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I tested out Showit. Here's my review with the pros & cons

Pre-S: After you read this post, I have a question I'd really appreciate you answering for me! You'll find it, poll-style at the bottom of this post! Your answers will help me determine if I should chat to y'all more in the future about ShowIt.

Alright y'all, I admit, I've been unfaithful. To Squarespace. (Sorry, Squarespace.)

You may or may not have heard of the website builder ShowIt. It's newer to the website builder game, and is a smaller company, so I wouldn't be surprised if this is the first you're hearing of it.

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Squarespace hack: How to build a colored page section with rotating logos

Oh hey friends, I'm back with another little Squarespace hack for yeh!

Know how on websites you'll commonly see a bunch of logos, side by side stating where the website owner has been featured, or the past clients they've worked with? It generally also has a colored background to really make it pop on the page too.

This 'logo stripe' as I'm calling it, is fab for showing social proof. Logo stripes are a quick and easy way to say 'I'm a big deal' without having to say it out loud and look all self-absorbed.

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10 tips for picking & resizing images for your Squarespace site

So, you're all ready to build your site and you're getting around to picking out or take photos for it? Or maybe you're thinking of building a new site soon, and are just doing your research to get prepared for when the big site build comes?

Either way, today's post is for you!

Before I go even one step further, I have an insider web designer secret for you. 

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How to find your perfect Squarespace website designer

So you’ve decided on Squarespace and that DIY’ing isn’t your thing? Great, it’s time to find you a Squarespace website designer who can take over building the website of your dreams!

Finding the designer who fits your style, timeline and budget can be a little tricky however, so I’ll go through the most common places you can find Squarespace designers to get you started on your hunt.

I’ll also load you up on some insider tips on what type of designers you’ll find on each!

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9 Smart Questions To Ask Your Potential Website Designer

The process of designing your new website could be an absolute dream come true, or an ongoing nightmare.

Who you pick to help you along the way and build your site for you will make all the different to both the end product, and how much you enjoy the site build process.

So let's get you all educated so you're set to pick out the perfect designer who will get you website-launching and having a blast along the way!

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Website heatmap: Why you need one & what to do with info collected

Google Analytics or Squarespace analytics can only tell you so much. They can tell you what pages are popular, but not how site visitors are getting places, or if they're getting stuck on the way to find the info they want.

So you've got a website, and are wondering,

'What exactly are visitors doing while on my site?'
'Are my Calls To Action working?'
'Are people finding the info they need, or getting lost along the way?'
'Is anyone even clicking that new opt-in gift I put on my home page, or would that real estate be better used?'

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Squarespace Style Editor: A complete guide

The Squarespace Style Editor is something every new Squarespace user should get familiar with, as it enables you to change so much of the look and style of your site.

When you're first building your website, you'll spend lots of time in the Style Editor, but down the line in the years ahead of using your Squarespace site, you'll most likely leave this bit alone, as it's really not necessary to give your site a constant face lift.

Before we get even one step further, I want to explain exactly what your Style Editor controls, versus your template, or Squarespace blocks.

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