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Here’s my day in a nutshell…

Full disclosure:

I was supposed to start this video first thing when I woke up and it’s now noon…so it really is a realistic day in my life in that things went differently than planned!

Anyway, I want to take you behind the scenes and show you what my days as an online business owner tend to look like!

Today was a little different than normal in that the first thing that happened was that I got a delivery from for my office! Just a few pieces of furniture which you’ll be seeing in my video sets from now on!

Morning Mastermind & Clubhouse Meeting

Next, a lady from my mastermind group was running a Clubhouse room today so I was in there answering questions.

Btw, I’m still on the fence about whether I’ll make Clubhouse a regular thing in my business…

Most new social platforms I’m like “nah” for me personally, but with Clubhouse it’s easier to see the value in it.

But it’s kind of annoying because I feel like when you join Clubhouse it’s mostly “look at my Ferrari” and “I’m a mult-bajillion figure business owner.”

So still on the fence about whether I’m a fan or not, but the room I was in was female lead, and very pleasant!

Anyway back to what typically happens in my day…

I’m so not a morning person

It’s Friday today and surprisingly I actually go up a bit earlyier than normal!

I’m definitely not usually a morning person. I know it’s going to be a solid day if I start work by 10 AM.

I tend up get up around 9 or 9:30. I don’t set an alarm (I purposefully leave my phone in the other room so I’m not tempted to stay up and scroll til 3 AM when I should be sleeping.)

But so many people who do these day in the life videos have like a 30 step morning routine….

I literally just wake up and get dressed.

That’s it.

Though I have learned over time (at least for me) that when you work from home, getting dressed in a real outfit is vital for not feeling depressed about yourself by 2 PM. ‍♀️

Add a cup of tea or coffee and I’m ready to start tackling my Asana list for the day.

Suggested reading: How I use Asana to organize the tasks and calendar in my online business 

Looking over my to-do list

(and then going outside to play instead)

So my daily tasks tend to change based on what we are currently working on the business.

Yesterday I spent pretty much the entire day filming 7 YouTube videos, whereas today my Asana tells me it’s time to:

  • Plan and schedule a launch meeting with my team

  • Learn about the IOS 14 changes Facebook is rolling out and how they will affect our Ad Campaigns

  • Upload yesterday’s videos to Gdrive so my team can access them

  • Train a team member on how to track our monthly success metrics

  • Record a video update for my Square Secrets Business™️ Course

  • Check on business budget

  • Record the audio voiceover for the screen-recorded portion of any tutorial-style YouTube videos from yesterday

  • Check in on some tax stuff for the business (super thrilling)

  • Film “a day in the life” vlog

But all of this is probably going to go out the window since it just started snowing here in Germany and it’s so making me miss Canada (which I haven’t been able to visit for so long due to Covid).

So as soon as my husband gets back from getting groceries, I’m peace-ing out from work for at least an hour to go walk in the snow! ✌️ ❄️

The next several minutes of this video is Florian (my husband) and I out walking through our lovely neighborhood in the snow. It was magical…and Florian said he felt like a real influencer. ‍♂️

It’s already 2:30 PM

One of my 2021 New Year Resolutions was that no matter what I was doing, 5 PM would be the end of my workday.

I also decided I wanted to stop working from the couch or random corners of my house (my office was the last room in the house to get done when we moved in this past summer, so I had no desk or any actual furniture. It was just full of boxes.)

The goal of these two resolutions was to have more distinction between my work life and my regular life.

So I got to work setting up my office, and I now also set two daily alarms set on my phone. One at 4:30 PM to let me know “hey, wrap it up soon!” and then another alarm that goes off at five to let me know to close my laptop.

I came up with about a bajillion 2021 resolutions but these are the two I’ve actually stuck with.

It’s not just me running the show

So even though I’m showing you a realistic day in my life, I feel like you need to know that I’m not the only person working on/in my business to get it all done.

I have a handful of other team members who usually work around 30 hours a week (I let them decide how big they want their role to be, or whether we need to bring on a new person to be able to grow!)

We have my marketing gal, Dean who’s tasks revolve around:

  • Facebook Ads & Promoted Pin Campaigns

  • Email Marketing

  • Content Creation (anything that doesn’t require my face or voice to make happen)

And we are just in the process of bringing on 2 new customer service and operations/tech VAs, as well as an online business manager to help with things like:

  • Customer service

  • Course updates

  • Tracking our business stats

  • Setting up & Troubleshooting of all BTS tech

  • Course Launch strategy & implementation

  • and more!

So in case you were wondering, the tasks I shared in this day in the life video aren’t the only things getting done in the business!

Content Creation made simple

So I mentioned that yesterday I spent the day recording 7 YouTube videos! That was all the “camera facing” content done, but I still need to record my voice over for the screen-recording bits of any step-by-step tutorials, so I’m going to sit here and talk into my microphone for the next couple of hours.

We usually aim to make just one person responsible for a project, so that we aren’t passing things back and forth a million times and potentially missing important steps.

But YouTube video creation is just one of those things that we need several extra sets of hands (and my face/voice) to get done!

So we currently have three people involved in the process, which means that we needed to find a way to easily share and edit video files so we weren’t always having to upload, download, and re-upload files to Google Drive every time the project passed hands.

Recently we discovered WeVideo, a cloud-based editing software that allows all of use to access, edit, and store video files in one place.

So I just plug my mic right into my computer and hit record inside WeVideo, then pass it on to be prepped by my team once it’s finished!

Now to check the stock market…

I just finished those YouTube recordings in record time and I have just a few more things to do before I finish my work day!

One of those things is to buy investments!

Once a month, I pay myself and then move some of that money to save for my retirement.

(And I just went on my investment app and see the stock market took a beating today which is awesome for anyone trying to buy!)

Anyway, funny funny story…just before Covid hit, I was in here in my investment app buying the things I normally do and had about €70 left over. It wasn’t enough to buy more of what I normally do, and even though I never really buy individual stocks, I decided to buy a Zoom stock.

They say to invest in what you know and understand, and I know, like, and use Zoom in my business all the time.

So because of Covid, my €50 Zoom stock became €300 which I thought was hilarious. (If only I had purchased more than one!)



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