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The 2 week website: how it works & why you’ll love it

Okay so before I even start on this post I need to give credit where credit is due.

The 2 week website was not my idea! (Though I do love it and am so darn happy I found out about it!)

The idea came from the fab Lauren Hooker who runs Elle & Company, or more specifically her husband Jake. Jake thought of the 2 week website, Lauren implemented it and then she shared it on her blog, advocating for others to considering switching to the 2 week process.

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What's included in all-inclusive Squarespace web design packages?

When I get on the phone with potential clients for our initial consult call, a few common questions come up about just what is included in my packages.

95% of the time when a potential client asked if something was included my answer was ‘yes.’ 

As such, I started describing my packages as ‘all-inclusive.’ 

(Partially because my answer was almost always yes, and partially because I love vacations, and being reminded of them often).

So, as with all the client and reader questions I get, I blog about it!

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What to expect when you hire a website designer

So you’re about to enter unchartered territory in the field of hiring a web pro?

First, congrats! 

This is a major investment in your business, and a real turning point for a lot of businesses and entrepreneurs. You will no longer be the newbie, DIY entrepreneur. Getting your business set up to look legit online is an exciting move forward for every business.

Figuring out how the heck to set up your online presence is no easy task, thankfully a web designer can make the whole process a lot easier and more enjoyable for you. So you can get back to other important things … like you know, running your business, which Imma bet is, you know, a full-time job in itself. 

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Thinking of working with The Paige Studio? This is what you need to know

Getting your website deigned is both an exciting move forward for your business, and a big undertaking. 

Every web designer you meet will have a different process, turnaround timeline, prices, payment terms, design style, etc. The list goes on and on. Understandably, it can be a long process to find a designer who is the perfect fit.

When I chat with potential clients, there’s a common list of questions that come up. 

With every aspect of my design studio, I try to make the process as simple, and headache-free for clients as possible. 

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4 things you must do before hiring a website designer

You’re looking into the possibility of working with a designer to bring your fab new site to life, congratulations! That’s a big step into the legit business world, I’m so happy for you!

The vast majority of my clients describe figuring out getting a new website as ‘overwhelming’. I know you have enough things on your Thanksgiving-sized plate already, so we’re going to break this down really easily.

I’m going to lay out a clear set of to do’s and questions to answer in order for you to get the site that’s right for your business.

Imma give you some tips, straight from the mouth of a web designer, on how to tackle this mountain, properly. There’s just 4 steps, that’s not too rough, right?

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