Ugh, we all know the struggle.

An inquiry from a potential web design client lands in your inbox, you get back to them and then . . .


Oh joy.

If you’re currently finding yourself in this situation more often than you’d like to be, then read on my friend!

Here’s a few ideas on exactly how to structure an inquiry process so you’re not left ghosted by a ton of your inquiries.

1. You’re not offering free consultation calls

First things first, I have a question for you.

Are you currently offering to hold free consultation calls with potential clients?

If the answer is no, then right there friend is probably the biggest culprit of your ghosting inquiry issue.

Investing in a website design is a big deal for small businesses and creative entrepreneurs.

The business owner likely has some questions, as a lot of them are taking on the website-building-thing for the first time and therefore there’s a lot of unknowns in the tech and process.

Back and forth emails to answer these questions are straight up inefficient, not to mention the emails tend to be longggg. And the longer an email is, the more effort it takes to reply to it.

If I get two emails in my inbox, one that is short and sweet and all I need to do is reply with a ‘yes’ or ‘no,’ that email will get answered ASAP. Another email that’s basically a novel? Yeah, that’s going to sit in my inbox for a few days before I find a half hour to type out a full response. Or it (sorry) won’t get a response at all.

When you get an inquiry, the next thing you want to do is to get that person on the phone, as quickly and easily as possible.

2. You’re not using an appointment scheduler to book consult call times

Notice how I said above that you want to get that inquiring client on the phone as quickly and easily as possible?

The key here is “as quickly and easily as possible.”

That means back and forth emails to nail down a call time will not do!

Get yourself an appointment scheduler, something like Acuity (yep, that’s an affiliate link!) will work, and send that inquiry back a link to your appointment scheduler so they can pick a time to chat and book it into both of your calendars instantly.

An appointment scheduler will sync with your digital calendar of choice (I use and love GCal), to ensure you never have client consultation calls overlapping with other events in your life and business.

3. You’re taking too long to get back to the inquiry

When I get back to inquiries quickly, and I mean within say a few minutes or hours, I find they’re always pleasantly surprised and it leaves a really solid first impression.

Taking a full day or more to get back to an inquiry I’ve found really hurts the chances of landing a sale.

But, I can already predict what you’re saying “but I don’t want to spend my life tied to my laptop and always in my inbox.”

And to be honest, I hear you loud and clear because I also am so not down for a life working as a round-the-clock slave to my business.

All good, technology has come to our rescue!

A CRM system, my fav is Honeybook (yep, that’s an affiliate link), is able to send automated (but totally personal and on-brand) replies to inquiries.

This means that you can give every inquiry a personalized and quick reply, inviting them to book that free consultation call so you can answer their questions and chat about their dreams for their new site.

If checking your inbox every 30 minutes is not a way you want to spend your life, then a CRM is a tool that will enable you to give fabulous service to clients (meaning more inquiries turn into sales) and have a life at the same time.

Money well spent, am I right?!

Alrighty friend, so it’s time to take an honest look at your business and ask yourself the following:

  1. Do I currently offer free consultation calls?

  2. If I do offer free consultation calls, is that clear to the public? Do I mention the option on my site, social media channels, etc.?

  3. Do I normally book consultation call appointments by back and forth emails or an appointment scheduler?

  4. How long do I normally take to get back to inquiries?

  5. Is my average response time to inquiries longer than a couple hours?

Once you’ve honestly answered those, it’s time to implement a few things which will help you turn more of those inquiries into clients.

  • If you don’t offer free consults or it’s not clear to the public . . .

    • Add some copy to your site mentioning the free call option

  • If you don’t have an appointment scheduler yet . . .

    • It’s time to get one. I love Acuity.

  • If you are taking more than a couple hours to get back to inquiries . . .

    • It’s high time to hop on the CRM train by using something like Honeybook

I know making investment into your business with different softwares can be intimidating, but just think, one saved client inquiry will probably more than pay for something like Acuity or Honeybook for the year – yay for a great ROI!

Getting clients 101:

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