If you know my business story, you know I got started online as a travel blogger.

And as I was writing my 2020 year in review post I thought back on my travel blogger days.

I had visited Killarney Ireland for (the most fun) travel blogger conference a few years back and I went back, no longer a travel blogger for a second trip with my husband in January 2020.

And I was just thinking, what a blessing to be able to take a trip and pay for it with your own money! Poor travel bloggers get hated on by the internet for “flying from one place to the next getting free trips.” Meanwhile, travel bloggers are truly some of the hardest workers out there I know. And that free hotel stay does NOT come for free.

Your trips are turned into work, and you must be posting all the time, you have a specific contract with the hotel about what you need to provide and your trip becomes a content creation mission, not an enjoyable adventure.

Now as an online business owner I still have that same freedom to travel when I please, and the money to go wherever, but I’m able to cut off from work on my trips and truly enjoy my travel holiday.

So now looking back I’m happy to say that my travel hobby is no longer my job. I’m stoked to be able to enjoy my hobby as free time, free of work and pressure to post.

And that’s a blessing!

I was so sad all those years ago to close down the travel blog, the thing that started all of this, but now I see it was a blessing in disguise.

Why I’m so happy to NOT be a travel blogger anymore