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Psssst! These vlog style entries are probs easier to follow along in video format, but for my readers…here ya go!

Deciding our Marketing strategy:

Content Creation & Increased organic traffic

Hello and welcome to another little behind the scenes!

Background on this video: Today I had a meeting with um my marketing girl and my online business manager, and we determined that we need to put more time and effort into our organic marketing strategies.

That’s always been a thing for us and we have, for years now, posted twice a week on our blog! (And now also on Youtube once a week.)

We decided we wanted to increase that further because ads can be such a pain in the !

So organic traffic it is!

We noticed these vlog-ish style videos tend to do well, so this video is basically me planning more videos!

So what I’ve done so far is made a ginormous long list of potential video ideas.

I just went to a whole bunch of unrelated YouTube channels that I personally really enjoy and searched for inspiration on the types of videos to create, taking their totally unrelated topics and adapting the concepts for our niche!

So that’s step one…anytime you you’re gonna create content, you need a longgggg list of ideas, then from there you can actually start scheduling and planning them.

Rather than just trying to come up with a topic on the fly every time a new blog post or video is due to go live, which feels impossible under pressure.

So in this video, I’m going to be sharing the reasoning/behind-the-scenes of why we’re making the decisions we are in the process of making!


I’m really freakin’ hungry!

It is 1:30 p.m!

I’ve been intermittent fasting until 12 but have just been working so much, and was so caught up in this task that I haven’t actually eaten.

There is this breakfast place down the road…

(I’m currently at my mom’s house in Canada …I was stuck in Germany for a year and a half because of the pandemic and so the first chance I had to get back here I got my vaccine and hopped on a plane!)

They had the most amazing Eggs Benedict, so I’m gonna get myself some of that!

*Places order*

Okay my food’s gonna be ready in 15 minutes! It takes five minutes to drive there, so I have 10 minutes to explain what’s happening…

Facebook ads and the iOS14 dilemma

So we run ads to build our email list, but in the past couple months (since iOS14 came out…a huge game changer in the online ads world) we’ve noticed that what we spend on ads and the results of that ad spend are not related.

Some weeks we’ll spend more money, other weeks we’ll spend less…but it’s just not correlating to the actual number of leads and sales we are actually seeing.

So something’s not quite right.

So this morning, a few of us from my team got together to figure out what we are going to do about this situation.

And so today’s video is all about figuring out how we plan to deal with that problem of ads just not being as reliable for us as they once were.

So here’s what my team and I came up with:

  • Have an expert do a Facebook ads audit: to see if there is anything we could be improving, rather than just throwing our hands up in the air due to iOS14 changes

  • Test out running ads in a slightly different way: Trying video and story content in place of static posts and more newsfeed type content

  • Testing out Sparkloop: you basically run giveaway or promos to the people already following you and then they invite other people and it grows your email list

  • Test out increasing our content posting frequency: by adding in more behind-the-scenes video content, etc.

  • Start accepting quality guest content (Wanna be featured on the blog? We will be sharing those details exclusively with our email list, so sign up to be notified here.)

  • Start getting involved in Squarespace Circle: a professional organization of people who build websites using Squarespace. I’ve never put much effort into being active on there, but it makes sense, since our ideal clients are people who want to become full-time Squarespace website designers! ‍♀️

  • Changing up the CTAs (Call-To-Actions) in our most popular blog posts: so you may have noticed that we have some sort of call to action or freebie offered up in every single bit of content on the blog or YouTube Channel. Well, a few of those freebie opt-ins don’t actually lead anywhere anymore because we either decided not to move ahead with that topic or product idea. So that’s a lot of wasted real estate and missed opportunities for converting all that traffic into loyal subscribers/students!

    So here’s how we plan to fix it…replace all current CTAs graphics or buttons in those posts with a Squarespace summary block instead. And then instead of having to update each post individually every time we want to swap it out for a new freebie, we just edit the content our summary block points to, and it will automatically update all those summary blocks blog-wide!)

    I share a really sneaky Squarespace 7.1 Summary Block Hack here that is basically the same idea, only in the tutorial I’m using the same hack to create a faux sidebar instead of a CTA section.

  • Improve our blog post and video shownote SEO game: So I interviewed one of my business besties Charlotte in the new Content Creation Course I’m busy building and she gave a very specific SEO tip which I hadn’t really thought about before. So we are going to go through all our past content and give it a bit of an SEO facelift!

New! content creation course coming soon…

Sell out your services & get ready to scale your business through a proven algorithm-proof content creation & list building strategy!

*Sees butterfly*

(Seriously, you’re missing out by not watching the video…)

So anyway, that’s our plan to improve our marketing and get more traffic to the places we want it to go, and just generally be less reliant on ads.

Thankfully, we’ve never been super reliant on them, because organic content has always been my main strategy from day one.

Sidenote: I am so grateful that I made the decision to go with consistent content creation over other marketing strategies because of things like what is happening with Facebook right now and all the changes due to iOS14.

So I’m very thankful to have this other consistent source of traffics and leads coming into the business when stuff like this happens and you’re just like “what the hell!”

So we are definitely going to be working on that even more now!

*I finally eat the breakfast I ordered*

digital-nomading in my home country

Pretty much every night I’ve been home I’ve had some sort of social activity which makes me very happy because it’s the purpose of coming home!

So tonight I’m going golfing with friends (please witness my sorta-by-fluke wicked golf form in the video! ) ️‍⛳️

It’s 40 minutes away and I have to be there a few minutes early to pay and put on my shoes. I also need to bring a salad for dinner which I need to go buy.

I promised my mom i would get her tomatoes at the grocery store, so I’ve gotta do that now and then I’ll have an hour to get some work down and figure out what we are going to do about this ads situation…

Like, does is make more sense to turn them back on, even though they are costing way more than we want them to be costing, or just not run them at all and miss out on all those leads.

*Run to grocery store to get salad and tomatoes.*

*Sustain my first injury as a vlogger by stubbing my toe on the cart* (Ya’ll, being a vlogger is a dangerous business!)

*Wonder aloud if the salad is going to wilt on the drive*

*Make decision to leave ads off for a month to see impact of not running them.*

*Catch the ultimate golf swing on camera.*

I hope you liked that shot! We pulled the camera out literally on my best shot, where I actually got it onto the green (which was not the case for alllll the other ones).

Hope you enjoyed this vlog and seeing the behind scenes of what is really going down–good, bad and ugly–inside the business!



Sell out your services & get ready to scale your business through a proven algorithm-proof content creation & list building strategy!


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