You got a new website – YAYYYY!

Virtual high five gal! Job very well done making the leap and going live with a fab new online home.

So, you spent all this time and money on your new website to make your business look legit, now you want to shout it from the rooftops? I hear yeh.

Here’s a few ideas on how to throw a virtual launch partay to let everyone know that your new website is live!

1. Make a hunting challenge

We humans are selfish beings. If something doesn’t help us or interest us, we just don’t give it the time of day.

‘You got a new website – how nice, so did 2,276,981 other businesses and bloggers this year. Why do I care?’

Place something on your website, say an image of Rover the dog, or Sally the sheep and challenge your customers/followers to go find them on the website. They’ll click through your site, taking it in in all of its wonderful shiny-new glory, looking for Rover or Sally.

On whatever page Rover or Sally are hanging out on, add a discount code, or some sort of enticing bonus as a reward for visitors taking up the challenge.

Acuity Scheduling does just this when new members join their platform. They ‘loose’ their kitten in the support section, and offer to give you X when you find him, and send them an email letting them know which pages the kitten is on.

Cute? Yes! Unique? Yes again! Effective? You sure bet!

2. Host a webinar utilizing your site

Every business should help their customers with … something, otherwise, why does your business exist?

Do you help people meet and adopt a rescue pup? Do you help wannabe digital nomads find their perfect digital-nomad city? Do you teach business owners how to write badass website copy that converts visitors into buyers?

Reverse engineer a problem that your ideal customers have, which your website can help them with.

Host a webinar and show your ideal customers how to use your website to solve their problem. Show them how all the functions and pages work that makes your website the best online destination to help with their issues.

If you’re not quiteeeee ready to go the webinar route, recording a video could be another option for this.

3. Get others to talk about it

While you shouting from the rooftops that your new website is live is great and all, the real impact when someone else starts doing that. This is an example of social proof.

Social proof is every businesses owners gold mine of marketing. When other people say fabulous things about your business/website/product/service, etc., people take more notice than when you say just how wonderful your business is.

If you know influencers or businesses that have similar ideal customers, let them know your new website is live, and ask if they visit and enjoy it, to share their experience with their people.

This method is leaps and bounds more effective when you have built a relationship with said influencers or business owners prior to making the ask for them to lend you a hand.

So… you know, build relationships. It’s always a good thing.

4. Share with your people in a way that matters to them

If you’ve built up a list or a following, those people have already expressed interest in what you do, so those will be your go-to’s to share the exciting news.

Now remember though, humans couldn’t care less to take time out of their day to do something, visit something or read something if there’s nothing in it for them.

When you do your sharing avoid ‘we’re head over heels in love with our new website – go check it out.’

Opt instead for ‘we’re head over heels in love with our new website – especially the new digital nomad city finder advanced search feature which helps you oh-so-easily pick your ideal city in under 2 mins.’

Make it about your customers. Show them how the new website helps them, and you’ll be a whole lot more effective in getting new eyeballs on your fab new online home.

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