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The Deets On Today’s Guest

Alex is a full-time travel blogger, and she’s been at the travel blogging game for yearsss over at She’s focused on diving as her travel blogging niche, but she also has some really popular content on some little known festivals like Burning Man and Tomorrowland (heard of them?), and today she is coming to us from Martha’s Vineyard!

She’s been featured in places like National Geographic, CNN (what!!?), and more! She’s had years of experience learning how to create travel content online, work with well aligned travel businesses, and create her own offerings in her own business!

Oh, and to all my non-tech, non-business savvy listeners? Take heart. Alex doesn’t consider herself the most savvy in these either. (So just know, it is still possible for you to build a legit business in travel blogging, if that’s ‘you.’)

Episode highlights

  • How Alex got her start in what is widely considered a dream job. (2:50)

  • The trip to Thailand that started it all. (3:30)

  • Diving, underwater photography, bartending, & babysitting. Plus: Why Thailand is a good place to be broke. (7:25)

  • Handling the fear (mainly your parent’s) of leaving home. (8:21)

  • SEO, monetization, branded content, and other ways she got serious about the blog. (10:43)

  • Diving into social media. (Diving. See what I did there?) (13:25)

  • Making sense of opportunities and having multiple revenue streams of income. (17:48)

  • Alex talks Wanderwoman Retreats and upcoming destinations. (Egypt!? Please someone go so I can live vicariously through you.) (20:11)

  • A day in the life of Alex and how she gets it all done while traveling. (34:05)

  • Alex’s honest advice to beginner bloggers, including why some don’t make it, and what sets the successful travel bloggers apart. (37:20)

  • How to tell a story with your blogging that no one else can tell. (40:45)

  • What you might not expect about being a travel blogger. (42:45)

  • Travel budgeting, expense tracking apps, trip cost breakdowns, and what it’s really like to share financial numbers on the internet. (43:45)

  • Alex’s tips and tricks for traveling affordably. (47:45)

Let’s be real. There is simply no way that I could possibly sum up allllll the goodness that goes on in this episode (and if I could, it certainly wouldn’t fit into one teensy, tiny, tidy little blog post!)

So this is me telling you to grab those headphones and some type of note-taking apparatus, then head on over to iTunes or Spotify to hear the full story on what it takes to make travel blogging into a full-time, legit income-generating business!

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