘oh no, I haven’t posted on Instagram in a week!’

Your to do list started to dictate your life, and as a solopreneur, all the tasks were on you to complete. Team? Nah, there was no team to pass different parts of your workload off to. Just you slogging at your to do list every day.

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Squarespace hack: How to build rotating reviews/testimonials blocks

It's getting to the point where you're racking up a nice hefty list of testimonials from past clients and customers, eh? So, you're wondering, how exactly should I put all of these rave reviews on my site, without filling valuable site space with row after row of testimonials?

Do you add a new page, or just continue to list lots and lots of testimonials down your sales or services page?

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How and why you should track your website stats

Every Monday is my 'Biz Tasks' day where I track alllll the stats of my business.

Finances, website stats, social media, email list, all those good things.

Call me crazy but I have to say, I legitimately really look forward to my Monday morning stats tracking!

I love seeing the numbers grow each month and looking back at the stats week over week of how far I've come since I started my business. Looking back on these numbers really keeps me motivated when the going gets tough.

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September 2017 recap: earnings high, webinar series prep & testing Showit

Welcome back to another edition of business recaps! September has been a mind-boggling month, and I have so much I'm looking forward to for the rest of the year which I'll share here!

I'm sick today, so this post is coming to yeh from the cozyness of my bed, but even on a sick day, I'm stoked to write this post because my business recap posts are always my fav to share with y'all!

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