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How to automate appointment bookings & take payments on a Squarespace site

What program is best to book out appointment slots and take payment for those services, all together in one system?

I know this is a very frequent question out there for a lot of small business owners. In this post I'll walk you through my favourite tool for scheduling appoints into my calendar and taking payments for those services on my Squarespace website.

It was actually a client that introduced me to this online tool last year. The clients fitness studio had been recommended this tool from a similar business, and after setting up and using the system for their project, I always recommend it!

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3 steps to a wildly successful blog launch

My first blog launched to crickets, as most do. Because of course, I had no idea what I was doing. Write whatever comes to mind, hit publish and then write a status on Facebook to promote it. That’s how this blogging and marketing thing works, right?

Well it’s been two years since then, and I thankfully learned a thing or three from my own errors and a lot of reading.

It’s been a total of 19 days since this blog launched, and I’m happy to report the launch could not have been more different from my last one. That’s my polite Caanadian, non-braggey way of saying, this launch was wildly successful.

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Etsy vs Stripe & Squarespace payment processing fees

So you have an Etsy shop and are looking to professionalize your business a bit and get on the 'big fish' level? The debate on when to leave Etsy and go it alone is one many Etsy sellers face as their shop continues to prosper.

Having a website is a common top priority as an Etsy shop begins to grow. Having a website enables you to do so much more than the Etsy shopfront enables. It also allows you to connect with your visitors (show them the fabulous, real you!), explain more complex features/considerations when making purchases (eg. sizing guides, product variations and options), connect with visitors through content creation (blogs/videos! which can then be pinned 

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Intro to writing a blog post on Squarespace {video}

If you're just beginning to blog with Squarespace or are currently fence-sitting, not sure which blogging platform to choose, I have a perfect video just for you!

Watch the video below for a complete beginners guide and intro to blogging on Squarespace. I cover 

0:17 - A look at the post editor
0:36 - Adding text
1:21 - Adding image
1:41 - Naming image for SEO & Pinterest
2:17 - Adding text headings & text links

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Should I Create 1 Squarespace Blog Or Multiple For Different Topics?

Today I'm going to walk you through something which I see clients and friends get wrong all the time.

It happens right at the start when they go to set up their Squarespace website and blog. Later down the line this mistake is a colossal pain to fix, so I want to be sure that you dear friend don't make the same one. Because you know, your hair is pretty and I really don't want you to spend days a few months into the future pulling it out while trying to work your way back out of this mess.

I've run into a few people who have made this mistake and honestly their thought process makes logical sense, so the mistake can be very easy to make.

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