Currently furiously scrolling through a competitor’s Instagram or website, feeling more behind and jealous by the minute?

Not to worry! I’ve got a solid solution for you.

I was chatting with a business friend about competition one day and she said something I loved!

Basically she said, if we are jealous of something our competition has, then it shows us what we really, truly want!

And it also shows us that it’s clearly possible, because someone else has already achieved it!

So let’s talk about how to use that competition of yours to your advantage.

The first thing to do is to let yourself go free and just be jealous.

Be jealous of the pretty graphics, the stellar blog posts, the sick videos, the awesome collabs. Truly, go for it!

And then note those things down.

For example:

  • She speaks on stage at major conferences

  • She’s so positive

  • She goes on retreats with business friends

  • She meets up with her followers while on trips

So there we have it, those are some of the things that we really want.

Often when we sit down once a year and set goals and make plans, we make a list of what we want based on what we think is possible for ourselves.

We don’t let ourselves want the things which are soooo far out of our reach.

But let’s be real, how much is that helping us?

If we’re not excited by our dreams and goals, because they’re not really what we want, then even reaching them won’t satisfy us.

So truly GO for it! Don’t hold back, just get everything you want which she has out there and written down.

I think seeing what our competition has which we want can help us to set those big goals, the ones we normally wouldn’t admit to ourselves when goal setting because they feel too unrealistic.

But when you’re faced with someone’s Instagram photo in front of your face and you’re wishing you had what they did, there’s no denying what your heart truly wants.

So write that thing down!

And don’t be ashamed by what you want, because your feelings aren’t wrong. Because honestly, there’s nothing wrong with wanting great things for your life!

There’s nothing wrong with wanting a loving relationship, or a magazine-worthy home, or a baller business. It’s okay to want great things for your life.

So now, then let’s turn that into something positive for ourselves!

If you just note down what you want, but don’t do anything with it, it’s not very beneficial to moving ourselves forward to the place we want to be. It’ll just put down in black and white everything which you want but don’t have.

So next up you need to write down what you can do in order to get where you want to be.

What’s the first step to achieving that thing too?

If you want to be more positive, the first step is to consciously recognize the good in your life. It’s up to you to focus on the positive and what you’re grateful for.

Or if you want awesome collabs, then you need to start reaching out, booking coffee dates and generally supporting those you might want to collaborate with in the future.

There are steps you can begin to take today in order to create what you really want. Yeah, maybe some goals feel really farrr away right now. Maybe your first baby step towards it is just the first step in 100, but you know what, no one said achieving big goals would be a walk in the park.

And whoever you’re currently comparing yourself to likely worked pretty darn hard to achieve whatever it is that you want.

So don’t quit before you start because of hard work to come, hard work is almost always a necessary part of reaching goals.

And the last thing to know is, whatever you want is possible for you.

It’s in fact possible to do something others never have, but seeing others do it does thankfully give us a bit more trust in the fact that something is indeed possible.

That’s why people love those stories of others who were just like them achieving something amazing.

Because it shows that someone from their background, experience, skill, etc. was able to achieve something desirable.

So every time you look at your competition in the future, use it as proof.

Proof right in front of your eyes that your goal or dream or desire can indeed be achieved.

And then get excited for it!

I’ve written journals (admittedly, inconsistently) for years now. And I recently looked back at my goals from 2 and 3 years ago.

It was such an amazing experience, I hit EVERY goal I actually worked towards.

There were a select few goals I didn’t meet, and the ones I didn’t meet all had one very specific thing in common; I didn’t actually do the work.

I never pitched the publication I wanted to be in, I never launched the product I wanted to do well, etc.

But every single time I had identified what I wanted and had done the work, I achieved it.

Sometimes it wasn’t in the time frame or on the exact timeline of what I had desired, but I eventually got there.

So just remember, you can use your competition to your advantage.

You can achieve great things, and you can build the life you want.

But in order to do so, you need to get out of your own way and allow yourself to desire the big things.

And our looking at our competition is a fabulous way to recognize what it is we really want, even if it feel 1,000 miles away.



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