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How to change the content background color on one individual page or section in Squarespace

Let me guess, you're trying to . . . 

change the color of just a certain section or page of your Squarespace site?

And when you do it's changing the entire background color of the full site? Oh and you'd prefer to not code, you say? Not to worry, I have a solution for you in today's post!

The template that is best for making this happen is any template in the Brine family.

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How to change your Squarespace blog layout & design

Hate your Squarespace templates blog layout? No worries! We’re able to completely change the blog layout and design, no code involved. This takes a few minutes to set up in the beginning, and then in the future involved 5 seconds per post to keep it working.

We’ll be using the Squarespace summary block along with blog post tags to completely restyle the blog layout to your preferences.

Here’s two examples of a couple layouts you can master.

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How to fake block movement on a Squarespace website

Have something on your website you want to bring attention to and draw a visitors eye towards? Maybe something you really would like your visitor to click on? Add some movement to that item!

"But isn't making stuff move on a website hard ... and involve coding?"

Well it could, but I have a super-simple method using just the regular Squarespace blocks to fake movement on your website.

Here's an example using portfolio pieces.

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Squarespace tags + categories: A complete guide

Squarespace tags and categories may be used in many creative ways to display your website content in a variety of layouts and designs.

'How do I properly use tags and categories?' is a frequent question I hear, so I thought a complete guide was needed. You'll find in the video below I go deep into all the many ways to use them, to solve some common Squarespace struggles.

If you're looking for a specific answer, here's the video jump-to points.

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